Thursday, February 11, 2010

The "Tragedy?" of Troy

It seems as if our "old friend Troy Sexton from West Virginia" has had some serious life problems recently.

From The Charleston Gazette:
"Troy Sexton, 36, was removed by a Winfield police officer from the Winfield-South Charleston boys basketball game on Dec. 22 for making several "loud, vulgar and offensive remarks" about Police Chief Harrison Lucas, Putnam County assistant prosecutor Jennifer Scragg said Tuesday.

Sexton also allegedly offered the Winfield officer a T-shirt from his car that he had made with Lucas' picture and the words "dumbest cop of the year."

Sexton pleaded no contest to two counts of domestic battery on Dec. 4 in Putnam County Magistrate Court, and was sentenced to six months in jail and given a suspended one-year sentence and two months of probation. He was arrested in August after holding one of his sons upside-down by the ankle and pushing another to the ground at the boys' midget football practice at Winfield Elementary School...

Sexton has been diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder and has been seeing a counselor, Peyton said.

Sexton told the court Tuesday he had not consistently taken his medication while on vacation prior to his outburst at his sons' football practice in August."

As if that wasn't enough there is this:

From LA Dodger Talk
"A Dodger film crew interviewed us about the Dodgers chances and mid-way through the interview, someone flipped a switch and Troy went crazy in the interview. My son asked me after it was over “What is wrong with him?” Later that night he was arrested and escorted from Great American Ball Park after an altercation. The end result was that he was banned for life from Cincinnati.

For those who are unfamiliar with this story here is a recap.
For quite some time Troy was very famous among the 9/11 truth movement for phone harassment, and stalking behavior. In one of his finest moments he called BobMcllvaine a piece of trash repeatedly, and made fun of Bob's tears over the loss of his son in the 9/11 attacks.
Troy harassed that poor man beyond patience, beyond anything any human should have to put up with. Troy clearly was trying to provoke Bob into some kind of confrontation that Troy would have taped. (Has he did)
No man I know would have been as gracious as Bob was in the face of that kind of stalking and beyond endurance goading on such a tender subject has the loss of their child.

I have buried a son of my own and neither his father or myself would have been as gracious as Bob was in the face of that kind of stalking behavior or the personal verbal assault attack.

(In Mississippi if you are stalked or assaulted like that verbally, and are on your own property (your car is considered your personal property) and are in fear of being attacked, you get to legally shoot the person assaulting you graveyard dead. It is called The Castle Law. If you are not on your property the law officers in Mississippi will haul the offending persons ass to jail for assault.)

Troy would also call people in the 9/11 movement and tell them things like "why don't you shoot yourself" or as in my case when I was "graced" by Troy's attention he asked me "Don''t you want to kill yourself?" To which I replied: No never thought about it. Why?
To which he replied: Because people are laughing at you.
To which I replied: No they are not .
To which Troy replied: Yes they are.
To which I replied: No one in my world that is important to me, is laughing. Then I Blessed him and hung up the phone. (My children and I were returning from Wednesday night church services so blessings were on my mind) (Troy caught me at the quintessential perfect moment)
Well it seems that Troy's anger issues have become so severe that he can no longer hide them.

I have observed in the past that this kind of irractic behavior from Troy has been openly supported and encouraged by other debunkers and even emulated as a kind of standard of behavior from most 9/11 debunkers I have observed.
They almost foam at the mouth with a form of rabid lunacy behavior that includes explosive anger tendicies, foul language, and name calling. This seems to be the only way they know how to communicate.
It seems that intelligent discourse is something that is clearly beyond them with few exceptions.
They love to tell truthers why we are crazy, while they are exhibiting unstable emotional and mental behavior. We truthers are expected to walk a saintly type of personality line while those who attempt to debunk us get to act like spoiled unmannered bratchildren or common street thugs.
Karma is a bigger bitch than I could ever be and I prefer to let that catch up with them.
Just like it caught up with Troy.

We here at Debunkers the Debunkers blog heard about Troy 's escapades with the law and his seemingly increasing mental /emotional problems some time back. JM and I discussed writing about it when we first heard about it.

It was decided that we would do the right thing and NOT behave as badly as the ones who harassed us. Glorying in and sensationalizing over other people's life issues is not healthy behavior, nor is it the kind of tone we who write for this blog want to promote for this blog.
That kind of thing is a sheeple mentality and if we want sensationalizing over other people's misfortunes, tit for tat mentality, or misinformation, we would just watch TV news, go visit the ScrewLooseChange blog, or read the garbage from the mainstream media.
(I do have to admit I struggled with the tit for tat... ah- ha...gotcha! feeling, but decided that it was beneath me).

However I just have to point out that when a person who supports 9/11 truth have life issues..then they the debunkers do not hesitate to lump everyone together as "those...( insert insult here,) truthers" then proceed to act as badly and uncompassionately as humanly possible.
But when it is someone from their ranks like Troy, then the tone is decidedly different.

The subject of Troy would not go away as our readers kept sending us info on Troy's escapades and obviously wanted to see something about his issues on this blog.
After discussing Troy amongst ourselves a bit more... it was decided that we would address this here for a minute then move on as it is not our way to act as badly as someone else.
To quote Gandhi an eye for an eye mentality just leaves the world blind.
So here it is.
Troy we at Debunking the Debunkers blog hope you get the help you need to restore your inner peace.
I personally hope Troy has some form of enlightenment and comes out of this with a new compassion and empathy for others that brings him abundant joy to his world and to his heart.
I hope he understands and learns that working from grace and love is a far more enjoyable life experience.
It is a sad and tragic thing to be so tormented, so miserable inside as to enjoy attacking others or have to inflict misery on others just to make yourself feel important, feel correct, or feel just a little better.
While I am not feeling sorry for Troy... because it is clear he worked very hard to land in jail, and got what he deserved........
unlike others, I do have the normal human empathy that many debunkers seem to be lacking ..
Troy if you read this.. Healing Blessings for you. Your children deserve an emotional healthy father.