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New Star Wars "The Truth Awakens" Official Teaser


Stormtroopers' 9/11 - Luke's Change: an Inside Job

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser

TBS Reality Show "King of the Nerds" Episode 7 "Enginerds"

TBS Reality Show "King of the Nerds" Episode 7 "Enginerds" —

— "Nerd" wins challenge with 9/11 Truth Physics beating out a NASA Engineer with a Masters in Physics, while thanking conspiracy sites for research on physics regarding the "Towers" || Watch, "Like" and "Share"

From the Vimeo uploader's page:

"TBS reality show called "King of the Nerds" Episode 7, saw a challenge where the nerds had to guess the results of dropped weights onto layers of glass, having to guess how many glass sheets would be shattered.

Danielle a nerd girl gamer (sporting cotton candy pink hair), researched a number of 9/11 Physics sites to win the challenge beating 4 other nerds including a girl called “Moogega” who works as a Nasa Engineer!

Danielle thanks 9/11 conspiracy theorists for her win, thus proving on national TV the credibility of the 9/11 movement."

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'Vital Information Card' Activism

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Activism - 911 Truth Calling/Business Cards


CIA Trying to Block Americans from Learning Full Scope of Torture

The CIA is trying to block Americans from learning the full scope of the torture that was conducted in our names during the Bush administration.

But we have a special opportunity to beat them.

Since late last week, more than 40,000 Demand Progress members, and more than 100,000 people in total, have urged anti-torture advocate Senator Mark Udall to release the report -- as is his Constitutional right -- before he leaves office in January.

Please click here to join them, and let Udall know that he'll be our hero if he moves forward.
Read on for more details -- and if you've already taken action, or even if you haven't, please forward this to 5 of your friends.  It's important.

-Demand Progress.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Sign the petition: California Investigate 9/11
Due to the failure of the Federal government and NY Attorney General Cyrus Vance to reinvestingate events suggesting "U.S. Executive (Bush) and DoD complicity in the attacks of September 11, 2001,the State of California shall open full reinvestingations into case involving deaths and injuries to California victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 93.

We're going into overtime!

Iran Talks Extended!

Tell Congress to let diplomacy work!
Dear John-Michael,

Breaking news: Negotiations with Iran have been extended!

The U.S., our allies, and Iran have been hard at work over the past year negotiating a deal that would verifiably cut off Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon without resorting to war. In many ways, we have already succeeded: Iran's nuclear program is under a lock and key, ensuring they cannot get a nuclear bomb. That's diplomacy at work.

Today, our negotiators announced that they are close to reaching a final agreement, but need a bit more time to work out the details. Please write to your Members of Congress and ask them to support continued negotiations.

Diplomacy has a real chance of achieving a historic deal that would prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and avert a disastrous war of choice in the Middle East. But the reality is that any deal was always going to be hard work. Diplomacy takes time, and we need to give our negotiators they space they need to reach a comprehensive agreement.

Can you email Congress right now? Explain: "As your constituent, I urge you to support continued diplomacy with Iran. Let diplomacy work with Iran and keep America off the path to war."

Lawmakers like Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC)—notorious for beating the drums of war—are already declaring the diplomatic talks a failure and working to make that a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That's where you come in. Last winter, you helped generate over one million actions in support of diplomacy with Iran - and won a huge victory when Congress backed off new sanctions that threatened to kill the talks before they even started. It's time to do it again. During the next few days, it's important for Congress to hear strong support from the people they represent for continued diplomacy with Iran in order to stand up to war hawks like McCain and Graham who are trying to micromanage U.S. diplomats' sensitive negotiations from afar with unrealistic demands that nuclear nonproliferation experts call "deal-killers."

We've come too far to let Congress throw the diplomatic talks off course. There's too much at stake. Tell Congress to let diplomacy work in Iran and keep America off the path to war.

Thanks for working for peace,

Stephen, Angela, Tom, and the Win Without War team

P.S. Learn more about how you can support this historic opportunity on Tuesday, November 25 from 9pm-10pm EST during our grassroots activist call on Iran. Click here to register.

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Win Without War, 2000 M Street NW, Suite 720, Washington, DC 20036
Peace Action: Working for Peace Since 1957 FacebookTwitterBlogContact us

The good news is the deal that has successfully frozen Iran’s nuclear program is still in place and another seven months will be invested in patient diplomacy.

The bad news is that Congress may now attempt to pass a new round of sanctions on Iran to force it to ‘knuckle under’.

If Congress kills a good deal by imposing new sanctions, Iran will unfreeze its nuclear program, and we could be on the path to another war in the Middle East.

Your generous contribution to Peace Action or Peace Action Education Fund will make a big difference as we marshall the resources to meet this, and other, challenges to peace that confront us in the weeks and months ahead.

Through our Diplomacy, Not War campaign we are educating Congress, the media and the general public on how the deal with Iran is the best path to a safer world.  Our success here can light the path to peace, resolving the world’s conflicts without resorting to a doctrine of endless warfare.

This is a good deal that protects US security by preventing an Iranian nuclear bomb.
•    The agreement negotiated by the U.S. and allies rolls back Iran’s nuclear program and cuts off its path to a bomb.  The interim deal worked. Nuclear inspectors on the ground have confirmed that Iran upheld its end of the bargain and froze or rolled back its nuclear activities.
•    As long as the interim deal remains in place, we will continue to benefit from having inspectors at Iran’s nuclear facilities, ensuring their compliance. 
•    The interim nuclear deal gave us unprecedented insight into Iran’s nuclear program by establishing a strong monitoring regime. The final deal locks in that verification regime and dials up the intrusive inspections.
We need to act now to prevent the unraveling of the progress that has been made thus far.  If the US walks away from a deal, we would lose these inspections and be blind to an unconstrained Iranian nuclear program.
We are close to a final deal.  That’s why both sides saw the wisdom in an extension.  Now, Peace Action and Peace Action Education Fund will be pressing Congress to hold up its end and not gum up the works. I need your help to make that happen.
The choice is clear: Diplomacy, Not War.
•    Rather than undercutting our diplomats at the negotiating table, Congress should prepare to play a constructive role: gradually lifting sanctions as UN inspectors verify that Iran is continuing to roll back its program in compliance with the deal.
•    Diplomacy is the only way to achieve a lasting solution to the Iran nuclear situation. This deal advances U.S. security by verifiably preventing a nuclear Iran and preventing another war.
•    With bad news coming out of the Middle East nearly every day, continued negotiations with Iran is something to lift up not bring down.  This is a key time to lessen tensions in the Middle East. 
Humbly for Peace,
Kevin Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action
P.S. - Please support this work.  Your contribution to Peace Action or tax-deductible gift to Peace Action Education Fund will be a great help.
I hope your holidays are happy and healthy!

Take Action:

Please support this work.  Your contribution to Peace Action or tax-deductible gift to Peace Action Education Fund will be a great help.


Invest in Peace

NEW article -- 9/11 As An American Issue

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                       Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     9/11 is the greatest woulda-coulda-shoulda been an issue of our current century – with the possible exception of climate change. But it’s become and remained a real, live issue for only a small self-referencing and outcast minority of us who are self-deluded to proclaim it so, simply because we get it, and consequently wish very fervently that so did a multitude of others.
     But most people we try to talk to about it either never had the slightest inkling that what happened on 9/11/01 has ever been in dispute at all, or don’t care one bit more than if we were talking about the origins of the War of 1812, Shirley Temple’s Storybook, or Jenkins’s Ear. How can that possibly be? we ask. Why is it that so few get it or understand why understanding it factually is such a big deal for our future or the recovery of our late, lamented civilization yet today?
     The almost sole answer, I believe, lies in what I’ll call the Anti-Conspiracy View.
     That conspiracies occur and exist is beyond question. While every instance suspected of being the result of a conspiracy actually is, is seriously doubtful, perhaps the largest conspiracy in U.S. history, although not in dispute, is largely forgotten now. The gargantuan Manhattan Project of the 1940s to produce the atomic bomb is said to have been known in concept to some 100,000 insiders (notably not including then-Vice President Truman), none of whom leaked its existence to the general public.
     But, more recently, Americans have been conditioned to disbelieve – indeed, not to even consider, as confused-minded and unpatriotic – all talk of conspiracies. Never question. Believe the soap opera daily melodrama that is the seamless, sanitized, and sanctified version of... everything. This choreographed “theory of everything” that virtually everyone more-or-less buys into predictably concludes always that the Americans are the wise, all-knowing good guys of the world invariably well-meaning and fair-dealing, sensible and always right. And those abroad or at home who dare to question that conclusion or the imperatives of the U.S. continuing government and its close allies, as portrayed benignly, can eat dirt, pick shrapnel, or be food for worms. That’s their stark choice in defiance, because those who deem to doubt the gospel beamed by the controlled media and through the State Department are by definition wrong and usually evil, it is implied or said, and must be brought violently or by bribes or by intimidation into line.
     The best current example showing that the Anti-Conspiracy View dominates American “thinking” may be, uncharacteristically, the case of the multiple allegations that comedian Bill Cosby drugged and raped at least thirteen young women he lusted for some years ago. The first question I thought of when I heard of these allegations is whether it’s even remotely possible that thirteen separate alleged victims could all be lying about such a thing. I presumed that to be distinctly unlikely – unless someone was paying them all a substantial amount of money, or introducing some other equally-powerful incentive for them all to lie.
     But then, how likely could it be that thirteen otherwise random women, apparently without a single exception to blow the whistle on the conspiracy, would all accuse Bill Cosby of the same thing if it were not true? And my answer, in general, was that it would almost have to be true, because certainly, under ordinary circumstances, their inevitably dissimilar dispositions and degrees of ethical grounding could not be predicted well enough to insure that they all could be safely bought by the perpetrators of a conspiracy.
     But then, I posed a key question familiar to questioners of 9/11: cui bono – who would seek to benefit from destroying this particular man’s sterling reputation? Does he, in fact, have enemies?
     And here my suspicions were aroused. Because, I thought, while the allegations might well be true, it appears perhaps just as likely that the whole thing could be the result of a conspiracy to bring down an innocent man.
     Let me explain. Mr. Cosby’s fame and reputation are largely based on his portrayal of one fictional Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable on his weekly network TV sit-com back in the 1980s, thoroughly familiarizing the nation with an amicable well-educated upper middle-class black family. The prototype thus portrayed is probably not the mean, but probably not all that unusual, either, and far from the then-contemporary stereotype of blacks as low-life degenerates dependent on welfare.
     Meanwhile, the continuance of the dire feckless and low gangster-like stereotype was the very bread and butter of the right-wing’s message to America, then and again (or still) now, that minorities are something less than real, equal Americans and, as such are “the other”, undeserving of understanding and full citizenship. And the leaders of the civil rights movement, then and now, because of the regional and to an extent national subordination of minorities, often come across as whiny, feisty, over-intellectual, and rather tiresome radicals.
     So then, here comes Bill Cosby and the Huxtables, with their showcase all-American universally-lovable black family, providing a new, attractive model of apolitical leadership by emulation that largely – not completely – blows the prevalent “welfare chiseler” and “welfare queen” image so carefully constructed over decades of right-wing angst out of the water. All well and good.
     But now, here comes Obama, elected and then re-elected by minorities and liberals, without a white mandate or even plurality. President Obama has frankly stated that, without Bill Cosby, there would have been no President Obama (because no way José to break into the white boys’ club). And, if you think white conservatives are complacent about this, just look around and behold their apoplexy and panic. They are, in fact, desperate to re-install going forward the old, bad stereotypes of blacks and Hispanics, featuring both fear and loathing.
     Remember, they tried to bring down Bill Clinton in similar fashion and failed. But I don’t think even that reviled Bill was as influential a figure or posed as big a threat to them as this one, who messed with America’s mind.
     Possible suspect #2 – What about those hackneyed revolutionary-style black leaders themselves with their now-muted once-hot rhetoric, whose power is largely wielded through their message of victimology? Well, now there comes along the older, soberer Cosby of recent years with a message to young blacks to quit blaming others for their woes as downtrodden ne’er-do-wells, but instead, clean up their acts, exert gainful effort, and shine. The old leaders have tried to put Bill Cosby on notice, and these, too, have become his foes and rivals for supremacy of influence among blacks through the seeming incompatibility of their vital appeals, the old leaders taking the worst of it from the interloping clown.
     But, why so much ado about what an aging idol did or didn’t do a quarter of a century ago, unresolvable now?
     Because, his incredible, abiding influence on the American psyche, if you think about it, places him in the top ten most influential figures in our whole history as a nation.
     Indeed, alarmed no-nonsense operatives in either the white supremacist or black movement camps may have found a motive for bribing some thirteen women known to have befriended this rock in their respective oysters to come forward and falsely accuse him – if that is what happened. But, my money would be on a distinct subgroup of the first suspect category. Do you suppose the FBI still harbors a few J. Edgar Hoover-like pieces of work among its ranks? And they would have the advantage or moxie, too, of being able to accurately profile the women, to determine which ones they could successfully employ to lie publicly and not rat them out.
     Again, my point isn’t that I think that’s what happened, but that it makes sense to suspect that it may have, especially recalling the record of the hallowed Bureau as the perpetrator of so many exposed psy-ops.
     And the larger point I have yet to mention is that, so far at least, even the black media has not come forward to give voice to this distinct more than possibility. Due to their mindless assumption of the Anti-Conspiratorial View, even they haven’t seriously thought of it, at least yet.
     Again, in my humble opinion, before we in 9/11 Truth can begin to successfully convince America that 9/11 is today ripe for a real, thorough, and systematic investigation, we first have to convince the nation of the falsity of its induced ACV – to teach America as a whole to reasonably question everything. Because, nearly everything we’re presented with is subject to serious doubt – a lesson that “citizens” of the Soviet Union learned very well. Your view?
JH: 11/24/14

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

False Flags and the US War Against Islam with Sibel Edmonds

False flags and corruption by the CIA, FBI and US Government to create an endless war against Islam, plus the financial gains for the elite interested in conflict in the middle east are discussed with Sibel Edmonds. Where is the conspiracy coming from, and what is behind fear mongering over ISIS in Iraq and Syria? We look at the new domino theory, 9/11 conspiracy, The Lone Gladio and Edmonds’ history as a whistleblower in this full length Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone.


This is a seriously excellent interview with whistleblower Sibel Edmonds who explains what she actually did when she worked with her FBI counter intelligence team.

Basically, the FBI had wire taps covering all manner of corrupt dealings - featuring politicians, lobby groups, the CIA, State Department officials, and US involvement in RUNNING TERRORIST GROUPS.

The FBI never acted on the info because they used it for their own blackmail purposes (same goes for the NSA spying programs).

Make sure to check out this clip and share.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

News to Share: Tod Fletcher Memorial will be Live-Stream/Archived by NoLiesRadio

Just posted to No Lies Radio today! Just posted this to the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Facebook Page with 4 photos and link to the No Lies Radio Live Stream/Archive for the Tod Fletcher & Susan Peabody Memorial Gathering at Fellowship Hall, Saturday, Nov 22, 2014 from 1-4 pm at 1924 Cedar St (and Bonita Ave has wheel-chair access ramp), Berkeley, CA 94709:

BFUU Social Justice Committee Facebook Event Notice
NO LIES RADIO will Live Stream "The Tod Fletcher & Susan Peabody Memorial Gathering" this Saturday, Nov 22nd from 1 – 4 Pacific Time in Historic Fellowship Hall in Berkeley, CA:
Friends and Family of the two dearly departed souls will reflect on their lives, and the work of Tod Fletcher in the 9/11 Truth movement will be celebrated and re-activated by those who carry that torch forward. Jeff Strahl and Fred Burks were close friends of Tod and will give some personal perspectives. Skype remarks are expected from intellectual friends and scholarly activist comrades such as David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth. Bonnie Faulkner and Barbara Honegger will be attending as featured speakers. (1 pm – 4 pm Pacific; 4 – 8 pm Eastern;21:00 GMT). The broadcast will be immediately archived here at No Lies Radio and No Lies Radio YouTube Channel after the broadcast. Sponsored by the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee, Project Censored, PEERS (Public Education & Empowerment Resource Service), Sacramento 9/11 Truth, Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, No Lies Radio, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Event program created by Friends & Family of Tod & Susan. BFUU Fellowship Hall, 1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA 94709. (At Bonita Ave, one block east of MLK Way & three blocks west of Shattuck Ave) This location is wheelchair accessible via the ramp on the Bonita Avenue side of the building.

Jim Garrison Response to Media Smear Campaign - Kennedy Assassination

On July 15, 1967, NBC allowed New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison to respond to an NBC program that was highly critical of Garrison's pursuit of alleged Kennedy assassination conspirators in New Orleans.


Jim Garrison points out the fact that the public has been sold 'fairy tales' by 'honourable men' in Government and the media. His concluding comments provide a warning to the population where he says he discovered things about human nature, government and the media he cared not to have known.

Quote: "Anyone who has done their homework knows that the single assassin theory is totally impossible."

The killing of JFK was a turning point in history. We have lived with the consequences of his death and the consequences of criminals operating in positions of power for many decades. We must seek truth and justice when crimes like this occur or else be condemned to a future of war and inequity where the majority will always be subject to the whims of those that pull the strings of power.

Related Info:

Our Government is the CIA and the Pentagon - Jim Garrison

Friday, November 21, 2014

RECAP: Gordon Ross, Master of Engineering, Investigation into the Collapse of the WTC on 9/11

Master of Engineering, Gordon Ross presentation of his analysis of the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre on 11th September 2001. Recorded 8th June 2007 at the Indian YMCA in London.


This excellent clip describes the damage seen to the steel in the rubble with what you would expect with the explosive demolition of the structure. The evidence-based lecture also accounts for the features seen during the destruction of the twin towers. The information here makes good, practical sense of what was observed.

The clip here is partly posted in response to disinformation circulating on the internet. No space beams or mini nukes are necessary! The burnt cars (cited for alternative theories) are almost certainly damaged from molten iron seen flowing from the building (see video) prior to the main demolition charges going off. When the buildings blew up thousand degree fragments of iron would have been scattered in the pulverised concrete clouds.

REMEMBER: Lies generally believed by the population, are still lies no matter how many people believe in them. Always check the evidence. The 911 lie has led to an endless cycle of war. If you 'support the troops' stop and think about how the conflict started; with LIES. Later we were treated to further lies (that were not 'intelligence failures') about WMDs that led to more unnecessary war.

Related Info:

Architects and Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 -

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Walid Darab Interviews Ryan Dawson About 911, Alex Jones, and Iraq


Contains a great explanation of the 911 Anthrax and the Iraq War WMD intelligence concocted by the neocons and their allies. There was NO mistaken intelligence, only deliberate lies and murder.

Dawson is not so good at describing the forensic evidence when it comes to the destruction of WTC7 and the Twin Towers which is why it is also a good idea to watch the documentary Experts Speak Out.

Related Info:

911 and War by Deception

Monday, November 17, 2014

Faked Image Claims to Show Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shooting Down MH17

A television news channel in Russia has released an image of what it claims shows a Ukrainian fighter jet shooting a missile towards Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Skeptics are questioning the legitimacy of the image.


The criticisms levelled against this image show that it is a FAKE. It looks like the Russian TV station that aired this image has been fooled.

The most damning fact is that the clouds reveal the original background image was taken from Google Earth on 9/17/2011.

Nevertheless, there are still witnesses to fighter jets in the immediate area following the crash (see video below) and there is Russian radar data indicating the same.

This newly released image may be an attempt at disinformation to discourage people taking seriously the idea that a Ukrainian jet was responsible for what happened.

This is the BBC Russia report that features witnesses to military jets in the area at the time of the incident:

The official story, that a BUK missile was responsible for the shoot down, has major problems. The most glaring issue is the absence of smoke trails that would have been seen by US spy satellites that overflew the area at the time of the attack. The Russians requested the US release their images but so far none have been forthcoming.

US spy satellite pictures would have easily pin pointed the specific BUK launcher allegedly responsible for the incident. The following video shows how obvious the smoke trails would have been to anyone in the area of the launch:

Rather than an accidental shoot down by rebel forces in the east of Ukraine (there is no motive for a deliberate attack), there is the strong likelihood that the government in Kiev, with its backers in Washington, staged a false flag attack in order to vilify their opposition that had shot down a number of attack aircraft and transports.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Win Without War

The deadline to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran is in nine days.

You read that right: just nine days from now, we could be one step closer to solving one of America’s biggest security concerns without resorting to war.

That is, unless Congress steps in at the eleventh hour to kill diplomacy.

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) is pushing Congress to pass his new Iran sanctions bill, S. 2650, that would tie the hands of our negotiators, cut off funding for inspections, and push Iran away from the negotiating table. Yesterday, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) gave an impassioned speech about just how dangerous this bill is:

Please click here to sign our petition with Congress must let diplomacy work with Iran.

Last November, the U.S. and five other world powers reached a breakthrough agreement with Iran. The so-called Joint Plan of Action paved the way for a comprehensive deal that would remove both the threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon and the potential for a US-Iran military confrontation.

This is our chance to win without war. That’s why we’ve partnered with to petition Congress to support diplomacy.

A year ago, the U.S. and Iran were barely on speaking terms. Now, we could be just one week away from a long-term deal. We’ve been told that negotiators from the United States, Iran and five other world powers have drafted an agreement that is 95% done. There is cautious optimism that we can get a deal, but this historic opportunity could still fall apart.

Stand with Senator Murphy: Tell Congress to let diplomacy work with Iran.

Thank you for working for peace,

Stephen, Angela, Tom, and the Win Without War team

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Fantasy, Fiction, and Fraud - NIST: AE911Truth Blueprint Newsletter – November

AE911Truth Blueprint Newsletter  ||  November 2014
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AE911Truth News Updates


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Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11? Part 12: Signal Detection Theory

“He indicated that he believed the official story about 9/11, so we told him about WTC 7, about the symmetrical free fall and how this cannot happen without controlled demolition. He gave us a blank stare for a few seconds and then said...

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Cyrus Vance, Jr., Manhattan D.A., On Notice, Again —
AE's Report to the Public

After consulting with many sources and experts, we noted that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which has public responsibility for security of the buildings of the World Trade Center and is subject to the jurisdiction of the State of New York, had entered...

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Your incredible support makes our work possible.

NIST's WTC 7 Reports: Filled with Fantasy, Fiction, and Fraud or . . . Why 2,300 Architects & Engineers Demand Independent Investigation

The agency became highly politicized during a Clinton-era restructuring. "In essence," recalls a NIST whistleblower, "we lost our scientific independence, and became little more than 'hired guns'"...

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Down Under 9/11 Blogger Dreams Up Episode for
Dr. "Bones" Brennan

You know Bones — the American television crime series? It is a pity they didn't do an episode where Dr. "Bones" Brennan investigates "Cold Case — Deutsche Bank 9/11." Anyway, it would be too easily solved. Because the abundance of bone fragments from the World Trade Center's Twin Towers on 9/11 is the smoking gun — the bullet...

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