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William Binney– former NSA Technical Director-- signs AE911Truth petition | 9/11 Truth Activism

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The JREF is getting rid of its own forum: the "debunkers" go down in flames

Roughly three weeks ago, I asked the question, "is JREF getting rid of the forum?"

And now I have the official answer from a JREF representative: Yes!
"Here's the official word: After considering all the comments and proposals from forum members, JREF has decided to transfer operation of the forums to TribeTech AB, a Swedish company founded by forum member icerat which specialises in hosting and developing internet communities. Icerat, together with the current forum admins (Darat, Locknar, Lash_L, and Lisa_Simpson) have developed a transition plan which JREF believes protects the privacy and interests of all forum members, as well as the ongoing existence of the forum community. All of the current admins are supportive of the transition plan and will continue their roles at the forum’s new home."
The forum has been a major embarrassment to the JREF for quite some time (a high-level JREF insider has admitted this in private to a well known truther), and the 9/11 sub-forum, in particular, has been a known eyesore since Dr. Frank Greening publicly lambasted and abandoned the forum in 2007. Dr. Greening co-authored a 2007 paper (updated in 2008) in support the official NISTian explanation for the collapses of the Twin Towers. He should have been a big fan of the JREF forum since it is known for its staunch defenders of the official 9/11 story, but Dr. Greening basically likened the JREFers to fanatical Bible-bashing Christians, stating that:
 "...the JREFers appear to be fixated only on smothering scientific debate under a blanket of NIST, FEMA, Kean, Fox and CNN “Truths”!...I have worked as a research scientist in industry and academia for MANY years but I do not recall ever witnessing such an endless appeal to authority, by one side in a debate, as I see with the JREFers! Indeed, I find the JREFers more often than not coming across as dogmatic followers of a creed. Thus, ironically they have become a modern band of Inquisitors doling out their autos-da-fe to heretic CTists for simply having the temerity to question NISTIAN authority."
This is probably the most scathing review that a forum of self-proclaimed "skeptics" can possibly get, but the JREFers found a way to humiliate themselves even more: They ended up replacing Dr. Greening with an actual Christian minister! Reverend Chris Mohr has led the 9/11 sub-forum in recent years, "literally speaking gibberish." These people may not "get it" why they are such an embarrassment, but apparently the JREF has finally had enough.

Dedicated JREF forum members have decided to attempt to continue the operation of the forum on their own, although a new name has not been chosen yet. Will they come up with something really sad like "the forum formerly known as the JREF forum"? The "ministry of truth" perhaps?

Meanwhile, although he has not yet signed the AE911Truth petition, Dr. Greening is now openly skeptical about the official 9/11 narrative in general, and he acknowledges that the official collapse report for WTC 7 is rubbish.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Report on Mark Basile's Independent Lab Study of the WTC Dust

NATO comes to the UK to make war plans: Week of protests

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NATO comes to the UK to make war plans: Week of protests

The NATO summit is only a few days away. 60 world leaders, including Barack Obama, meet in the UK on 4-5 September to plan their war on the world. From 30 August protesters will flock to South Wales for international actions including a national demonstration on 30 August, counter summits, and a week-long peace camp.

We're already seeing how the summit is shaping up. Today's Guardian suggests David Cameron is planning to join Barack Obama in air strikes on Iraq and Syria.  They plan to use the summit to whip up support for new wars in the Middle East. They also want to reverse the defeat suffered by Cameron in parliament last year when it voted not to go to war with Syria.

In addition, the summit will be the occasion to further extend Nato's reach into eastern Europe, with the  proposals to build nato bases in the Baltic states. The only non-Nato country head of state at the summit is the Ukrainian president, a clear sign of Nato's central involvement there.

Meanwhile Cardiff and Newport are in lockdown to try to prevent  protestors opposing the Nato warmongering agenda. Thousands of people from Wales and across the country will be embarking on a week of protest across the two cities. Please support as many of these events as you can.

Timetable of Events, transport, peace camp
  • You can see a full timetable for the No to Nato events at our website, here:
  • Book transport going to Wales from London and elsewhere, here:
  • There is a peace camp (bring your own tent!) from Friday 29 August for people who wish to stay in Newport for the week. Full details here:

National Demonstration in Newport

We urge people who can to attend the national demonstration on Saturday 30 August (see transport going to Wales from London and elsewhere, here:

On the first day of the NATO Summit on Thursday 4 September there demonstrations in Newport and Cardiff. More details here:

If you are unable to make the trip to Newport or Cardiff, there will be a live blog of Saturday's demonstration, here:

Help us cover the cost of the No To Nato - No New Wars events

If you can't be with us in Wales for the No To Nato events, please consider making a donation to help us cover the extensive costs of transport, staging, banners, publicity and all the other expenses for the week.
  • Donate Online:
  • Donate by Phone: For debit/credit card or bank transfer call 020 7561 4830
  • Donate by Post: Make cheques payable to: Stop the War Coalition. Send to: Stop the War Coalition, 86 Durham Rd, London N7 7DT UK

Join Stop the War
Becoming a Stop the War member is one of the best ways to support our anti-war campaigns. Please consider joining and help us grow. Membership costs as little as £2 a month. Join Stop the War here:

Latest articles on the Stop the War website

The Stop the War website is updated with new articles every day. We provide links to all new postings on our Twitter: and Facebook:

New articles posted recently are:
  •   Pink Floyd's Roger Waters: The moral perversity of US support for Israel. By Roger Waters:
  •   So, I asked the Russian ambassador to the US if he thought NATO should be disbanded. By David Swanson:
  •   Nato on the warpath in Ukraine boasts of its military exercises threatening Russia. By Lindsey German:
  •   Gaza massacre in numbers: What Israel did in 50 days of brutal bombardment. The Independent:
  •   Inconvenient truth – the West's intervention in Syria is key reason for growth of ISIS. By Ian Sinclair:
Anti-war Song of the Week: We feature an anti-war song every week. This week's song chose itself given the artist's triumphant return to live performance: Army Dreamers by Kate Bush. Video and lyrics, here:

Stop the War Coalition | | 020 7561 4830

Stop Selling Death

Moving from conflict to conflict in the Middle East, trying to keep up with the politics and players involved, the unrelenting violence, the rising death toll and refugee crisis, is as difficult as it is depressing. 
There is one common thread however – from Gaza to Syria to Iraq to Egypt to Libya to Afghanistan -- U.S. military intervention and an ever-ready supply of U.S weapons pouring into the region make matters worse.
U.S. weapons provided to the Iraqi Army are now in the hands of extremists who are close to tearing the country apart.  The success of the extremist offensive has led them to declare themselves the Islamic State, stretching into Syria where they have been fighting to overthrow the Assad government alongside other rebels being vetted by the U.S. to see who is worthy of receiving yet more U.S. weapons transfers, just what the region doesn’t need.
The U.S. leads the world in weapons sales. That includes the sale of weapons to undemocratic regimes and nations on the U.S. State Department's list of human rights abusers. Tell Congress and the President it's time to stop selling weapons to dictators and governments that turn U.S. weapons on civilian populations.
We need a new foreign policy, one that reflects America's values and goodwill, one that relies more on patient diplomacy and humanitarian assistance and far less on weapons and war.
Humbly for Peace,
Kevin Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action
P.S. - Now, faced with war raging in the Middle East, a region awash in U.S. weapons, it is time again to push Congress and the Obama administration to end the practice of arming dictators and human rights abusers.

Take Action:


Monday, August 25, 2014

Are We Being Had… (again)?

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                      Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     This is my considered assessment a little in advance of the imminent thirteenth anniversary of the unofficial initiation of the continuing horrid saga highlighted to date by the notorious state crimes actualized on September 11, 2001.
     The question I’m posing in “celebration”, in light of current  “event” sequences, is: Are We Being Hosed, or Had?  And my own answer is: Yes, almost certainly.
     I have repeated too many times to mention the refrain that all of our so-called “news” – not just all of our international news, not just all of our domestic “news”, not just some of our “news”, but ALL of our “news” is totally manufactured to suit the precise specifications of the “state” (“state” referring in this case specifically to the “New World Order” and, more precisely, the miniscule, totally psychopathic elite tightly perennially and all-but-imperceptibly directing that complex of complexes).
     The “news” the “state” wants for the purpose of selling its long-term agenda and mollifying its controlled masses it will create as it goes along. And what is consequently the proportion of the relationship of the wholly-manufactured so-called “news” to the unbiased truth of what is actually happening in the world? It is essentially the same as the ratio between the pork in pork and beans and a cow.
     To illustrate: Based on historical precedence primarily, and also on the superbly-informed alternative reportage of Dr. Michel Chossudovsky in his article I posted on this web site back on July 3,  ISIS and the “Islamic Caliphate project” are extremely likely to be (just like al-Qaeda is now widely known to be) nothing more than tremendously hyped creations of the CIA and other western intelligence services. In the article I referred to, Chossudovsky informs of credible reports that the leaders of ISIS (or “ISIL”) were recruited from the more unhinged proto-Muslim fanatic elements out there and trained in the Jordanian desert in 2013 as clandestine “foot-soldiers of the western military alliance” to forward the western and Israeli goal of dismemberment of Iraq, respond to the desire for a continued and heightened role for private sector paramilitary forces, and provide renewed justification for projected “counter-terrorism operations”.
     So, do all of the heinously murderous and generally naïve now comprising a reported great surge internationally of common recruits know of the western sponsorship of their cartoonishly loathsome “pro-Muslim” (disastrous for Islam) units of mayhem? Of course not. Does western (including U.S.) intel order beheadings of westerners, or of anybody? Not specifically – unless it would somehow serve them. But, a beheading like that of an American photojournalist last week automatically when widely-reported becomes a core of revulsion and sparks fear that ISIS, unlike al-Qaeda, our now more-visible sometimes ally, will soon pull something equally atrocious, or a 9/11, on a mass scale here.
     No need for them to actually do it! It only needs to be made to look like they did to mobilize in convenient abject cowardice the vast majority of the population – something we in the budding (but never flourishing) 9/11 Truth Movement have warned they could pull on us again ever since 2001.
     And now, if it happens, we must believe our own warnings and proclaim and report what the lockstep media doubtless never will.
     Would our leaders, or who controls them, really do themselves or condone the despicable sorts of things ISIS is reported to have done? And would their (supposedly, our) media likewise denounce horrific western killings that are equally wicked and ugly? For the clear answer, read the other article that I posted on the web site today, by Gary Leech. Have any of you heard that unfathomably evil act and unknown numbers of others like it denounced on the nightly news or seen it/them splashed in red, bold headlines across daily newspapers from here to Trafalgar? No? Were such acts as these in some way less evil or did they leave their victims any less dead, defiled, or mourned by surviving relatives, if any? Were any of them actually ordered by the CIA? Probably not. But their equal counterparts selectively screamed siren-loud, emphatically: yes.
The headlines out of Ferguson likewise screamed: “Riots and Violence by Angry Demonstrators”; but the stories scarcely mentioned the crowds of peaceful protesters cowed by huge war machines and drenched on American soil into submission with tear gas, a horrific agent banned from use on foreign battlefields because it’s so withering and unsusceptible of countering or defending against. Okayed for use domestically against American citizens, but never fully reported.
     Latest evidence again points at U.S. or, perhaps more likely, its ally, the military of the CIA-prompted gang that illegitimately displaced the elected government of Ukraine, having shot down the commercial airliner the U.S.-led west blamed hysterically on Russia. And, in apparent desperation, the U.S. administration last week ordered a Russian humanitarian aid convoy to leave the eastern part of Ukraine or face “serious consequences” – as if either eventuality was likely to happen.
     And Gaza – don’t get me started!
     So, do I suspect that ISIS is the real threat to our and world safety and continued existence, or more-of-same? More-of-same. Let us not be had ever again!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

War Isn't Working – Tell the Senate Now, "23 years – Enough Already!"

The United States has been bombing Iraq off and on (mostly on) for about twenty-three, yes 23, years.
Has it worked? Is Iraq peaceful, stable, secure? Have we eliminated potential threats to the U.S. and our allies, or have we exacerbated them?
Has U.S. military engagement in the region, whether by bombing, invasion, occupation or providing weapons transfers and military aid, been effective?
I think “abject failure” is the only way to describe U.S. policy.
Can we afford to keep doing this, at an exorbitant cost, when it’s been so spectacularly unsuccessful, and we have such pressing needs in our communities that need our attention and our tax dollars?
President Obama has spoken wisely about the limits of U.S. military might to solve the problems in Iraq and the Middle East, and rules out a large troop presence on the ground, yet U.S. military actions in Iraq are escalating, and the mad momentum of war often defies presidential good intentions.
Last month the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed H. Con. Res. 105 stating clearly there is no legal authority for U.S. military involvement in Iraq without express Congressional approval. The Senate needs to do the same.
Write your senators today and tell them enough is enough – stop bombing Iraq, stop flooding the region with weapons, emphasize humanitarian aid and diplomacy as the primary tools of U.S. foreign policy to bring peace and security to the region.
Peace, Salaam, Shalom,
Kevin Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action
P.S. -The Constitution grants Congress, not the president, authority over decisions to engage in war. Write your senators today and tell them to end the bombing of Iraq. Enough is enough.

Mark Basile Progress Report, August 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tucker Carlson Reacts to Building 7 Implosion

Alex Jones sits down with the founder of The Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson and provides him with a hard hitting crash course in the lies surrounding the September 11 attacks, covering everything from eye witness accounts, the stand down of NORAD and a bevy of alarming evidence surrounding the collapse of building 7.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Molten Lead Appears Silvery In Daylight, Just Like Aluminum.

It has been established that the molten metal seen pouring out of the South Tower on 9/11 was steel and/or iron. The possibility of molten lead or aluminum has been ruled out from several different angles:

The above article does not mention that molten lead would appear silvery just like molten aluminum, when poured in daylight, but that is a fact that could be added to the list of arguments that rule out lead. Dr. Frank Legge states that lead has the same characteristics that make molten aluminum appear silvery when poured in daylight conditions, that is high reflectivity and low emissivity. Dr. Legge has a PhD in chemistry so he really knows what he is talking about:
"There is general agreement that this is a stream of molten metal but there is dispute about the type of metal. Those who support the official story say that this metal must be aluminium from the plane or perhaps lead from a battery backup system. This cannot be true as these metals have very high reflectivity and low emissivity, so appear silvery in daylight when molten and we recall that 9/11 was a clear sunny day. In contrast, iron has high emissivity and low reflectivity so we can readily determine its temperature from its colour. When heated, iron glows bright yellow before it is hot enough to melt."

Saturday, August 16, 2014

In addition to calls to CSPAN, we should keep the pressure on Dr. Sham.

In addition to calls to CSPAN, we should keep the pressure on Dr. Sham.
I left a message with Dr.Sham's receptionist asking him to answer the accusations that he is lying.

Just so he knows that 9/11 Truth is not going away, and he is not going to get away with it.

name: Shyam-Sunder, Sivaraj (Gaithersburg)
        phone: (301) 975-6713
       agency: NIST
      address: 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 1000
             : Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1000

C-Span with Richard Gage from Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

Publicly humiliating WTC 7 free-fall lesson provided to Dr. Shyam Sunder by physics instructor 
David Chandler during its Draft Final Report in August 2008.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mark Basile WTC Dust Study: Progress Report Pending...

Mark Basile has done some work this summer. A progress report will be posted soon. Stay  tuned..

Friday, August 8, 2014

C-Span with Richard Gage from Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

Click to Enlarge

On August 1st, 2014, Richard Gage from Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth was on C-Span talking about the events of September 11, 2001 and the need for a new investigation.


The very fact that public pressure led to the above interview with Richard Gage is extremely significant. It reveals a fundamental truth.

People can beat the system.

The system still thinks it has to lie to the public to get what it wants, so that means it does not have absolute control. If enough people want justice it will happen.

A buzz has been created thanks to this event. Curious people will want to check out the information provided at or perhaps even watch their film ~ Experts Speak Out:

911 Truth ~ Experts Speak Out

A Grand Jury investigation must be launched into 911 as an act of treason. The evidence for this crime has been in the public domain for many years. Members of NIST, the 911 Commission, and those that gave false testimony during these investigations, should be brought in for questioning and charged accordingly (where the proofs of their crimes are established).

Remember, the truth about 911 will most certainly END the War on Terror.

- Steve W.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

JREF getting rid of the forum?

The JREF forum has been plagued by technical difficulties due to neglect, and it is down and out now. It may be in the process of some hardware upgrades to keep it going, but things may not be that simple. I am getting some fairly dependable reports indicating that the JREF has finally made the decision to cut the ties to the forum, after several years of dragging its feet. I do know that this was discussed on the forum before it was shut down, and that the following rumor was going around: Some forum members and administrators may be trying to make a deal to run the forum on their own, eventually under a new forum name. JREF may help to upgrade and run the forum during the transition period, which may last a few months. If this is true, 2014 may be the last year for an official JREF forum.

JREF forum member "NoahFence" stated on August 5, 2014 ( 
Looks like JREF is disowning the forum.
and __________________

Sunday, August 3, 2014

SPOOKYWEATHER: Ebola - What You're Not Being Told

SPOOKYWEATHER: Ebola - What You're Not Being Told: There are legitimate concerns that the virus can be transmitted easily via airborne droplets. If this is true then a lot more people are...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

JREF´s Redwood: Stupid Is as Stupid Does

My last article was about an incident on the JREF forum where one local troll declared to the world that he could not find any data about aluminum in Dr. Harrit´s 2009 nano-thermite paper. The article reveals how a lone truther on the forum humiliated Mr. Spanx by pointing out that Harrit´s paper has been available for more than 5 years, and that it quite clearly shows the evidence for the elemental aluminum in the chips.

It also shows how a fellow JREF-Troll tried to save Mr.Spanx by claiming Harrit´s data does not show aluminum in the residue from the ignited chips, and how the truther debunks that by referring to two graphs in the paper. The truther also noted how Spanx has accidentally debunked the JREF defense against the aluminum in the residue: The JREFers had previously acknowledged the aluminum in the residue, but claimed that Dr. Harrit did not prove a thermite reaction because he did not prove the aluminum in the residue is an oxide. But Mr. Spanx had unwittingly cited a paper that proves this is not necessary.

In this article, I am revealing how another troll tried to save Mr. Spanx with an even more stupid comment: Enter Mr. Redwood! Instead of acknowledging Harrit´s aluminum data for the residue, Redwood tried to go back to pretending there is no aluminum in the pre-ignition data. How sophisticated!

But incredibly, that was not Redwood´s most stupid ploy! No, he also tried to debunk Harrit´s nano-thermite finding by claiming that Spanx´s cited paper on thermite-residues actually proves that normal thermite out-performs nano-thermites (as if it matters). But of course, Mr. Redwood only managed to prove how poor his reading comprehension skills are. He cited a bit from the paper saying that when one compares normal macro-sized thermite to the same thermite made with the sol-gel method, the normal non sol-gel thermite has a noticeably higher IGNITION POINT. The problem is that poor Redwood had "understood" this to mean that normal thermite is more powerful than std thermite, and he said so in a very arrogant post:
"In other words, micron-sized aluminum in thermite outperforms nano-meter sized aluminum, but formulating thermite into a gel makes it easier to ignite. That is all. Class dismissed."
The "lone truther" MirageMemories pointed out Redwood´s flatulent mistake in a very nice and polite way:
"All I see is a lot of posturing in an attempt to divert attention from the acknowledged aluminum revealed in figures 25 and 26 of the 2009 Bentham paper.
Your "money quote", where you seem to think that the words "advanced by 68.1 deg C and 76.8 deg C" refer to the micro aluminum outperforming the nano aluminum actually refer to the fact that when the micro aluminum thermite is prepared as "normal thermite" or "simple" as it is put in table 1, and not prepared as a "nanocomposite" or a "sol-gel thermite", the IGNITION POINT is raised by about 68 and 77 degrees!

Figure 5 and Table 1 in Spanx´s paper actually confirm that the nano aluminum outperforms the macro aluminum in every way: it ignites at a lower temperature, has narrower DSC peaks with more power (best of 4.3W vs best of 2.96W), and more energy (best of 1648J vs best of 955.2J)."

JREF Troll Spanxed: Harrit et al Do NOT Need Aluminum-Oxide Proof.

Readers sometimes wonder if some particular "debunker" is a paid disinformation agent. Sure, there are paid disinformation trolls out there, but it is good to keep in mind that most of the so-called "debunkers" are just normal people, with nothing better to do than to troll and rant anonymously on some forum, and that most of the really stupid comments are made by people that really are that stupid - au naturel.

Note: this article reveals that a hostile JREF troll accidentally debunked the old JREF defense-mantra that Harrit et al failed to prove a thermite reaction because they failed to prove that the aluminum in the spheres was in the form of Al2O3 aluminum-oxide: as it turns out, this is not necessary.

1) A commenter, known as Spanx, complained on the JREF forum (July 11, 2014) that he cannot find any data for aluminum in Dr. Harrit´s 2009 nano-thermite paper.

2) The lone truther on the forum, MirageMemories, replied that the references to aluminum are easy to find.

3) Someone who likes calling himself "kid meatball" then tried to save Spanx by claiming no aluminum was found in the residue of the ignited chips.
4) MM replied and corrected Mr. Kid, quoting Harrit et al:
"... iron-rich spheres were found in the post-DSC residue which contained iron along with aluminum and oxygen…"
5) Spanx still could not take the hint and kept on citing a paper on thermite residue, and ranting about aluminum in Harrit´s paper:
"Why doesn't the 2009 Bentham paper match known Thermite ? Where is the Al in the Bentham paper ?"
6) The reply from MirageMemories exposes Spanx´s ignorance and tries to conceal the laughter:
"You can obtain a copy of the 2009 Bentham paper here;
Dr. Harrit´s paper has been available for reading for more than five years now, and the numerous graphs and figures are quite easy to read and understand, for most people.

The aluminum in the chips before ignition can be seen seen in figure 7.

The finding of elemental aluminum is shown in figure 17.

The aluminum in the post ignition residue is quite clearly shown in figures 25 and 26."
MM´s response goes on to really embarrass Spanx by informing him that he has effectively debunked the only defense that more "sophisticated" fellow JREFers had used against the evidence for aluminum in the residue of the ignited red/gray chips:
 "I am really surprised that this "no aluminum" statement is being raised. Even Oystein and Sunstealer never attempted to pretend that no aluminum can be found in Harrit´s paper. What they did try and do was claim figure 17 showed aluminum in a chip that did not match the others, and, that Harrit did not prove a thermite reaction because he does not prove that the aluminum in figures 25 and 26 is in the form of Al2O3 aluminum oxide.
Your linked paper (, provides an effective debunking of that argument by showing that the aluminum in the residue does NOT have to be in the form of Al2O3, because it can be found in aluminum-iron-oxygen compounds.
This bears particular consideration when you look at figures 25 and 26."
As always, whenever Spanx et al find themselves with stinky pants, they change the subject in the next comment and imagine this prevents people from smelling Mr. Stinky...and still some of them wonder why the forum lost its credibility years ago..

Anyone remember their former leader, Dr. Greening, and why he left in disgust?

Truth Breakthrough: C-Span with Richard Gage from Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

On August 1st, 2014, Richard Gage from Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth was on C-Span talking about the events of September 11, 2001 and the need for a new investigation.


The very fact that public pressure led to the above interview with Richard Gage is extremely significant. It reveals a fundamental truth.

People can beat the system.

The system still thinks it has to lie to the public to get what it wants, so that means it does not have absolute control. If enough people want justice it will happen.

A buzz has been created thanks to this event. Curious people will want to check out the information provided at or perhaps even watch their film ~ Experts Speak Out:

911 Truth ~ Experts Speak Out

A Grand Jury investigation must be launched into 911 as an act of treason. The evidence for this crime has been in the public domain for many years. Members of NIST, the 911 Commission, and those that gave false testimony during these investigations, should be brought in for questioning and charged accordingly (where the proofs of their crimes are established).

Remember, the truth about 911 will most certainly END the War on Terror.