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Biden lying about violence

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Joe Biden
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The truth is Donald Trump can't stop the violence, because for years he has fomented it.

7:02 PM · Aug 31, 2020·Twitter Media Studio
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JM Talboo
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The truth is, the left has been far more violent than the right for decades and 2020 was just too much for the mainstream to cover up. Mind Treasury: Violence is Bad! Mmkay!
12:13 AM · Sep 1, 2020·Twitter Web App
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Jim Hoft Is Right — Fauci Has Been Mass Murdering For Decades And Needs To Go Prison

Jim Hoft Is Right — Fauci Has Been Mass Murdering For Decades And Needs To Go Prison 

‘I’m Not Sad That A Fu*king Fascist Died Tonight’: Left-Wing Portland Protesters Celebrate Murder Of Trump Supporter

‘I’m Not Sad That A Fu*king Fascist Died Tonight’: Left-Wing Portland Protesters Celebrate Murder Of Trump Supporter 

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Recognizing and Pushing Back the Post 9/11 Police State


The Lawyers' Committee for 9-11 Inquiry

Recognizing and Pushing Back the Post 9/11 Police State

Dear John:

The Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry is sponsoring an educational zoom program on Sunday September 13th, 3:00 pm - 6:00 p.m. eastern standard time.

The Title of the Program is, "Recognizing and Pushing Back the Post 9/11 Police State"

Ten exceptional speakers including Dr. Francis Boyle and William Binney will be making important and informative presentations.

This announcement will be followed-up in the near future with a flyer showing the individual speakers' topics and times of presentation.

A Zoom link will also be provided.

Please tune in and support the work of the Lawyers' Committee.

Thank you.

David R. Meiswinkle
President/Executive Director
Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry

September 13 Zoom Lineup
William Binney

William Binney

Justice Rising: A FREE Online 9/11 Conference September 11–13

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Limited Webinar tickets--The 9/11 Truth Film Festival will be ONLINE this year on Sept. 10th

This year, as the Grand Lake Theater is closed due to Covid-19, we are doing an interactive zoom webinar online will be able to participate in the Q&A.
2020 9/11 Truth Film Festival

This Interactive WEBINAR Will Be LIVE STREAMED on

Thursday, September 10, 2020 at: Noon Pacific * 3pm Eastern * 19:00 GMT

(8 hours duration) (You will be able to participate in the Q&A)
The entire event will be archived for 7 days afterwards so you can arrive late or watch it later or again.

buy tickets
buy tickets

This year’s Film Festival is dedicated to the memory of Chuck Millar, Giuletto Chiesa, and Sandra Brown, courageous, loving, truth seekers, who will be deeply missed.

2020 is an unusual year; weddings have been cancelled, schools closed, almost all large public gatherings banned, the global economy dismantled; the middle class and Main Street’s small and medium sized businesses are struggling to survive. In California, the film industry, the theaters have been hit hard. The Grand Lake Theater, which has generously hosted countless events and 15 prior 9/11 Truth Film Festivals is currently closed.

In March, the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance could no longer meet legally and was forced to hold meetings in cyberspace. No Lies Radio hosted Zoom meetings and discussions and organizing continued, despite the obstacles and challenges that everyone faced The group voted to go “virtual” this year, with the assistance of No Lies Radio who has been webstreaming the live Film Festival for many years.

We will miss the Grand Lake Theater, the chance to hug, greet and talk with old friends and make new ones, the popcorn, the cookies, being together, in person. However, a virtual Film Festival is the best we can do, and does actually allow some interactivity, questions and answers, and bringing in distant speakers, without dealing with airports and hotels. Please join us! Voice your questions for our guest speakers and panelists. Guns and Butter’s Bonnie Faulkner will kick off the Film Festival, as she has for 16 years! We will post the program here when we finalize it.

As this dramatic year continues to unfold, our program is evolving; we have penciled in films that are still in production, as well as the best 9/11 Truth films that we could find, since last year’s Film Festival. In addition to 9/11, our speakers will address Covid-19 and the problems facing the upcoming national election.

The impact of 9/11 continues to shape US domestic and foreign policy, robbing us of our liberties, and costing millions of lives, as the subsequent wars continue to wreak havoc abroad. We have been committed to “ seek and disseminate truths about the terrible crimes committed on September 11, 2001, exposing gaps and deceptions in the official story. Our goal is to inspire more eyewitness revelations, truthful media coverage, and a movement that will bring the responsible criminals to justice and eliminate governmental and corporate policies that enable criminal elements to commit such acts.”

 This year’s Featured Films include-

‘Calling Out Bravo 7; The 2020 Edition’

Produced by Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, this excellent, comprehensive documentary, includes details on the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings on 9/11 that are not well known. Very informative and important, a must see, especially for those who have never realized the deep flaws within the official narrative.

‘The Genesis of The 9/11 “War on Terror”: How Much Does Mainstream Academia Really Know?’

Compiled from an excellent presentation by Dr. Piers Robinson on 9/11/2019 at the Public Master Class on the events of September 11, 2001 in Zurich, Switzerland. Dr Piers Robinson is Co-Director of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies, convenor of the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media and associated researcher with the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 Global ‘War on Terror’. He is currently a Speciality Chief Editor for Political Communication and Society, Frontiers in Communication and sits on the editorial boards of several academic journals.

‘9/11 Whistleblowers ‘

Produced by James Corbett, The Corbett Report. A detailed look at the whistleblowers, that have spoken out, whose voices and stories have challenged the official narrative. They include- Kevin Ryan, Cate Jenkins, Barry Jennings, Michael Springmann and William Rodriguez.

And more to be announced!

Featured Speakers and Panelists-

Kevin Ryan on the “ Parallels Between 9/11 and Covid-19.”
See his recent article Is the Coronavirus Scare a Psychological Operation? Kevin Ryan- Heroic whistleblower, Kevin Ryan, was fired for going public on 9/11 by Underwriters Laboratories. He has continued to speak out, and investigate the events of 9/11. He has authored numerous articles, the book-‘ Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects’ and has edited The Journal of 9/11 Studies.

Jonathan Simon will address “Could the November Election be Stolen?”
Jonathan Simon is the Author of ‘CODE RED: Computerized Elections and the War on American Democracy-  Election 2020 Edition’, Executive Director of Election Defense Alliance, he has published numerous papers on various aspects of election integrity since 2004. Dr. Simon is a graduate of Harvard College and New York University School of Law.

New York Fire Commissioner Christopher Goia of the Franklin Square and Munson Fire Department, helped pass a powerful resolution in support of the Grand Jury Investigation of 9/11 in July 2019. He served in the Marine Corps, and as an Emergency Medical Technician for 25 years, he also worked in construction, and volunteered for the Fire Department for three decades.

Erik Lawyer- Founder of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth. Currently Erik lives and works in Colorado building community and resilience. His organization, One Becoming One works on personal transformation, as well as overcoming fear through love.

Live Video Streaming and Archiving for this important news event is provided by No Lies Radio News

“The views expressed in this event are the sole responsibility of the speaker(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements expressed therein.”

If you cannot afford to donate for a ticket please explain your situation. Email us at:    

"Reopen my brother's inquest"; 911 News Update; 911 Anniversary: action at BBC

"Reopen my brother's inquest"; 911 News Update; 911 Anniversary: action at BBC

Ian Henshall <>Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 12:20 PM

To Reinvestigate 911 contacts list

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3.00 PM, September 11, 2020

Official story says they must have misheard

Based on more detailed modeling and a three year study

Saudi Role unravels; FBI under pressure

Despite key White House whistleblower denouncing their complicity in the attacks



With support from AE911 the family of Geoffrey Campbell, a UK citizen who died in the North Tower, plans to file a petition on the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 to reopen the inquest into the murder of their loved one.

The reopening of Geoff's inquest under the UK Coroners Act of 1988 provides a uniquely promising opportunity to establish in a court of law that the destruction of the Twin Towers was caused by pre-planted explosives and incendiaries ­ and not by the impact of the airplanes, as cited in the first inquest

For a new inquest to be ordered, the Campbells only need to show that the coroner in the first inquest did not have all the material facts and that the new evidence may change the original verdict. To donate to the legal costs please click here


4.00 PM, September 11, 2020
Portland Place,
London W1A 1AA
Oxford Circus Tube



A group of researchers has published a long list of quotes from credible 9/11 witnesses who all explicitly mention hearing explosions as the Twin Towers unexpectedly collapsed. The official story insists that the buildings collapsed downwards at near freefall speed, powered only by their own weight.


The most detailed modelling ever of the collapse of WTC 7 from the University of Alaska Engineering Department, has been peer reviewed. Hours after the Twin Towers collapsed the third skyscraper fell spectacularly at freefall speed for no obvious reason. The official theory published years after the event said the collapse was powered by the building's own weight but researchers conclude this could not account for the speed and symmetry of the collapse. So far the mainstream media has ignored the story


Saudi Role; CIA and FBI under scrutiny

a)  A massive action is ongoing in New York by 9/11 families who suspect the Saudi Arabia helped to organise the attacks.

b) In New York the 3000 strong Arthitectsand Enginers for 9/11 Truth (AE911) keep chipping away, publicising technical failings of the official 9/11 story and petitioning for a Grand Jury to take a detailed look at the evidence. Geoffrey Berman the US Attorney General for South New York wrote to say he would respond to the Grand Jury petition but did not say how or when. Berman was recently sacked after falling out with Trump. There was speculation in the MSM that Berman had refused to hush up the Epstein case.

c) Florida FBI agents reported that the Saudi government had been aiding and abetting the alleged 9/11 hijackers in the weeks before 9/11, but their report was hushed up. The courts are being asked to order the release of relevant FBI documents

Meanwhile questions remain about the CIA's Osama Bin Laden unit which apparently had no inkling that 9/11 was on its way and actively obstructed FBI agents investigating the alleged hijackers in the weeks before.



Questions remain about the CIA's Osama Bin Laden unit which apparently had no inkling that 9/11 was on its way but at the same time actively obstructed FBI agents investigating the alleged hijackers in the weeks before the attacks. Even the existence of the special unit with dozens of agents remained hidden from the public for two years after 9/11, while politicians said the events were unthinkable and came out of the blue.

Key whistleblower Richard Clark, White house counter terror czar at the time, has since stated that the CIA deceived him and were helping the alleged hijackers evade detection.

Reinvestigate 9/11

We will support any new investigation of the 9/11 attacks so long as
*it is run by uncompromised people with a range of opinion including those inclined to disbelieve the official 9/11 story,
*it follows the evidence wherever it leads
if it takes place in the US to be credible it will need
*full legal authority to demand immediate access to any evidence and any witness it chooses
*the resources it requires to carry out its investigation

Reinvestigate 911 is supported by Coffee Plant ( suppliers of organic and Fairtrade coffees to caterers and retail customers. Phone 0208 453 1144

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Russian astronaut posts UFO video taken from the space station

Trump DoD Announces Establishment of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force

Russian astronaut posts UFO video taken from the space station

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