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Seriously, the Hell With Steve Shives

In the above video, Youtuber Steve Shives says that truthers "have failed miserably in disproving any of the points raised" by Popular Mechanics. Seriously, Steve?! I think you've probably failed to see this.

Download Part 1 now at:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:  
Part 5:
Part 6:
Updates to the article series to be posted here.

If you have seen this article, Steve, then please make a video proving that it "failed miserably in disproving any of the points raised" by Popular Mechanics. If not, then the hell with adding you to "the list" of those other guys we have also debunked.

War is A Lot Scarier Than Halloween

On a lighter Halloween related note, here is a 9/11 was an inside job Monster Mash parody song produced for the "Stew's Conspiracy Funhouse" podcast, as well as an interactive zombie film, both made by blog contributor Stewart Bradley. The film features yours truly as one of the undead. I'm the one who smacks his head off a metal car wash dryer in the bloopers at the end.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

9/11 Total Proof: Bailed-out Bankster's Inside Connections!

I don't necessarily agree with all the info presented here, such as explosives being responsible for the damage to WTC 6. That said, many interesting points are made that are well worth considering.

Published on Oct 30, 2012 by WarCrime911

The motivation for this video came from reading Mark H. Gaffney's newest book "Black 911", here is an overview:

Was 9/11 an Inside Job?

A guide to 9/11 Whistleblowers

Project Hammer


SEC Act Section 12(k)2:

Richard Grove's testimony (complete transcript)

"Collateral Damage" by E.P. Heidner

The CIA's forty-year complicity in the narcotics trade by Alfred W. McCOY

Executive Order 12333 created an agreement between the CIA and Justice Department (DEA) to look the other way on Government Drug Trafficking:

AIG and Drug Money

Maurice Greenberg's report for the CFR

Richard Armitage, Frank Carlucci, Herbert Winokur, and company

Post 9/11 Promotions:

9/11 Gold Theft and other smoking guns:,1993-WTC_gold

9/11: Journey for Truth

Published on Oct 30, 2012 by wearechangect

Rena Patty & Pamela Senzee reminiscing their journey bike riding from the San Juan Islands, WA on July 25th to WTC 7 on October 27th handing out AE911 truth DVD's and information to Firefighters, Police Officers, Churches & general public.

Check out their website: Facebook Page:

Monday, October 29, 2012

9/11 Debate: Jon Gold Vs. Pat Curley

Published on Sep 17, 2012 by Jon Gold

I combined the three parts, and increased the audio.


'Debunker' Related Excerpts from and Review of '9/11 Truther The Fight for Peace, Justice and Accountability' by Jon Gold

Debunking the Debunkers search results: Pat Curley

911 Conspiracy Debunk This 08 (RL13)

Published on Oct 22, 2012 by ChangeDaChannel

Weekly reload for new subscribers or in case ya missed it. A show for debunkers to do their thing as well as for the choir to have a reference point. So many people find it hard to believe that we are being Poisoned, tested on, lied to, that plans are documented to control and contain us as well as kill us by the powers that be. That indeed conspiracies exist and that not everyone who speaks of this is a nut job or else you would have to call yourself a nut job. Whether its O.J., Michael Jackson or 911, everyone speaks of conspiracies. This show isn't about why they do what they do, it's about the fact that it has and is being done. This wont be a show covering hours worth of evidence. We will focus on an element or two to keep it simple and to the point.


As the Washington Post reported in August 2006:
Suspicion of wrongdoing ran so deep that the 10-member commission, in a secret meeting at the end of its tenure in summer 2004, debated referring the matter to the Justice Department for criminal investigation, according to several commission sources...

"We to this day don't know why NORAD [the North American Aerospace Command] told us what they told us,' said Thomas H. Kean, the former New Jersey Republican governor who led the commission. "It was just sofar from the truth. . . . It's one of those loose ends that never got tied."
It is often claimed that 9/11 skeptics are quote mining the 9/11 Commissioners, as to suggest that they agree with our case, but this is the real logical fallacy. Kean admitted they were lied to and he did not know why. He can think that the 9/11 Commission's story of astounding incompetance is correct all he wants, but the fact remains that his report failed to tie up “those loose ends" and prove that ineptitude is all that was at hand.

As David Ray Griffin has stated:
...Although this explanation has been widely accepted, is it really believable? If our military had been guilty only of confusion and incompetence on 9/11, it would have been strange for its officials, by saying that they had been notified by the FAA earlier than they really had, to open themselves not only to the charge of criminal fraud but also to the suspicion that they had deliberately not intercepted the hijacked airliners. We are being asked to believe, in other words, that Scott, Arnold, and the others, in telling the earlier story, acted in a completely irrational manner--that, while being guilty only of confusion and a little incompetence, they told a lie that could have exposed them with being charged with murder and treason.
Equally counter intuitive is the fact that the top officials in charge of NORAD and the FAA on 9/11 were rewarded for their supposed incompetence with promotions instead of charges of perjury.

When viewed in conjunction with the preponderance of evidence supporting a deliberate NORAD stand-down, his statement does support this contention, no matter if cognitive dissonance blinds him to this fact, or whatever the case may be.

References in video:

: The 9/11 Commission Rejects own Report as Based on Government Lies

The Washington Post: 9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon - Allegations Brought to Inspectors General 9/11 panel distrusted Pentagon testimony 9/11 panel to get access to withheld data Transcript: Frank Sesno talks with Max Cleland

Related Info:

Debunking 9/11 ~ Dancing Israelis and White Vans

Debunk This! Series

Debunk This! 202 (ChemTrails)

Debunk This! 201 (NWO)

Debunking Myths on Conspiracy Theories

Horizonal Blast (Thermite Cutter?) in South Tower, FAR BELOW the Fire Zone

The close up observation made in the above video is confirmed in raw video footage of this event:

Related Info:

Homemade Thermite Cutters cut and blast through steel beams.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Content from Debunking the Debunkers Aired on 9/11 Truth Public Access Show in Portland

Blog contributor Stewart Bradley writes, "Here's something cool - there's a 9/11 Truth public access show in Portland that aired my '911 Mash' video."

The Reichstag Fire - Sound Familiar?

Something I put together from the source material for my Century of Manipulation video.

Clips from:

The History Channel - Third Reich: The Rise (2010) [UKTV Version]
ZDF Digital Productions - The Reichstag Fire Criminal Case (2008) [AKA: Kriminalfall Reichstagsbrand]
US National Archives - Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today (1948) [AKA: Nürnberg und seine Lehre]

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Romney Exposed

As blogger "Shoestring" recently commented on his or her's recently authored piece, "Change of Schedule Saved Mitt Romney From Being Near the World Trade Center on 9/11," this film "which mentions that Romney met with the FBI on the day before 9/11... includes a lot of other pieces of interesting information, so it's well worth watching."

Published on Oct 15, 2012 by John Hankey

Romney's secrecy in business is detailed, and revealed; as well as his role as a drug money launderer for GHW Bush; his connection, through Bush, to CIA death squads in Central America; his role in 9-11; in the murder of US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens; and the significance of his endorsement of and by Cheney.


Philip Zelikow and Thomas Kean named co-chairs of Romney’s intelligence transition team

Jesse Ventura calls Mitt Romney ‘another Gordon Gekko’

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Clarion PA, Library Now Has '9/11 Experts Speak Out' for Rental

From Pennsylvanians for 9/11 Truth:

I made sure with library staff that the DVD would be made available for rental and not go into a book fair or whatever. I donated DVDs at another library once that never made it into the catalog. So make sure you do that and get to donating if you're able! The listing on the library website can be seen here.

The Art of Debunking

Published on Oct 22, 2012 by


Corbett Report Podcast Episode #248

Debunking, like any other human activity, is something that could be done more or less effectively. On this week's edition of the podcast we look at some examples of effective debunking, and talk about what makes a skeptical argument work.


Media Smearing of Truth Movement Reaching a Crescendo

Corbett Report Radio 060 -- A Violation of Trust with Howard Cohen

The Meaning of 9/11 Truth

Friday, October 19, 2012

We are not tin foil hat wearers...

This is a tin foil hat wearer (Skip to ~17:00)...

This is from the final episode of the new series of "Conspiracy Road Trip" on BBC3. It's about UFOs. Seriously, I didn't know there were people out there who actually wore tin foil hats. I always thought that was something the Simpsons made up or something. I like how he complains afterwards that people call people like him "the tin foil hat brigade". Don't wear a tin foil hat then! Anyone who's ever put a load of tin foil in a microwave knows that it wouldn't do much good anyway.

While I don't believe UFOs are aliens, I loved the reaction of the participants at around 27:30 when Andrew Maxwell announced that they'd be meeting Michael Shermer. I'd have probably reacted the same way.

This is probably the only topic I actually agree with PZ Myers on (he's in it around 11:30). I agree that under Darwinian assumptions, it's unlikely aliens will look like us. The key words though are "under Darwinian assumptions" ;).

The other two episodes of this series were Creationism (can creationism really be considered a "conspiracy theory"?) and 7/7. The 7/7 one was, as predicted, just like the 9/11 one. There were four participants - Tony Topping, a CCTV expert better known for his UFO research, Jon Scobie, a WeAreChange activist, Davina, the token Muslim of the group and Layla Randle-Conde, an ... ahem ....

... "actress"!

Also featured was a woman named Sacha Christie who was from the same area of Leeds as three of the bombers and knew them. According to her, Layla - who started ridiculing Jon and Tony half way through - only appeared in it coz she was a friend of the director.

For rebuttals from participants and people who've done a lot more research into 7/7 than me, see:

Sacha's comments
Paul Joseph Watson & Jon Scobie - 7/7 Bombings: Conspiracy Road Trip Debunked
Keelan Balderson - REBUKED: 77 Conspiracy Road Trip
Tom Secker - Debunking 7/7 Debunking

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Action Alert: Contact TV Program Unsealed Conspiracy Files and Ask Them to Cover 9/11

After recently catching a few episodes of the new program Unsealed Conspiracy Files, I decided to write them today and passd along information on AE911Truth, peer-reviewed papers supporting controlled demolition, the NORAD stand-down, and 9/11 whistleblowers. Here was their response:
Hi John,

Thank you very much for submitting all of this information. We have forwarded it to our producers whom are considering doing an episode involving 9/11 for the second season. Thanks again.

Unsealed Files
They can be contacted at their website here, on Facebook here, on Twitter here, and Youtube here. Please also drop the show a line, encouraging them to cover the credible 9/11 truth evidence.

Here is a promo and an interview with Unsealed Producer Vince Rotonda about Unsealed Conspiracy Files Episode 1:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

9/11 Free Fall-- Dr. Crockett Grabbe, Controlled Demolition Evidence (10/11/12)

Apparently, since Grabbe is such an esteemed scientist, some "debunkers" on the JREF Forum have resorted to theorizing brain damage was the reason for his being a controlled demolition advocate. As their usual ally Oystein wrote:
Folks, seriously, this "brain damage" argument - it's weak.

As someone alread pointed out in a post that was sent to AAH, Grabbe's tumor did not affect the brain but a gland - and isn't particularly known for causing permanent changes of personality. It certainly would not affect cognitive ability.

The hemorhage he suffered could of course, in theory, affect cognitive abilities or personality when and if it damages the brain. How to test that?

Well, I'd say since Grabbe was able to write a structured engineering piece and have it survive some level of serious peer-review at a prestigeous engineering journal, I'd take that as prima facie evidence that his cognition is still doing fine. If you want to argue it isn't, I'd want to see better evidence that just pointing to the potential effects of possibly significant brain damage.

I have little doubt that we have people here in this forum who have serious events in their medical history that might affect adversely their capacity to reason rationally. Would you insinuate they might imbeciles if they happen agree with your opinion?

Please review your standards
Published on Oct 15, 2012 by Free Fall

Dr. Crockett Grabbe received his PhD in Applied Physics from Caltech in 1978, having received Bachelor of Science with Highest Honors and Master's degrees in Physics from the University of Texas. He is an experienced scientist who does research & consulting in applied physics (particularly plasma physics), as well as writing and speaking on physical science and technology-related issues, including the current-events issue of the World Trade Center collapses on 9/11. In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall he sits down with Bernie and Andy to present his controlled demolition evidence and set the record straight about the flawed analysis of certain "experts" presented by the History Channel in its 9/11 Truth hit piece, as well as the flawed analysis of Dr. Keith Seffen (who is cited in the book by Popular Mechanics that attacks 9/11 Truth)


9/11 Free Fall-- Debunking Popular Mechanics

AE911Truth Podcast Episode 1

9/11 Free Fall 6/22/12 (Wayne Coste Interview)

9/11 Free Fall-- Graeme MacQueen Interview (8/23/12)

9/11 Free Fall 8/10/12 Jonathan Cole Interview

Dr. Crockett Grabbe-National Swindle on the World Trade Center

The Good News and the Bad News

Monday, October 15, 2012

New Video: Century of Manipulation

New video! Probably my best one yet if you can stand the highly repetitive background music that I stretched out for 18 minutes! I had real trouble finding music I liked for this one.

This video covers:

The Reichstag fire and Hitler's rise to power
Pearl Harbor
Operation Northwoods
The true origin of Al-Qaeda
The 9/11 war games
Brief reference to controlled demolition (wanted this video to be mostly controlled demolition free)
Detroit Flight 253
Anwar Al-Awlaki the CIA Lacky!

Thanks to The Internet Archive, the US Holocaust Museum website, cheap DVDs from my local pound shop, and numerous other places and for all the historical footage. I spent like an entire month just collecting footage!

Friday, October 12, 2012

3 Recently Released 9/11 Truth Documentaries and 2 hours 13 minutes of Explosive Eyewitness Evidence

James B. at the Screw Loose Change blog posted the first video here, but chose to outsource the debunking to his commenters. Please do read the comments and watch the video. The first person you will see is Dr. Graeme MacQueen. Click here to see MacQueen's debunking of the debunkers. I don't agree with all of the evidence presented, (example) but I'm confident that you will agree with the panelists of the Toronto Hearings that the witnesses succeeded in "exposing the inadequacy of the official narrative of 9/11." Their final report is still in the works.
The Toronto Hearings

9/11 Free Fall-- Debunking Popular Mechanics

Interview with blog contributor Adam Taylor. He discusses his article "Debunking the REAL 9/11 Myths: Why Popular Mechanics Can't Face Up to Reality."

Originally aired on 9/27/12 and broadcast at:


AE911Truth Podcast Episode 1

9/11 Free Fall 6/22/12 (Wayne Coste Interview)

9/11 Free Fall-- Graeme MacQueen Interview (8/23/12)

9/11 Free Fall 8/10/12 Jonathan Cole Interview

9/11 Free Fall-- Dr. Crockett Grabbe, Controlled Demolition Evidence (10/11/12)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Meaning of 9/11 Truth

In this presentation, James Corbett makes the case that the 9/11 truth movement focus on debunking of the official conspiracy theory, as opposed to offering up alternative conspiracy theories. Corbett hilariously sums up the official conspiracy theory here.

Published on Oct 11, 2012 by corbettreport


Corbett Report Podcast Episode #242

We've covered the who/what/where/when/why of 9/11 on this podcast in the past, but in this 9/11 11th anniversary episode of the podcast we ask: what is the meaning of 9/11 truth? What do we know? What don't we know? And why should we care? Join James as he explores this question through interviews with Clyde Lewis, Tom Secker and Jack Blood.


Not a Deather, but a Doubter; Still a Truther

Why Should I Care About This Stuff, Even if it's True Isn't it a Distraction From More Important Issues?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The False Thinking and Assumptions of 'Informed' 911 Truth Doubters: A Message to the Honest Critics that have Been Fooled by the Propagandists.

Many aggressive non-truthers - the honest doubters of the 'conspiracy theorist position', as opposed to the leading 'professional' Debunkers - have serious issues to consider when it comes to fully understanding and confronting their own 911 beliefs.

They have three main problems to reflect upon which arise from the propaganda put out by the 911 truth 'Debunkers':

1. The doubters have been taught, via Debunking websites, to cynically equate straw man arguments and fringe ideas with valid criticism of the official story and thereby tend to miss the real arguments under examination.

Positions like the 'no-planes' theories, something that serious researchers have long rejected, are seen as part and parcel of the 911 truth claims. Truthers are commonly seen as naive or uncritical thinkers and are intellectually looked down upon because of these wrongly held assumptions.

In the minds of the 911 truth doubters they see the overall truther case, that goes against the official narrative, as being almost entirely irrational when, in fact, the conspiracy argument is based upon proven observation, science and (when pointing out the flaws of the Government's position) official documentation.

2. Furthermore, beyond falling for the straw man arguments that don't address real issues, the doubters are also fooled by the outright false official explanations, plus the plethora of false arguments put up by the 911 truth 'Debunking' (disinformation) fraternity, that do 'address' the real issues.

In this instance the key 911 truth 'Debunker' rebuttals rely upon many unsubstantiated explanations and false analogies. They pretend to adequately cover the highly relevant issues at hand, like freefall collapse rates and molten steel, but don't. Unfortunately the honest 911 truth doubters fall for these deceptions rather than thinking twice about what is being put to them - even after it is has been pointed out by the 911 truthers.

For instance, we find debunker 'explanations' have been made against the mountain of material that documents the melting of steel at the World Trade Centre ruins -something that could only occur if high temperature incendiaries were used. The melted steel, strong evidence of an inside job, is 'dismissed' via a number of completely inadequate explanations - that there was no melted steel, only red hot steel; that other metals had melted and that it was not steel; that the rubble pile fires could have done the job anyway, that what was witnessed was melted aluminium or lead etc.

These explanations are trotted out to trick those who are both unfamiliar with fire and materials science and unfamiliar with what was actually observed and recorded. Indeed none of the 'truth debunking' answers, no matter how elaborately padded, actually accounts for the data we find in the FEMA report, from the USGS, in the RJ Lee Report, from numerous eyewitnesses, the photographs, or the independent research by scientists not part of the US Government. From the accumulated evidence we know that steel was definitely melted like 'Swiss cheese', that pools of molten metal were seen, that hot dripping structural steel was observed, and that iron rich spheres of metal (previously molten) were found all throughout the dust, and that this evidence cannot be reconciled with welding or post disaster clean up activity.

The question to those who believe the debunking explanations is very simple - do the debunker claims and analogies actually account for what was observed? If not, then these represent NO explanation for what was seen. Those familiar with the science, and are able to do further research, will find that the debunker explanations are bogus.

3. The last key point to make in addressing the views of those who aggressively reject 911 truth claims is the fact that many of them are acting, or rather parroting the view, that asking questions, in the face of official assurances, is a bad thing. Truth should never fear inspection and interrogation! We should  be asking questions and we should be debating the issues - using logic and science.

So, when  the question arises over which side is fielding propaganda, especially if the material deals with 'difficult' issues, we can actually discern who has the better argument (ie telling the truth) via methods of reasoning and properly applied scientific knowledge juxtaposed with the recorded observations.

No claim, regardless of whose side it comes from should be taken at face value. In this information war data must be interrogated. And be mindful. The Debunkers/Disinformation fraternity will falsely claim that this is exactly what they have been doing and not what truthers are doing. Such wholesale accusations are just rhetoric. If one CHECKS the evidence and arguments, the truth behind such claims becomes apparent. Check the evidence - it's not that difficult.

Therefore, if the 911 truth doubters are honest with themselves (as opposed to the likely disingenuous government-connected 'Debunkers') they will reassess what they think they know and engage in further research. It's time to understand that 911 was indeed an inside job - and that being an unwitting part of the 911 lie only helps to maintain the never ending War on Terror.

As long as there is the threat of false flags we will never find peace. The enemy is within our own ranks and we must recognise this sad fact. Responsible individuals MUST inform the public - to explain that we are all  subjects of a heinous staged terror event, and that justice needs to be served so that peace can be attained.