Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Action Alert: Contact TV Program Unsealed Conspiracy Files and Ask Them to Cover 9/11

After recently catching a few episodes of the new program Unsealed Conspiracy Files, I decided to write them today and passd along information on AE911Truth, peer-reviewed papers supporting controlled demolition, the NORAD stand-down, and 9/11 whistleblowers. Here was their response:
Hi John,

Thank you very much for submitting all of this information. We have forwarded it to our producers whom are considering doing an episode involving 9/11 for the second season. Thanks again.

Unsealed Files
They can be contacted at their website here, on Facebook here, on Twitter here, and Youtube here. Please also drop the show a line, encouraging them to cover the credible 9/11 truth evidence.

Here is a promo and an interview with Unsealed Producer Vince Rotonda about Unsealed Conspiracy Files Episode 1: