Monday, March 2, 2015

A Disgraced Forum Tested One Last Time

Ziggi Zugam is testing the remnants of the disgraced forum that once belonged to JREF, to see if anyone there can provide scientific support for NIST´s collapse initation theory for Building 7. The frontman of this forum, Skeptic Magazine writer Reverend Chris Mohr has been notified and encouraged to carefully observe the behavior and alleged knowledge of his forum buddies.

Interested readers are encouraged to observe this debate, and see if NIST´s story is as utterly unscientific and wrong as suspected. In addition, it should be interesting for "people on the fence" to discover how little scrutiny NIST´s story has received on this supposed forum of hard-core skeptics, or in other words, see how pseudo-skeptics have managed to bury the problems under the rug for more than 6 years. Yes, NIST´s final report on Building 7 was published in 2008.

It has been predicted that the prominent defenders of NIST on this forum will find excuses to avoid the discussion, and that their troll friends will attempt to bury the discussion with BS, in an effort to divert attention.