Sunday, September 27, 2020

President Trump, There’s No Love In 5G Small Cell Towers Being Installed Everywhere via @BitChute

President Trump, There’s No Love In 5G Small Cell Towers Being Installed Everywhere via @BitChute

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

COVID Hoax? All these indicators of fuckery being afoot need not equal that conclusion for those types to be right about who is wrong for America in 2020! The apparent truth suggested by these oddities has no bearing on the following conclusion.

 In a country with free speech where I'm censored in major ways on a weekly basis. And on my mother's page where she posts mean-spirited political material constantly and rants about people that react with an anger emoji, instead essentially demanding they speak up if they have something to say. And on a post of hers where civil debate among people who disagreed was taking place. I had the audacity to call the duly elected President of the USA (who won an award for black community support with Rosa Parks at his side) a racist fascist dictator akin to Mussolini. No, wait that wasn't me. I have enough sense to know that a despot like that would arrest any person saying such things, would be a warmonger as opposed to historic peacemaker, and would not be responsible for giving all Americans an unprecedented economic boom, that at this very moment is doing almost exactly as well as the 2012 non-Plandemic Obama/Biden economic disaster. No, my orwellian thought crime was my presumptuous idea that I should be allowed to post a paragraph worth of opinion backed up by 4 years of personal research I archived in a massive list of material, both critical and supportive of the President of the USA.

Trump is Right: Lists: Mixed Bag, Trump is Wrong, Trump is Right :

Again, in a comment board where disagreement was taking place among others who were seemingly respecting the demand for "no passive aggressive" emojis, that Facebook makes available as an option for those who don't want to, or don't have time to, get into a debate with a person, but wish to espouse disagreement with a simple click. For doing the opposite of this, as was expected and in a civil manner, I was threatened with being blocked. So in the interest of still being able to talk about food, crafts, animals, loyal, respectful, and fair family like her, or being able to post opinions that echo hers exactly, I will instead post this comment on the herd immunity comments of the "idiot" Trump, who like Forest gump must have lucked out in building and maintaining a real estate/physical business empire with a million dollars in start up money. I mean, as I was informed he indeed accidentally became US President (according to a discredited convicted felon) during a promotional stunt. Even though he said he would run for the office seriously if things got bad enough since the 1980s. But man, that Forrest gumpesque Trump character, aims for the moon and hits pluto every time. Had a ghost writer make up some random shit and somehow several best sellers spawn from a half assed effort. Talk about the phrase all I do is fuckin' win. Did he even know he was on a hit TV show or did he just think he was having a fun role playing exercise with celebrities that love his hair.

Anyway, here's my too hot to handle, too cold to hold comment. I sum up as succinctly as possible, the absolute travesty that has been the reaction to the Trump presidency, especially the last year. It's worse than you think, when you take it all in at once.

Expert: Most of the U.S. Already Has Herd Immunity via @BitChute

But who needs it when we have an very effective and safe treatment...

Those that banned the use of HCQ need to be investigated and likely charged for negligent homicide via @BitChute

Majority of Nearly 80 Studies Support Using HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE for COVID - More Doctors Censored! via @BitChute

Truth Teller's Radio Episode 30: Hydroxychloroquine Works Ya Jerks! via @BitChute

Unfortunately the name of this medication, and the zinc azithromycin cocktail that are needed for it to be effective, were uttered by the lips of the POTUS. So lives be damned, Trump cannot be permitted a win on anything and thus HCQ has criminally negligently been demonized by fake retracted papers in a major journal, the mainstream media, state government leaders, and medical professionals. To score political points, push a vaccine agenda, more expensive new treatments, and partisan/globalist agendas it was decided to brush off a true ray of hope. In its place we got financially, constitutionally, and emotionally, devastating global lockdowns leading to massive suicide spikes.

The COVID Shutdown is TEN TIMES More Deadly Than the Virus Itself Say Scientists via @BitChute

Nevermind 5G causing the body to creature COVID like structures in the body according to a peer-reviewed paper. Never mind doctors trying to talk about hypoxic injuries more indicative of 5G poisoning being diagnosed as COVID before being stopped via censorship from doing so. Nevermind Wuhan China being the first fully blanketed 5G city where people dropped in the streets as if having oxygen related issues more akin to 5G effects on oxygen molecules making them rotate than known effects of a virus. Nevermind influenza/pneumonia cases bottoming out in chart after chart in states across the nation only to be replaced with COVID. Nevermind Biden and the left saying banning travel to China early on was racist and instead suggesting people go to China Town and hug a Chinese. Nevermind detailed independently produced research asserting that the virus has never been property isolated, purified, and thus proven to be a novel virus. Nevermind media reports of packed hospitals only to be shown by citizen journalists to be all but empty soon thereafter. Nevermind media using the same images of an ER and claiming it's two locations. Never mind the vast majority of deaths being from nursing home residents and only 6% being from COVID alone according to official sources, that persists to exist in spite of lame debunking/white washing attempts. Nevermind reports from doctors of being pressured to list COVID on death certificates. Nevermind people being diagnosed on symptoms alone or with a test that the inventor stated should not be used for diagnostic testing. All these indicators of fuckery being afoot need not equal that conclusion.

The apparent truth suggested by these oddities has no bearing on the following conclusion. We know that we have been made via force to live in a state of cognitive dissonance. The land of the free, that you now must cover your face in. As if the authoritarians are morally superior and uniquely based in logic and critical thinking. In reality, the effectiveness of facemasks is widely disputed by experts...

Documentary: Anti-Maskers VS Maskholes - Master Debaters and Masked Debaters Face Off On Facemasks via @BitChute

But just as doctors touting HCQ were repeatedly censored, these freedom loving hopeful experts have been maligned. Then to cap it all off, a house arrested population which includes left-wing radical paramilitary groups, deemed officially as domestic terrorists, got cooped up and stirred up by false left-wing media narratives of systemic police racism not even remotely supported by statistics. These hard mathematical facts clearly show this supposed issue is not a culturally relevant one at all, much less a crisis. True to form, these communist agitators burned their long time, liberal run, crime/drug/gang infested and poverty stricken utopias to the ground.

But the leftist media and politicians denied the reality of widespread severe riots. A billion, or perhaps two billion by some projections, dollars in damage later and the truth is undeniable. This should make it clear that any denials of calls for this very outcome from Dem leadership is lacking in credibility as the video evidence clearly shows. In turn, common sense dictates that false are the claims that ANTIFA does not exist in an organized manner, which being so as is the case results in them being the de facto paramilitary soldiers of the Democrat party. Who Biden notably did not mention by name in his long delayed, and bad polling not suffering people inspired, generic denouncing of violence. The truth of these matters is that ANTIFA is a violent army of the left that is often tacitly and sometimes outright endorsed and always protected via media lies.

Some on the left honestly denounce the group within this framework, implicitly proving the nature of the group. As does the amping up of denunciatory statements when it's politically expedient to do so while courting moderates. Otherwise, to restate, the group and related factions formidability and actions are either denied, or contradictorily argued to be justified with the false narrative of the good guys fighting NAZI fascists, thereby allowing for the very same heavy handed authoritarian tactics of fascist regimes being used without the stigma. All of this is the circumstantial corroboration of what right wing, independent, and classically liberal researchers accepted as proof en masse long ago. Decades of empirical facts documented in mainstream news clearly demonstrate the violent MO at play and the left wing ideology driving it. See the proof here...

The aforementioned contradictory and otherwise nonsensical actions of Democrats and their media allies show this is an accepted program that is simply unacceptable to most Americans of either side, but is covered up just well enough thus far to not destroy Dems totally. All the while, the normalization of such tyranny as being a necessary evil of freedom fighters marches on as does the quest for one party rule at which point such tactics will not need to be veiled in a strategic manner anymore. Maintaining dominance at that point via violence would just be a fact of life. Trump's bombastic personality and unprecedented punching back at mainstream media attacks may not make se people feel warm and fuzzy inside like the polished speech of career politicians who operate on the premise of hiding their iron first in a velvet glove. Trump is seemingly a challenge from on high to grow up and get wise as a country, so that most eyes will realize real lies.

Support for a #Biden2020 victory is undoubtedly and demonstrably on the wrong side of history. Being duped by all of this is bad enough. Compound this with acting like a feckless sheep and mini tyrant with people quite obviously more informed than you, who are simply stating their opinion to the self-professed more tolerant ideological side, and you will justly get a verbal ass spanking like a misbehaving toddler. Inadvertently exposing to others the unjustness of your only subjectively valiant cause.

Biden & Kamala keep trying to fool smart Americans that Trump responsible for coronavirus deaths via BitChute

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