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9/11 Father Seeks Justice - The Bobby Mcilvaine Act

9/11 Father Seeks Justice - The Bobby Mcilvaine Act


The below link proves that many thousands of family members want a new investigation. Likely the amount of people killed that day is outnumbered by these 9/11 victim's family members.

Dark Winter 2.0: Prelude To Another 9/11 & War?

Dark Winter 2.0: Prelude To Another 9/11 & War?

Sixteen Years After Losing His Mother on 9/11, Drew DePalma is Ready to Speak Out

By Craig McKee
It is just one story of thousands from that day. But for Drew DePalma, it’s the one that forced him to grow up very quickly.
On the morning of September 11, 2001, the then-17-year-old lost his mother in the destruction of the World Trade Center’s North Tower. Jean C. DePalma was one of 295 employees of Marsh & McLennan Companies who were among those killed in the event that would be used to launch the so-called “War on Terror,” which continues to this day.
Now, shortly after his 34th birthday, the events of 9/11 may change Drew DePalma’s life again, but this time in a very different — and more positive — way. The New Jersey resident has chosen to speak out about his growing suspicions concerning the world-changing event that claimed his mother’s life. Now, for the first time, he is coming to the conclusion that the official story we’ve been told about 9/11 is not true.
Remarkably, DePalma’s re-evaluation of 9/11 began little more than a month ago, when he was attending the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Boston (November 8 and 9). As he walked among the booths of companies involved in sustainable building, he came across one operated by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which was participating in the trade show for the first time.

Drew with family 768 txt

DePalma, who has a Bachelor of Science degree, runs an MEP engineering firm (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) that designs heating, cooling, electrical, and other types of systems. The knowledge he has gained through his job, he explains, helped pique his interest in what AE911Truth has to say about the scientific evidence. He came back the next day to sign the AE911Truth petition.
“I had no idea that the push for an independent investigation was still going on,” he says. “I had no idea there was a whole organization of architects and engineers fighting for the truth. Architects and engineers are not people you tend to think of spinning conspiracy theories. If they are fighting for something, there must be some sort of science behind it.”
After his introduction to 9/11 truth, he realized that he felt compelled to help, so he has joined the organization’s advocacy for a new investigation of 9/11 — in particular, its effort to advance the Bobby McIlvaine Act, which calls on Congress to launch a new investigation. DePalma says he is looking forward to meeting passionate 9/11 truth activist Bob McIlvaine, whose son Bobby was killed by a powerful explosion as he was entering the lobby of the North Tower.

 A Day of Horror

DePalma’s memories of what he experienced that terrible day begin with students in his high school being called to the gymnasium in the morning for an announcement that no one could have predicted.
“As I was going through the halls, I heard something about a plane hitting a building, but I had no idea it was the Twin Towers, where my mom worked.”
Even after DePalma, a senior at the time, learned that a plane had hit the North Tower, he still couldn’t bring himself to doubt that his mother would escape unharmed. He desperately tried to reach her by phone, but the lines were jammed. The family gathered to await news, and as the day went on and attempts to contact her continued to fail, he says he found his hope starting to dwindle.
An uncle called either later that day or the next day (DePalma is not sure which) to let them know that, based on where his mother worked and where the plane had hit (not far below her office), there was no chance she had survived. (According to DePalma, his mother worked on the highest floor used for offices in the North Tower, which would have to be the 100th, since that was the top floor occupied by Marsh & McLennan.)
“In my mind I was still hoping she would rise from the ashes, or from the rubble. It was not to be.”
In the weeks after the devastating loss of his mother, who was just 42 when she was killed, DePalma did what he could to cope and gave little thought to why 9/11 had happened. He blocked out a lot of the media coverage of the event in those early years and focused on adapting to life without her, which was all the more challenging because his parents had divorced less than a year before 9/11.
Drew Jamie Jean 768 txt v2
“Honestly, I was pretty much numb,” he recalls. “I didn’t cry for a year or more. I wanted to cry but I couldn’t. I don’t know why, I guess it was my body’s coping mechanism.” He adds that he felt considerable anger during this period.
“How could this happen? How could our government let this happen? Why would people even want to do this to innocent people? So many things were racing through my head.”
While DePalma didn’t particularly question the official story of 9/11 during those years, he did begin to doubt whether U.S. interventions in the rest of the world were undertaken for the reasons the government claimed. He says that while he respects those of his friends who reacted to 9/11 by enlisting in the military, he knew this was not the right path for him.
“I honestly think we should mind our own business,” he says. “We definitely meddle in a lot of stuff. We meddle in a lot of stuff that only the government or the super-rich would care about — like natural resources and power and things of that nature. I don’t really like that we’re the world police.”
Even though DePalma has a lot of information to absorb about the 9/11 evidence, he already knows that this is something he wants to do — to make a difference by sharing what he has learned. He says the family members he has talked to about this, including his 32-year-old sister, Jamie, support his choice to share with others what he has learned about 9/11.
“It is hard to know what to believe unless you do your own research.”
DePalma thinks he can help bring awareness of the evidence to a new generation that either wasn’t around when the event happened or wasn’t old enough to know what was going on at the time.
“If I can help the next generation to fight for the truth, I’ll certainly do that,” he says.
“Nothing has ever happened like this in our history, and I want to make sure that people don’t forget those who died.”


The below link proves that many thousands of family members want a new investigation. Likely the amount of people killed that day is outnumbered by these 9/11 victim's family members.

AE911Truth — Architects & Engineers Investigating the destruction of all three World Trade Center skyscrapers on September 11

If you have friends who are part of the scientific community or the building trades industry, share our evidence with them and urge them to sign the petition at

Three Engineers—Geotechnical, Chemical, and Structural—Tell Their Stories

By Laurie Sihvonen, Michael DeFilippo, and Andrew Grasso
Now that Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is closing in on 3,000 architect and engineer petition signers, we are taking this opportunity to introduce our readers to some of the individuals who make up the ranks of our building and technical professionals.
Below are profiles of three engineers who have added their name to the petition. In so doing, they lend their expertise and credentials to our call for a new investigation into the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7 on September 11, 2001.
After you read their stories, let us know if you'd like to meet more of our engineers and architects!
Anthony Lusich, ASCE, Geotechnical Engineer
Anthony Lusich studied civil engineering at the University of Southern California, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in 1975. Subsequently specializing in geotechnical engineering, he has centered his career on the design and building of structural foundations in the Bakersfield area of California. Now a senior engineer at Kleinfelder, a civil engineering firm in San Diego, Lusich has facilitated residential, commercial, and institutional construction and has also contributed to various transportation, oilfield, and water-related projects.
Lusich is active in the engineering and local business communities. For the last eight or nine years, he has served as Kern County Chapter president of the American Council of Engineering Companies; as a member of the board of directors of the Kern Transportation Foundation; as treasurer of the Kern County Branch of the American Public Works Association; and as a member of the Government Review Council of the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce. He is an affiliate of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and has been a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for over 40 years.
On the morning of September 11, 2001, Lusich observed the North and South towers of the World Trade Center collapse while watching news coverage of the jet impacts on television. He remembers: “I was definitely not expecting either collapse. While watching the towers burn, I had no educated suspicion that the buildings would inevitably fall.”
Asked if he recalls whether the collapses seemed plausible at the time, Lusich admits that his “consternation precluded any thoughts either way.” Such a reaction is unsurprising, given that most people glued to their TV sets that morning — building and technical professionals included — were in a state of shock, recalls AE911Truth founder Richard Gage.
As the years elapsed and Lusich's memories of that fateful day faded, he came to accept the findings of the initial investigations. But in the last two years, he began to doubt the official narrative. Prompted by his daughter, he decided to take a look at the investigative work of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
Beyond Misinfo.png
After carefully considering AE911Truth's evidence, which overwhelmingly disproves the official account, Lusich joined the building and technical professionals — at the end of November standing at 2,950 and counting — who are petitioning for a new investigation. Now that he's a signatory, he has discussed his impressions of the WTC evidence with friends and acquaintances and has encouraged them to reconsider their conclusions.
When asked if he believes that the American public needs to push for independent research, his response is an emphatic “Yes!” Lusich also recommends that all Americans contact their congressional representatives to voice their view that a new WTC investigation is needed.
One way that AE911Truth supporters can reach out to their members of Congress is through our online letter generator, which encourages representatives to support the new Bobby McIlvaine World Trade Center Investigation Act.
Bruce Caswell, Chemical Engineer
Bruce Caswell earned advanced degrees in chemical engineering and has worked as an engineer for major players in the chemical industry, including DuPont and Dow. He also spent many years teaching at the university level. His expertise on the combustibility of materials led him to testify on the subject in court trials on two occasions.
As he watched the attacks of September 11th unfold on live television, Caswell was struck by how unlikely it was that two 110-story steel-framed office buildings could be reduced to concrete powder and steel wreckage from ordinary fires started by burning jet fuel.
Twin Tower Rubble
Caswell doesn’t buy the official narrative that would have us believe that the Twin Towers were reduced to concrete powder and steel — in under 12 seconds, no less.
“There was only a small amount of flammable material in the buildings, such as paperwork in file cabinets,” says the now-retired engineer. “The rest of the buildings were composed primarily of concrete, steel, gypsum, and glass, which are not flammable at all under any circumstances.”
“Jet fuel,” Caswell adds, “has a flash point of only about 100°F. It burns with a flame temperature of from 600°F to 1,500°F, depending on which specs you read. However, steel doesn’t melt until 2,700°F. Therefore, there was zero chance that burning jet fuel or the ensuing office fires melted the steel structural beams. The jet fuel, if ignited, would simply burn itself out.”
But, as many still photos and videos prove, we did see melted steel. Why? To understand that phenomenon, readers can watch the AE911Truth documentary 9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out.
When asked about the third tower — World Trade Center Building 7 — that collapsed on 9/11, Caswell admits he hadn’t heard about it until several years after the event. Realizing that WTC 7 wasn't hit by a plane, he began researching the subject. One fact that especially interested him was that Barry Jennings, the deputy director of the Emergency Services Department for the New York City Housing Authority, was in WTC 7 on the morning of September 11th, just hours before it collapsed, and had reported an explosion when he reached the 6th floor.
While the officially sanctioned research arm of the U.S. Commerce Department — the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) — has denied the presence of molten steel at the WTC site in the aftermath of 9/11, video evidence and eyewitnesses testimony tell otherwise, Caswell notes.
Liquid Metal
Chemical engineers like Bruce Caswell acknowledge that jet fuel cannot do this. So what can?
“No ordinary combustion process reaches temperatures of this high a range,” says Caswell. “The documented melting of steel was obviously caused by a thermite reaction, which can reach temperatures of around 4,000°F.”
Thermite is a mixture of aluminum and iron oxide powders. It is used most commonly in welding applications. In 2009, an independent team of scientists, led by chemistry professor Niels Harrit in Copenhagen, published a paper documenting the discovery of the chemical signature of nano-thermite in World Trade Center dust. Nano-thermite is a high-tech form of the incendiary thermite, capable of disintegrating steel.
Kamal Obeid, S.E., Structural Engineer
Kamal Obeid is a licensed structural engineer who practices in the San Francisco Bay area. He has nearly 40 years of experience under his belt. Obeid's questions surrounding 9/11 began shortly after the event, when he volunteered to join the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) team responsible for investigating the incident. Although he didn't end up on that squad, Obeid's search for plausible answers from the FEMA and NIST researchers/investigators continues to this day.
Obeid began his career as a civil engineer in the 1980s, working on large public works structures such as dams, power houses, and power facilities. After receiving his structural engineering license from the State of California, he began his own firm. One of his specialties is the analyses of steel-framed buildings. Specifically, he evaluates whether they require seismic retrofits due to their earthquake-prone setting.
A structural engineer is responsible for the “nuts and bolts” of any significant construction project. It is his responsibility to take the design of the architect and ensure that every column and beam and their connections are able to sustain the load requirements. Types of loads that structural engineers evaluate include wind loads, seismic loads, and horizontal and vertical structural loads.
For Obeid, the focal point of his skepticism is the explanation given for WTC 7's collapse and the removal of debris, which precluded a sound forensic investigation. In the years that followed the 9/11 attack, he had the opportunity to review the structural blueprints for WTC 7 and could not reconcile the official explanation of the collapse with the building's design and composition.
Collapse Sequence
“I find the collapse story for WTC 7 strange,” he said. “Most of the debris was immediately cleared away and the material was not properly examined. NIST's entire theory is based on a computer model that they created and not upon actual evidence from the scene. What further bothers me is that no one raised an eyebrow, not a peep, over the fact that the steel was removed from the site and sent to China on barges for recycling starting just two weeks after the collapse.”
Obeid studied WTC 7's collapse from a structural standpoint: “The theories in the NIST report were flawed. The sequence, as demonstrated in their computer model, indicates that one girder was pushed off of its seat on the supporting column, which commenced the failure sequence. That then led to a progressive collapse near the corner of the building, which then, they say, dragged the entire building down — and that happens symmetrically into its own footprint!”
Having had the opportunity to review WTC 7’s blueprints as a structural engineer, Obeid cites specifics as to why the official cascading failure story doesn't offer adequate explanation.
“WTC 7 was constructed with a double-tubular design, where the exterior was made of a latticework of steel columns, steel beams. Inside this tube of steel was another tube of similar construction, designed to work together with the exterior tube to resist the lateral loads. This combination tube system makes it near impossible to have this building collapse at near free-fall acceleration into its own footprint — which it did — especially from a localized collapse in one portion of the exterior tube.”
Of NIST's computer model of the WTC 7 failure, Obeid observes: “If you look at the animation put out by NIST, the model crumples up like a soda can and in no way resembles the actual footage of WTC 7's collapse. The animation stops after only two seconds — well before the actual video of the building's seven-second collapse is finished. So we do not get a full accounting of the collapse from initiation to completion. I've read expert reports on the collapse by other structural engineers regarding the NIST explanation, and I found that in each case the scope of their discussions are so limited, so circumscribed, that they're really useless as far as analysis is concerned. Not one structural engineer discusses the whole story, or how this 'perfect storm' of circumstances came to pass.
Combination Tube System
“Also,” Obeid continues, “the fire story doesn't check out. The photos reveal that the fires had already burned out, more than an hour before the collapse, at the floor where NIST claimed that [the fires] were responsible for the thermal expansion that started the collapse. And while it's not impossible to have a localized structural steel failure due to fire, they could not produce a total collapse at near free-fall acceleration. That is impossible.”
Help Enlist Others in the Call
If you have friends who are part of the scientific community or the building trades industry — or who are simply members of the public who want the truth about 9/11 to come out — share our evidence with them and urge them to sign the petition at
Show them our 15-minute Solving the Mystery of Building 7 video, hosted by Ed Asner. Send them a free PDF of our booklet, Beyond Misinformation: What Science Says About the Destruction of Towers 1, 2, and 7 of the World Trade Center. And hand them our concise evidence brochure.
Only by educating fellow citizens and encouraging them to speak out about the evidence can we further erode the wall of silence that surrounds this monumental issue. By bringing the truth of 9/11 to light, we can do our part in making America and our world more honest, just, free, and fair to all.

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by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator
911 Truth Grassroots Organization


There are famously two all-too-human superpowers in this world at this point: 1) the universally-recognized mighty United States, become the military and influence tool of the self-serving, grasping organized global elite, and 2) world public opinion, the potential basis for a much stronger power if it can ever be harnessed, jelled, and exerted in its own behalf.

Most people assume that world individual self-interest can’t be mobilized and directed into an all-conquering force to set the elite on its fat and technologically-super-enhanced ear. But, the other day, the UN delegates of the 95%+ of the world not directly controlled by the U.S. deep state or its powerful mascot, Israel, made it seem possible for the “deplorable” fully-human rest of the world to gloriously triumph by overwhelmingly rejecting the elite’s sanctification of Israel grinding the pre-established in the land Palestinians into the ground.

And according to French 9/11 scholar Thierry Meyasson, the Israelis, who have also of late seen their Middle Eastern military dreams of daddy Trump acquiring by force what they envision as a grossly expanded “Greater Israel” thwarted thus far, have instead purchased an enormous block of land from Argentina and Chile in Patagonia.

The stumbling block for Israel and a fully-compliant Trump? Superior Russian air power abetting target Syria, the first domino that was supposed to fall but remains secure. In fact, Israel is so worried about the combined forces of Syria, Iran, and Hesbolah attacking that Nenanyahu has forced an alliance with, of all unlikely Middle Eastern neighbors, Saudi Arabia. And suddenly, if the mighty U.S. intervenes, there’s now the likelihood of the engaged juggernaut Russian air power to back up the attackers, restore the Palestinians, and pull down the Zionist temple for good.

I have lustily, if guardedly, cheered Trump’s promised, electoral triumph over, and practiced opposition to the forces of elite globalism in favor (in some ways, at least) of the common man, his directing and obtaining resources for the same, and his blocking from America the onslaught of the same hordes of unsuited war refugees that have staggered and possibly destroyed Europe. So, do I also cheer his militarized support of Israeli brutality and unfairness and its inordinate influence over the gamut of U.S. policies? You bet your life, I don’t.

In fact, I am stumped by our energetic and, according to many, all too demonstrative president’s apparent blindness to the fact that the very Zionist entity embraced by his adult children is really the bête noire avatar of the globalists – the one-world government cultists – and the hyperactive U.S. offensive military he loves is their blunt-force homicidal weapon against uppity humanity.

Alike, the banksters, who surround him and occupy his cabinet chairs (on whose orders?), are their very control and throttle mechanism manipulated to suppress the aspirations of his common man and -woman rabid core of supporters and everybody else. Why can’t he see what so many others can? Some would say he doesn’t really care. But just maybe he’s under unconditional orders of those who’d love nothing more than to liquidate him and resume full control. Who knows? And, if that’s it, can he contrive to wriggle free? We, too, can dream, can’t we?

JH: 12/22/17


Trump: Israel did 9/11 guy "is on our side":

Rogue Elements of US and Other International Intelligence Agencies Involved in 9/11?:


Lists: Mixed Bag, Trump is Wrong, Trump is Right:

Trump: Israel did 9/11 guy "is on our side"

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, December 24th, 2017.]


Rogue Elements of US and Other International Intelligence Agencies Involved in 9/11?:



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Bombshell: Evidence Of CIA Role In Forging Obama's Birth Certificate - Case Closed! Trump Was Right. Obama's Birth Certificate A Fake - Independent Forensic Digital Document Experts On 2 Continents & Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Office: '9 Points of Forgery' in Obama's Birth Certificate

Bombshell: Evidence Of CIA Role In Forging Obama's Birth Certificate - Case Closed! Trump Was Right. Obama's Birth Certificate A Fake - Independent Forensic Digital Document Experts On 2 Continents & Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Office: '9 Points of Forgery' in Obama's Birth Certificate

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Mark Basile Red/Gray Chip Study Update

According to chemist Mark Basile, he is still working on this project and we can expect some good news soon. Look for a MAJOR update in February 2018.

Sunday, November 19, 2017 JM Talboo & I Cover Many News Topics

JM Talboo does so much research before we do a show, that it's mind boggling.  It takes hours, weeks and months sometimes to get the data and facts checked out before we speak on each issue

This is all 2017 work we did.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Channel w/ JM Talboo

Covering UFO's & Aliens = Halloween Special

The news partnership

Trump's Accomplishments

Politics & Pedogate Part 1

Part 2 Pedogate

youtube has deleted this, but here is the link

Voter Fraud

Harvey Weinstein

JFK Document Release

Corey Feldman

Las Vegas Shooting - 2nd Gunman

Go To Hell NFL

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Conspiracy THEORIES Turned Conspiracy FACTS that Change Everything (2017)

Conspiracy THEORIES Turned Conspiracy FACTS that Change Everything (2017)




Supporters of the 16-year-long, worldwide effort to bring about a new 9/11 investigation will not be surprised to learn that the Norwegian media has gone silent on the issue now that the chairman of Scandinavia’s Branch of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has weighed in with his skepticism of the official account.


By AE911Truth Staff
On September 14, 2017, Norwegian newspaper Ny Tid or Modern Times in English, published an article by AE911Truth’s director of strategy and development, Ted Walter, titled “Glaring and Clear-Cut: What Really Destroyed the World Trade Center on 9/11?”
Ny Tid, founded in 1953, is a leftist monthly newspaper with a direct circulation of around 5,000. Until last month, Ny Tid was also published in Norwegian leftist daily newspaper Klassekampen, which widened its distribution by another 20,000-plus copies.
The reaction of the Norwegian media to Walter’s article, which is reprinted in English on with Ny Tid's permission, bordered on hysteria. Within 24 hours of the article being published, no fewer than five different news outlets — Dagens NaeringslivAftenpostenJournalistenMedier24, and VG — had begun the assault on Ny Tid and its editor, Truls Lie, for propagating “conspiracy theories.”
Faktisk was the only outlet that actually attempted to address some of the arguments in Walter’s article. It did so, however, by masquerading its opinion as “fact checking.” Like the infamous Associated Press article “AP Fact Check: Fire, not demolition, brought down WTC towers,” which treated the official explanation of the WTC destruction as fact, Faktisk’s article is based on the dubious premise that a scientific hypothesis is something that can be “fact checked,” and that the conclusion Faktisk reaches is “fact” rather than “opinion.”
Then, on September 19, 2017, around the time that Klassekampen officially dropped Ny Tid from its distribution, Klassekampen editor Bjørgulv Braanen published an op-ed in which he declared that NIST’s report on the destruction of WTC 7 was “thorough and solid.” Braanen’s basis for his willingness to uncritically accept NIST’s fanciful theory is his stated unwillingness to accept that “the world’s greatest conspiracy theory” is true.

Bjørgulv BraanenKlassekampen editor Bjørgulv BraanenIn response to the media firestorm in September, Ny Tid invited Norway-based British mechanical engineer David Llewelyn to write an article for its October issue. His article, “Let’s Start with Science, Not Conspiracies, When It Comes to 9/11,” is also reprinted in English on with Ny Tid's permission. Llewelyn, who is a fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and was recently elected chairman of the Institution’s Scandinavian Branch, signed AE911Truth’s petition in 2012.

LlewelynMechanical engineer David LlewelynSupporters of the 16-year-long, worldwide effort to bring about a new 9/11 investigation will not be surprised to learn that the Norwegian media has gone silent on the issue now that the chairman of Scandinavia’s Branch of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has weighed in with his skepticism of the official account.
Mr. Llewelyn and Mr. Lie appeared as guests in the November 9th episode of 9/11 Free Fall Radio to discuss the events of the past two months and their commitment to continuing the discussion about the World Trade Center destruction in Norway and beyond.

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Bombshell: Evidence Of CIA Role In Forging Obama's Birth Certificate - Case Closed! Trump Was Right. Obama's Birth Certificate A Fake - Independent Forensic Digital Document Experts On 2 Continents & Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Office: '9 Points of Forgery' in Obama's Birth Certificate

Bombshell: Evidence Of CIA Role In Forging Obama's Birth Certificate - Case Closed! Trump Was Right. Obama's Birth Certificate A Fake - Independent Forensic Digital Document Experts On 2 Continents & Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Office: '9 Points of Forgery' in Obama's Birth Certificate

Saudi Mass Arrests + Donald Trump's TAKEDOWN OF THE CABAL!!! - Trump Behind Takedown Of Saudi Globalists

Saudi Mass Arrests + Donald Trump's TAKEDOWN OF THE CABAL!!! - Trump Behind Takedown Of Saudi Globalists


Behold! The Storm... Lightning Strikes the House of Saud - Trump just destroyed another major Democrat Funding source. Al Waleed arrested - Trump Was Right Back In 2015 ! Prince Arrested:


Rogue Elements of US and Other International Intelligence Agencies Involved in 9/11?

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All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump - US left wing groups meet with Al qaeda and ISIS leaders

My Book Review - Liberalism: Find a Cure - Moderates Will Become Trumpsters & Leftists Will Have a Fighting Chance of Being Cured with This Book

The corruption in Washington DC and of the mainstream media is palpable, but some are so high on disinfo-fueled hate that they can't see the swamp flooding their country. This book cuts through the omissions and distortions of the fake news media, but it isn't something that will give a political junkie a smile. There will be no feeling of elation that your side has a winning book in its corner. Rather, it will leave the reader feeling nauseous and scared for the future of this country. It's far worse than most will have imagined.

I'm a political blogger that pays very close attention to the state of affairs in the USA. Not much can be said by an author that I haven't heard before, but this effort managed to surprise me a few times. There were stunning revelations, such as leftist groups meeting with Al-Qaeda/ISIS. What was before just a meme, that the violent leftist group ANTIFA known for shutting down free speech in America, dresses up exactly like ISIS with their black ninja uniforms, is now suddenly less funny. The so-called anti-fascists who engage in fascism regularly have already been deemed a domestic terror group by some states and government reports. Now with these revelations, such far left groups must be unmasked and disbanded. The material I was previously aware of was still interesting as it was presented in a very compelling manner.

The book also offers 100% proof that Russian collusion was a hoax designed to impeach Trump and divert attention from Clinton criminal activities. The Russian hacking narrative was also used to cover-up the DNC's internal email leak. The leak most certainly came from DNC staffer Seth Rich. Kim Dotcom stated this to be the case, saying he was working with Rich on the issue. His claims are strongly supported by the fact that he was able to predict WikiLeaks DNC emails in 2015. Wikileaks has also strongly implied that Seth Rich was the leaker, noting that they don't like to divulge sources, but were concerned that Rich had been murdered! If you have a moderate or leftist friend or co-worker, tell them that you will read a book they suggest if they do the same and then promptly hand over your copy. It will undoubtedly turn the moderate into a Trump voter. As to the leftist, it will give them a fighting chance of being cured of the cultural Marxism/globalist cancer that has infected America. My website also has the ability to achieve this, it can be found on Google with the search words: trump is right blogspot. On the upper right-hand side bar is a comprehensive list categorizing Trump's achievements and shortcomings. Like this book, it is a peaceful information bomb, that might just stop real ones (and other violence) by waking some people up.


100% Proof! Russian Collusion was a Hoax Designed to Impeach Trump and Divert Attention from Internal Email Leak & Clinton Criminal Activities:

EXCLUSIVE: US left wing groups travelled to Germany for the G20 Summit last July to meet with Al qaeda and ISIS leaders and plot the destruction of President Trump, secret FBI investigation reveals

Bestselling author Edward Klein is set to release his latest book All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump
Klein makes the shocking revelation that an FBI investigation discovered collusion between American anarchists and ISIS and Al-Qaeda 
'This is the greatest challenge to law enforcement since the Weather Underground and the Black Panther Party,' the FBI report declared
It reveals the FBI sent a task force to Germany to report on radical groups that planned to protest President Trump's attendance at this year's G20 Summit
The investigation determined that U.S.-backed anarchist/radical groups had traveled to Germany and took part in the violence 
There was also evidence that three key leaders of an Oakland group met in Hamburg with a leader of the Al-Qaeda 
The foreign terrorists were helping them acquire the weapons they are seeking, primarily bomb-making equipment and toxic chemicals and gasses

Read more: 

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