Sunday, December 24, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator
911 Truth Grassroots Organization


There are famously two all-too-human superpowers in this world at this point: 1) the universally-recognized mighty United States, become the military and influence tool of the self-serving, grasping organized global elite, and 2) world public opinion, the potential basis for a much stronger power if it can ever be harnessed, jelled, and exerted in its own behalf.

Most people assume that world individual self-interest can’t be mobilized and directed into an all-conquering force to set the elite on its fat and technologically-super-enhanced ear. But, the other day, the UN delegates of the 95%+ of the world not directly controlled by the U.S. deep state or its powerful mascot, Israel, made it seem possible for the “deplorable” fully-human rest of the world to gloriously triumph by overwhelmingly rejecting the elite’s sanctification of Israel grinding the pre-established in the land Palestinians into the ground.

And according to French 9/11 scholar Thierry Meyasson, the Israelis, who have also of late seen their Middle Eastern military dreams of daddy Trump acquiring by force what they envision as a grossly expanded “Greater Israel” thwarted thus far, have instead purchased an enormous block of land from Argentina and Chile in Patagonia.

The stumbling block for Israel and a fully-compliant Trump? Superior Russian air power abetting target Syria, the first domino that was supposed to fall but remains secure. In fact, Israel is so worried about the combined forces of Syria, Iran, and Hesbolah attacking that Nenanyahu has forced an alliance with, of all unlikely Middle Eastern neighbors, Saudi Arabia. And suddenly, if the mighty U.S. intervenes, there’s now the likelihood of the engaged juggernaut Russian air power to back up the attackers, restore the Palestinians, and pull down the Zionist temple for good.

I have lustily, if guardedly, cheered Trump’s promised, electoral triumph over, and practiced opposition to the forces of elite globalism in favor (in some ways, at least) of the common man, his directing and obtaining resources for the same, and his blocking from America the onslaught of the same hordes of unsuited war refugees that have staggered and possibly destroyed Europe. So, do I also cheer his militarized support of Israeli brutality and unfairness and its inordinate influence over the gamut of U.S. policies? You bet your life, I don’t.

In fact, I am stumped by our energetic and, according to many, all too demonstrative president’s apparent blindness to the fact that the very Zionist entity embraced by his adult children is really the bĂȘte noire avatar of the globalists – the one-world government cultists – and the hyperactive U.S. offensive military he loves is their blunt-force homicidal weapon against uppity humanity.

Alike, the banksters, who surround him and occupy his cabinet chairs (on whose orders?), are their very control and throttle mechanism manipulated to suppress the aspirations of his common man and -woman rabid core of supporters and everybody else. Why can’t he see what so many others can? Some would say he doesn’t really care. But just maybe he’s under unconditional orders of those who’d love nothing more than to liquidate him and resume full control. Who knows? And, if that’s it, can he contrive to wriggle free? We, too, can dream, can’t we?

JH: 12/22/17


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