Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here's Tom With The Weather!

After several days of non-stop video editing, I now have a new video (by far my most FX heavy - with even a bit of 3d modelling) to add to my electronic portfolio. Considering I don't get paid, I sure do spend a lot of time making these things... My friends and family spend their free time watching crap like X Factor and I'm considered somewhat weird because I don't... But honestly, how can you care about things like that when you know more than a million innocent people have been killed in Iraq since 2003? How can you care about things like that when on the one hand approximately 25,000 children starve to death every single day, and on the other you have people who are multi-trillionaires? How can you care about things like that when you know that it's been scientifically proven that the defining moment of the 21st century was a lie? How can you care about things like that when a nightmare world more evil and sinister than anything science fiction has to offer is being set up right under our noses? How can you care about things like that when there are so many great mysteries of this world, like crop circles? - Fantastically geometrically complex works of art that tend to just appear over night that they honestly us to believe was made by some prankster with a piece of wood and some rope!

... Anyway back in the five sense world (Actually there are more than five senses, things like balance and what-not are technically senses so actually we have something like twenty but whatever), I watched "Fall Of The Republic" as soon as it came out and was blown away... It should be required viewing for everyone on the planet. Alex's movies just get more and more epic, although it would have been better if he included a segment on the swine flu considering the fact that the way things are going, worldwide martial law may only be weeks away.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Skeptics' Guide to 9/11 Bias

Why is it that the very group who pride themselves on "critical thinking" refuse to think critically about 9/11?

By Stewart Bradley

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It's not that I don't appreciate the work that SGU does, but on the topic of 9/11 they seem to violate their own rules. This video is not meant to criticize them but is a plea to be more fair in their assessment of new 9/11 information.

Check out the Skeptics Guide podcasts at:

Read the Charlie Sheen open letter here:

More info:

The NIST report is debunked here:
Popular Mechanics is debunked here:

Read the nanothermite paper at:

Here's the web site Steve Novella sent me:

And the independent analysis of dust at the WTC site:

Learn more about the people calling for a new investigation at:

9/11 Smoking Guns: The Squibs

October 19, 2009

Showing how the WTC squibs are not the result of a pancake collapse. Clips from 9/11 Mysteries and Loose Change.

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Un-debunking the WTC Demolition Squibs

Constructive Criticism of the Films Loose Change 2nd Edition and 9/11 Mysteries

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Russian TV on 911 Ballot Rejection: IS US Democracy Becoming Hypocrisy ?

October 15th, 2009

The Russia Today program is doing the proper sort of journalism that is ABSENT of the Western Mainstream media.

An observation: Democracy can be taken back if enough people are woken up to the dangers facing the country. Corrupt and self serving political leaders must not be tolerated.

The latest strategy of the NYC CAN Director, to focus on informing ALL people that 911 was an Inside Job, is the correct way to proceed. When the information becomes common knowledge then we will see real justice done.

... Never forget that 911 truth is the most important issue of our times.

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Once Again, The Will of the Voters Is Denied

An open letter to Justice Edward Lehner on denying 9/11 justice

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Salon 911 Hit Piece Implies Truth Seeking Is A Mental Illness

October 14th, 2009

An advice columnist for the influential left leaning website has launched a scathing attack on Alex Jones in response to a letter from a reader who says his 17 year old nephew has been "sucked into the Internet conspiracy black hole" created by Jones.

Salon's Cary Tennis refers to Jones as a "cultish fear-monger" and advises the reader named "Buck" that his nephew's visits to Jones' websites may be an indication that he is mentally disturbed.

Tennis initially reels off the usual psychobabble about people wanting to find simple explanations for complex things, needing to feel like there is a vast conspiracy to get them, and wanting to feel like they are privy to exclusive information that the masses are not aware of


All the major left leaning alternative news sites FAIL when it comes to proper analysis of the 911 evidence. There seems to be a distinct lack of courage, corruption(?) or a level of denial (psychological illness) which lies squarely with them. I would like to see one of their stalwarts go toe to toe with ANY of the leading 911 truth academics or activists. Surely it must be easy to trap and expose anyone suffering from mental illness and have them repeat irrational arguments during any debate thus exposing the 911 truth people as quacks ?

The fact that no one takes up the sort of challenge outlined above speaks volumes. For instance, why will no one take up Charlie Sheen's generous offer to debate the 911 evidence on live TV ? I wonder if this is because most people are not stupid. In a fair debate anyone can see that there are massive problems with the official 911 story.

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When True Sceptics Fight Back

Senator Lindsey Graham, Giving Comfort to the 9/11 Commission, is Now in Open Denial of Scientific Proof of 9/11 Treason

October 14th, 2009

Below is some of what a representative in Senator Graham's DC office told me on October 1st in response to my further inquiry into the Senator's acknowledgment and response to the information we gave him and he willingly accepted to take a look at:

At first contact, his office refused to say he had looked at the information. Now they have admitted he has reviewed the information but is still sticking with the 9/11 Commission Report, scientific evidence to the contrary be damned and his oath not withstanding.

There are many obvious problems with the official investigation. If, for some reason, Senator Graham does not fully understand the scientific evidence he should at least be calling for a new and open inquiry. Indeed, if the Senator, who is obligated to defend the Laws and Constitution of the United States, does nothing, he could be cited for obstructing justice.

Barring the scientific material there are numerous other reasons why a second inquiry MUST be undertaken:

*There was closed door testimony from Bush and Cheney,
*Rice and US Airforce Generals appear to have committed perjury under oath,
*Critical evidence contrary to the official narrative (that Al Qaeda did it) was omitted from the final report,
*6 out of 10 911 Commission heads think their investigation was a white wash,
*The Executive Director of the Commission was a White House insider, thereby having a huge conflict of interest in terms of protecting the Administration from any blame.

Blocking a new investigation, in relation to this non-scientific evidence, should also be grounds for an obstruction of justice charge.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crazy Conspiracy Theories

So my latest video has been circulating around the web faster than any of my others. It's been on the front pages of,, and It has more than 4,000 views and 140 ratings and at its peak it was #18 in the top rated (this week) in the entertainment category in the UK. #19 was a commercial featuring Cheryl Cole and #20 was a BBC Doctor Who promo... ironic considering the music video makes references to both Cheryl Cole and Doctor Who. The video has also been uploaded to and has recieved some ignorant comments. No debunkers have joined the party on YouTube yet ... although some disinformation trolls have... "It was the jesuits!"

[/self indulgence]

That's probably the last 9/11 video I'm gonna make. Since I'm aiming to work in the field of video production, it would be nice if I can show potential employers something other than just "conspiracy theory" videos I have made (Not that I won't show them at least one of those!). So I've been hanging out with my best friend discussing ideas for my next masterpiece as well as speculating whether or not Simon Cowell is an evil New World Order operative or just a useful idiot and whether or not Miley Cyrus is a victim of trauma-based mind control (Ahhh the interesting conversations of conspiracy theorists! - It was like we were in a truther version of some Kevin Smith movie ... Hmm ... Now there's an idea!)

I've given up debating CIT. Craig Ranke has now admitted that they renamed the name of this blog to "911duh-bunkers". And when I school them on the scientific method they just tell me to address their "evidence". It looks like the only way to debunk them is to interview the witnesses ourselves.

I've just listened to the debate between Dylan and Pat and I got rather annoyed when Pat and the host were crticizing the purity of the dust samples and the chain of custody etc. and Pat was talking about how the samples weren't kept in sealed bags or whatever. The thing is, Steven Jones wouldn't even need to be doing this if the officials had done so. You can criticize his work all you want but its still better than anything the government has done. Organisations like USGS and RJ Lee etc probably do have professionally collected sealed samples, so why can't we have open access to study them? Will we find red chips in them? We know USGS were covering up the existence of Molybdenum rich spherules so who knows what else they are covering up. Besides, the whole issue is irrelevent anyway. Because it's not as if these highly engineered thermitic red chips are easy to make or get a hold of. By questioning the chain of custody you are effectively accusing the scientists and the citizens of conspiring to fake evidence by manufacturing high-tech energetic nanocomposites that only a handful of labs in the world can even make and adding them to samples! That sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory to me! And yet you find the idea of the government tampering with evidence ridiculous! Someone get Pat a tin foil hat!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

'Yet Another "9/11 Was An Inside Job" Song' Released

An original song. Although primarily about 9/11 it does touch on some other issues such as the dumbing down of the public, the bombings of 3/11 and 7/7, the global warming/carbon tax scam, the central banking scam, fluoridated water, toxins in vaccines, the Kennedy assassination, the false left-right paradigm, the Rockefellers, the Saudi Corporation Ptech, swine flu, martial law, the police state and Internet 2.

I can't sing for sh*t but thanks to the magic of computers that's not a problem. I wanted to get my friend who can sing to do it but she didn't want to. The vocals were manually tuned note by note using Melodyne Studio and Adobe Audition - A process that took two days! I'm not a very good sound editor so the audio isn't perfectly mastered but its as good as I could get it.

Thanks to my friend Glenn for operating the camera while I was making love to my mic stand. Although you can't see it in the video, it was pouring with rain when we filmed that.

Scroll down past the video for an audio download, lyrics, and factual back-up and sources for every line of the song...

Download WMV (512x288, 67MB):

Visual comparison between pitch-corrected vocals (top) and raw vocals (bottom).


[Verse 1]
Wake up sheeple, turn off the tv
What you think of as "news" is just a movie
There's war going on and poverty
While they're feeding you crap about celebrities

They simplify things to make you dumb
They'll even tell you Saturn's closer to the sun
The last thing that they want is for their slaves to think
That's why they're putting poison in your food and drink

Dissenters are silenced and never praised
Only the good guys are ever blown away
Give up all your rights and you'll be saved
From the big bad bearded timelord in a cave

Islamic nuts don't snort cocaine
No way could flight school dropouts have such good aim
Cheney must have been flying those planes
Through Ptech and MITRE and the FAA...

[Chorus 1]
The truth will set you free
From global tyranny
Wake up American slobs
9/11 was an inside job
9/11 was an inside job

[Verse 2]
Two towers fall symmetrically
Ejecting steel beams more than five hundred feet
Tower Seven falls at freefall speed
Reported in advance by the BBC

The perfect excuse to go to war
To gain power and control and kill millions more
Many other buildings have suffered worse
But none have ever turned into a cloud of dust

Explosions were heard throughout the day
Molten metal was seen flowing away
The pile was still burning after months of rain
And what's the deal with this explosive paint?

Trains explode in major cities
Destroyed by bombs made by the military
The holes suggest they were attached underneath
God save our racist, Nazi queen

[Chorus 2]
The truth will set you free
From global tyranny
Wake up American slobs
9/11 was an inside job
The truth will set you free
From global tyranny
Wake up American slobs
9/11 was an inside job
9/11 was an inside job

[Verse 3]
Left or right? It's all just a game
Two wings of the same bird of prey
Money is debt, I know it sounds insane
And the jabs you give your kids just damage their brains

The Nazis never died, they simply moved
And now they're at it again, it's easy to prove
The elite don't hide the fact that they're a bunch of crooks
Rockefeller brags about it in his books!

They have a plan and it must fail
Or they'll be taxing us every time we exhale
And there'll be cameras in homes for them to spy on the slaves
Orwell's rolling in his grave

They're scaring us all into demanding this too
with terrorism, climate change and overhyped flu
The truth must come out, it's all up to you
Before were all forced onto Internet 2

[Chorus 3]
The truth will set you free
From global tyranny
Wake up American slobs
9/11 was an inside job
The truth will set you free
From global tyranny
Wake up American slobs
9/11 was an inside job
The truth will set you free
9/11 was an inside job
The truth will set you free
9/11 was an inside job

[Key Change]
The truth will set you free
From global tyranny
Wake up American slobs
9/11 was an inside job (x7)

Good luck trying to source all that JM! :)

This video is also posted at,, and

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Crazy Conspiracy Theories

When True Sceptics Fight Back

As one commenter on the BBC's recent article When sceptics fight back noted...

"I really despair at the way everybody has to be lumped into polar opposite pigeon holes. I firmly believe SOME of the so-called conspiracy theories in your article are true, but it seems if I speak out about them, I'm also declaring a firm belief in spiritualism and homeopathy ("conspiracy theories - and their close cousins pseudoscience and medical quackery")."

I certainly don't believe ALL the conspiracy theories on this page. Why should I then have to be herded into a convenient holding pen with a loose grouping of not only genuine truth-seekers, but also various assorted nutters too? If any of the popular 'conspiracy theories' do have a basis in fact, those who have something to hide will be delighted at this blanket ridiculing of healthy scepticism." - Nick Hughes, Bushey, UK

Thank the god known as James Randi that this true skeptic got his word in early on in the comments! Lumping things together as this article does is essentially employing the logical fallacy of guilt by association, not very befitting of an article about those who pride themselves on critical thinking. In addition to its underhanded tactics, the article also fails to provide enough information on any issue presented for a true skeptic to do what what true skepticism demands; evaluate things based on their own merits. These tactics are nothing new from the BBC, which leads me to ponder if there is an agenda, but I'll refrain from theorizing as to their motives. Although I will say that a friend of mine that is made of straw thinks it is a blatant attempt to "keep his people down."

The article makes reference to "conspiracy theory believers," then quotes Adam Savage, of the television program Mythbusters, as stating...

"They want to believe desperately that someone is in charge. Even if it is someone who is working against us."

Is Adam suggesting that there is some form of psychotic illness affecting said conspiracists? A recent Psychology Today hit piece certainly did, using this same type of argument. However Paul Joseph Watson of pointed out that...

"What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The greatest purveyors of myths and 'conspiracy theories' about political events have and always will be authorities and governments. Scientists who recently investigated why so many people believed the falsehood that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 found that Americans wanted to believe that Iraq was connected to 9/11 because it helped them make sense of current reality. How is that any different from the claim that conspiracy theorists invent connections to help them better comprehend current events?

Beyond the accusations of who invents what to justify their worldview – conspiracists and debunkers alike – are the facts. History is littered with political conspiracies that actually happened and were not the manifestation of unstable minds."

Indeed, facts are the issue at hand, not delusions. As a blogger by the name Jolly Roger pointed out in January of 2005...

"There were no conspiracy theories arising from the explosion of flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, and there were no conspiracy theories arising from the work of the uni-bomber, so the newly invented psycho-babble that tries to explain the malady of conspiracy theorists, also needs to explain why millions of conspiracy theorists all decided not to theorize about those events. There is no psychological malady. There was simply no evidence to indicate a conspiracy."

Furthermore, many mental health professionals have concluded that the official 9/11 story is bunk.

And as an article published Tuesday on, which demolished the BBC piece, pointed out...

"Presumably the 9/11 commissioners themselves should be a target for the debunkers, given that six of the ten have openly questioned the Commission’s findings and described the whole thing as a whitewash."

But that fact doesn't fit into Adam Savage's black and white theory about conspiracy theorists.

Savage recently admitted to Debunking the Debunkers blog contributor Stewart Bradley that there is indeed a skeptical bias against 9/11 truth. When Adam made his statement to the BBC he must have just been suffering from his admitted condition, we'll let it slide. So, when you have time Adam, take a true skeptical look at this information please...

Thermitic Pyrotechnics in the WTC Made Simple: Three Points of Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe that Anyone Can Understand - A concise non-technical summary of three key points about recently documented unexploded pyrotechnics from the Twin Towers

Two Seconds That Will Live in Infamy

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BBC Attack Piece Promotes Cottage Industry Of 911 Debunker Quacks

BBC Attack Piece Promotes Cottage Industry Of 911 Debunker Quacks

Thursday, 8 October 2009

The BBC cannot resist attacking anyone who questions the establishment line and counters mainstream accounts of events, especially if they make up part of the new and exciting alternative media that is contributing to the corporation’s ongoing fossilization.

That is why in a feature article today, the corporation is promoting a group of “scientists and skeptics” whose declared mission is to vigorously debunk those who are questioning the “accepted versions” of events.

“While many people find them harmless fun, others believe there is a darker truth – that conspiracy theories are rewriting history, warping the present and altering the future. Enough is enough they say – it’s time to fight back.” the report reads.

The article centres around the “non profit” James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), which charges £175 a ticket to its conferences, events that equate to little more than rabid debunking fests on everything from 9/11 truth to research claiming mercury containing vaccinations are harmful.

In a deliberate Orwellian warping of language, JREF attendees are described as “skeptics” who are promoting critical thinking”:

JREF was officially established in 1996 to “help debunk paranormal and pseudoscientific claims”. How ironic it is then that the foundation seemingly supports the pseudoscientific claim that jet fuel, and office fires in the case of of World Trade Center 7, can burn at temperatures hot enough to cause multi-story steel framed structures to collapse and disintegrate at free fall rate.

JREF has comedians and a man who pretended to have a picture of fairies at its conferences, the 9/11 truth movement has heard from hundreds of architects, engineers and physics professors. How telling it is that the BBC paints up JREF as the credible organisation, while the 9/11 truth movement is reduced to the level of racist internet-dwelling freaks.
As for JREF I offer this quote: "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious." Indeed !

There might also be a few brainwashed fellas in there too, ones that really believe the tripe they push. The genuinely smart people, after uncovering one or two JREF deceptions would naturally bail on them.

Looks to me that the JREF is some sort of disinformation operation. If you want to see debunking material completely destroyed, the sort of stuff these JREF people promote, I recommend making a visit to the Debunking the Debunkers blog.

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When True Sceptics Fight Back

Gordon Ross is pretty sure he exists.


Apparently, I do not exist. According to a thread on the JREF forum, no one by the name of Gordon Ross has been born in Dundee since the latter part of the 19th Century. This came as quite a shock to me and no doubt will also surprise my father, who it seems has laboured for all his life under the delusion that he is also called Gordon Ross and was born in Dundee. My Great Uncle Gordon passed away several years ago and has thus been spared the trauma of discovering that he also did not exist.

In this article I will deal with some of the responses to my work as presented on this web site and elsewhere. At the end I will, in time, list some of the favourable comments, but firstly I will deal with the criticisms. Please forgive me for dealing with the easy ones first, but when such inviting targets present themselves, it is difficult not to take advantage, and they do provide some very welcome light relief. The JREF forum, a scary Twilight Zone kind of place where some strange fictions pass for facts, takes the prize for the most ludicrous assertions available. The "fact" presented there regarding the absence of any Gordon Ross in Dundee's register of births, would make me at least 120 years old, and I must admit that as I read through the site, I did begin to feel every day of that extended life span. So what was their explanation for my existence, or more correctly, my non-existence? According to the evidence presented there, I am actually Professor Jones masquerading as someone else.

And we are the conspiracy theorists? Click
HERE to read the entire article...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Yet another "9/11 Was An Inside Job" Song

It's gone 1:30 AM here in England and I've spent the last four hours taking a break from studying, video editing, half-assed job hunting and expressing my anger at the fact that we may once again soon be under the rule of the mass murdering war criminal Tony B. Liar by chilling out and watching the most awesome cartoon ever... Dangermouse! I've never noticed it before but the villain reminds me so much of David Rockefeller.

This blog continues below the image...

... Anyway. Not much to report on the debunking front. Head thermite denier Mark "Gravy" Roberts surfaced briefly to post something on the JREF forum a few days ago. I think that's the first we've heard from him in like months.

"I don't spend any time on this stuff in the past few years, and I recommend that you move on as well. In my opinion, giving attention to a tiny smattering of "truthers" remaining, only encourages their idiocy."

Tiny smattering?! It's bigger than ever. Gage, Jones, Harrit and Griffin are selling out talks all over the world. Just wait till the tenth anniversary Mr Roberts! Even I'm gonna be in New York for that one.

Speaking of Harrit, I found this video (from the CIT forum of all places) of him giving a lecture about the chemistry behind the red chips. Interesting stuff. Don't be scared by the German beginning. The lecture is in English.

I've been arguing with the CIT boys on their forum. Pointing out their lack of evidence of a flyover and no evidence of Lloyd England being an operative and of course they just continue to use their Chewbacca Defence - The 13 witnesses.

Last night I finally got round to watching the History Channel's "102 Minutes That Changed America" (I thought the whole point of the war on terror was for America not to change!). There's lots of footage in it I hadn't seen before (Including a random shot of a pigeon in the dusty aftermath of the twin tower's collapse, what's the betting that bird died of a horrible lung condition!).

This blog continues below the image...

One thing I noticed was that in many of the videos you can see these weird streamer things falling from the still standing towers. I've noticed them before but I've never really thought anything of them. Now after watching David Chandler's recent videos I'm looking at them in a completely different way. Could these be more video evidence of thermite ignition? The white smoke would suggest yes. In fact in one shot (which I'm including in my next video) you can see an object fall and then in mid air it starts to release white smoke.

What is my next video? ... It's a music video to an original song I wrote! A song called "9/11 was an Inside Job" ... now there are a lot of songs people have made on Youtube with that name. But how many of them make a lyrical reference to exploding paint?! Unfortunately none of my friends who can sing wanted to sing it ... and I can't sing for s--t! But due to the magic of computers that's not a problem! (How else do you think a certain three piece Disney band became successful!?) The audio recording and note by note auto tuning (which took two whole days!) has been done - My audio editing isn't as good as my video editing so it's not perfect but its listenable... just! Now I'm just waiting for my props to arrive to make the music video. It should be finished by the end of the week.

The Pentagon Free Cookie Challenge

If anybody out there can watch this 44 video play list from start to finish and still tell me they don't think that a Boeing 757 struck the Pentagon I will send you a free cookie.

To redeem your free cookie please call 772-257-4498 and follow the instructions.

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Sneak Peak: Pentagon No-Jetliner Claims to be Debated on Upcoming FOX News Special

Saturday, October 3, 2009

No Planers and Pentagon No-Jetliner Claims Lead Yet Another Person Away From Real 9/11 Truth

No Planers and Pentagon No-Jetliner Claims Lead Yet Another Person Away From Real 9/11 Truth... and no... Reptilians Don't Help Either...

September 29, 2009

People seem to go nuts for conspiracy theories, or nuts people seem to go for conspiracy theories, depending on which way you look at it... But every now and then something comes along that seems to stand up to scrutiny... does this one? I dont fucking know...

Scroll down past the video for the lyrics...

If you think 911 was done by Al Qaeda,
Well you have got a lot to learn,
And youre probably a Telegraph reader.
Because theres a site on the internet
That tells you what happened actually,
And Im going to tell you their secrets now,
Just dont tell them it was me.

Was it all about war, or
Was it to seize new land, man?
Was it all about oil?
Im going to tell you their plan.

You see, the planes werent really planes at all,
They were reptile moths from Uranus,
Flown by Martian giants,
That look a bit like your anus.
And the one that hit the pentagon
Which seemed to disappear,
Was a missile fired by Dick Cheney,
When he was aiming for a dear.

Was it all about war, or
Was it to seize new land, man?
Was it all about oil?
Now Im going get to their plan.

NWO arent just some rappers:
Theyre manipulating our fears,
Eroding our civil liberties
And hearding us all like steers.
Soon theyll implant us all with microchips,
To stage a reptilian coo
Now the pigs that run the farm
Are all going to get the flu.

Was it all about war, or
Was it to seize new land, man?
Was it all about oil?
Now you know their plan.