Friday, April 23, 2010

History Repeats Itself

So I've just finished watching a repeat of the History Channel's documentary "The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction?" And I basically felt the same thing I usually feel when I watch this particular piece: disgust. This documentary has always had a special significance with me, because it was this very piece that got me interested into researching 9/11. And to this day I still believe it is the most biased and slimy propaganda piece ever put out attacking the 9/11 Truth Movement. I find it both funny and sad that they actually aired this piece again. Funny because many of the debunking attempts in the piece have themselves long been debunked (particularly the section on Building 7, where almost every argument they brought up has been discredited by NIST itself; damage, fuel tanks, etc.) And sad because I know that the average person will watch this piece and probably think the Truth Movement is made up of some of the worst people in the world. Here is a not widely seen episode of the INN World Report that took on the History Channel's lies, exposing some of their dirty propaganda tricks and allowing some of those interviewed the chance to talk about several issues that were not addressed in the piece.

Hopefully the American people will learn to see through these kinds of dishonest attacks and smear campaigns and learn what the real truth is.

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