Wednesday, April 14, 2010



I saw this story by John Bursill about an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) radio program dealing with 911. It was a short 7 minute 911 hit piece:

Bursill and other 911 activists left comments as did I. I also made a proper complaint about the program to the ABC at this address. The text of this letter follows below.

There are two key points everyone should consider.

1. You CAN hold taxpayer-funded public broadcasters to their Codes of Practice (or argue against corporate media content using government regulations) if you know what the rules are. [If you live in the USA things are more difficult since it has been ruled that the corporate media does not have to tell the truth. ie act responsibly].

2. Where Codes and regulations apply you can argue a case for public harm being done. Our guys are being killed, and so are many innocent people, because of the severe damage done by false information (re: the 911 false flag attack itself and those pushing this lie). Furthermore, in this particular case, I would argue that this is not just an academic exercise to correct a professor on simple "conspiracy theory conjecture" rather it has direct relevance to the public well being.

Note: The ABC intends to air the full Professor Williams lecture, from which the 7 minute hit piece clip was taken, on Sunday 18th April. If they do so I will certainly ask them to make a public apology, correction, or that they air a rebuttal piece from "our side". Lies and propaganda cannot go unchallenged !!

COMPLAINT versus ABC Counterpoint program:

[Dear complaint dept] I sent the following comment to this ABC web address ( in relation to the clip that went to air on April 12th, 2010. [see below for the message.]

I want the ABC to take action on the upcoming airing of Professor Williams lecture that is scheduled to go to air on Sunday 18th. Airing his lecture, which I have proved contains numerous, and very serious, falsehoods without warning viewers would place the ABC in violation of its Code of Practice (see Section 3). You should inform viewers that there are serious problems with the material presented by Williams as you have in other such circumstances when harmful misrepresentations are about to be put to air.

Please act quickly. Thanks.


Mr Duffy you don't have much idea about the physical evidence that literally proves 911 was an inside job do you ?

You just believe the spin put out by Professor Williams without looking any further. If you had spent just a few minutes at you would see that it is physically impossible for the World Trade Centre buildings to have "collapsed" WITHOUT the use of explosives.

Indeed, fragments of high tech explosive material have been recovered from the WTC site in quantities that indicate many tons of this stuff had been employed on the day.

Professor Williams needs to get his head checked. He mixes in lunatic fringe material and straw man arguments to make his case. The man needs to be openly debated by qualified members of the 911 Truth Movement here in Australia.

Here are three falsehoods pushed by Professor Williams in the clip:

1. That because the US Government is seen as incompetent then they could not have pulled off 911.

The problem here is that the US military and intelligence services are not so incompetent.

2. That because the attacks represent a relatively large operation someone would have talked.

The problem here is that although the Mafia and those associated with them number many individuals no one much talks under threat of death. Who would talk if they or their family members would be killed ? Plus, those speaking out would implicate themselves in the mass murder of 3000 innocent people.

3. He uses the discredited National Geographic hit piece "Science and Conspiracy" program as a good source of information. It is a very poor source of information and loaded with many false or misleading arguments.

There are two grossly misleading statements he makes in the clip about the "Science and Conspiracy" program:

Point 1.) that although it cannot melt steel, jet fuel can weaken steel so that is loses some of its strength (allowing a collapse).

The problem here is two fold, that:

A. If jet fuel (and normal fires for that matter) cannot melt steel then what caused the tons of molten steel found in the rubble of the World Trade Centre buildings ? Independent experts have found clear evidence (in the dust and from the steel itself) of the incendiary THERMATE, which is used by the military in demolition work. THERMATE, or a blast furnace, are the ONLY things that could cause such melting.

B. It does not matter if jet fuel or office fires could weaken the building steel because the observational evidence shows that only explosive forces could have caused the rapid "collapse" rates. Gravity alone is not enough to cause what was seen. The prime example is the freefall collapse of WTC 7. Steel NEEDS to be instantly removed so that it can fall so fast. Only explosives can do this. It's not rocket science, just basic physics. Please do some research.

Point 2.) "That a controlled demolition using conventional techniques would leave clear evidence that was not found at ground zero"

Clear evidence of unconventional explosives (unconventional techniques) were found at ground zero. In April 2009 a team of international scientists, writing in a peer reviewed journal, found clear evidence of nano-thermite explosive materials in all the dust samples collected. This is high tech military material and was present in amounts indicating there could have been 10-100 tons present in the buildings.

Mr Duffy, good journalists would look into this evidence and think for themselves rather that put to air this kind of discredited conjecture without some sort of disclaimer.

By allowing such false propaganda to go to air (you are planning on airing his entire lecture on Sun 18th April), when you have been informed of the problems, would place the ABC in violation of its Code of Practice. See Section 3 of the Code that deals with impartiality, balance and serving the public interest.

Airing knowingly false and misleading information, without fairly warning the viewers about these numerous problems, is not serving the public interest.

Knowing what you know from my message, and the other material sent to you by 911 truth advocates (such as John Bursill, you should in all fairness, qualify the speech you intend to air (and provide a link to the debunking of the National Geographic program Williams cites) or cancel his address altogether.

Here are two links that completely demolish the Nat Geo "documentary":

Mr Duffy, you need to think for yourself and question authority. You need to challenge Professor Williams on the physical evidence.