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A 2009 Paper Claims to Have Found Explosive Material in Dust from the 9/11 Tragedy - Please Donate Dust or Money for an Independent Study to Either Confirm or Refute The Paper

By John-Michael Talboo and Ziggi Zugam

Ever more people are realizing that the official account of the 9/11 attacks in 2001 is a cover-up, and that we need a proper independent investigation. One aspect of that investigation will have to deal with the explosive destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC 7, the third skyscraper to disappear that day. Government officials tell us that crashing airplanes led to the exploding Twin Towers, and that normal office fires destroyed a steel skyscraper, Building 7, for the first time in history.

There is no actual evidence behind those theories, only unverified computer animations, since NIST ignored all the evidence or had it destroyed: Plenty of witnesses, including first-responders, have testified that explosions were seen and heard. The government has admitted that all three towers fell to the ground at either free-fall acceleration, or close to it - which is the hallmark of controlled demolition. They never slowed down either, and the expected squibs were also visible. The owner of Building 7 and several other parties may have known that it would be brought down, and some witnesses heard a count-down before the building imploded. The rubble of the towers supports the first-responder testimony with the tell-tale signs of spent incendiary/explosive materials, and the air-pollution provides further evidence - all this is hardly a coincidence.

Finally, a team of scientists has confirmed all these "smoking guns" with a peer-reviewed paper that identifies tiny remnants of active explosives in the dust from the collapsed buildings. The discovery of explosives developed in US government labs is just too shocking for many people to accept, because of its implications. This is why we are asking you to donate money to pay for independent studies that will either support or refute this unchallenged paper.

- Keep reading for a comprehensive explanation of the explosive paper by Harrit et al from 2009. Find out why no one has refuted it, why current attempts are failing and unlikely to produce a credible challenge, and why we need more dust, money and independent scientists...


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9/11 Free Fall 11/22/12-- Abolitionists and 9/11 Truth

Published on Nov 25, 2012 by

On the Thanksgiving day episode Andy Steele goes over the latest 9/11 related news and headlines and discuss the fairy tales children believe in like Santa Claus, and the fairy tales adults believe in...such as the lies their government tells them. As well, talks about the abolitionist movement, what 9/11 Truth shares in common with it, and what we can learn from the people who sacrificed so much in that important struggle.


9/11 Free Fall-- Debunking Popular Mechanics - Interview with Debunking the Debunkers blog contributor Adam Taylor

AE911Truth Podcast Episode 1

9/11 Free Fall 6/22/12 (Wayne Coste Interview)

9/11 Free Fall-- Graeme MacQueen Interview (8/23/12)

9/11 Free Fall 8/10/12 Jonathan Cole Interview

9/11 Free Fall-- Dr. Crockett Grabbe, Controlled Demolition Evidence (10/11/12)

9/11 Free Fall-- Dennis McMahon-- NYC CAN and Building What? (11/8/12)

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Joe Rogan - The JFK Magic Bullet and Assessing the Evidence

[Language Warning] Joe Rogan points out the ridiculousness of the official story of the JFK "magic bullet" theory as described by the Warren Commission:


Joe Rogan's very sensible recommendation in regard to evaluating evidence in difficult-to-follow crimes, where a cover-up is likely underway, is to look for fundamental facts that are 'etched in stone'. In the case of the JFK assassination, the magic bullet theory is central to the Government's simple single shooter narrative. Without it, things become much more complicated.   

And the relevance of this assassination should be apparent - for when past injustices have not been righted we must end up dealing with the legacy of institutionalised corruption, with people who can commit and then cover-up heinous criminal acts. Those truly responsible for this murder were NEVER brought to justice and those that replaced them were more than likely continuing in a similar way, lest later inquires be opened to uncover the truth.

Related Info:

Hiding Evidence is one way to avoid prosecution, although doing so is still a crime - and getting caught can have serious consequences. The matter of 'Stealing JFK's Body' touches on corrupting, or strong-arming, those who work in state-run institutions - like medical doctors or military professionals - in order to hide critical evidence:

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Stealing JFK's Body


Murdering credible witnesses is another way to keep a lid on the truth:

Expert Witness to the Kennedy Assassination - Killed

There were dozens of eye witnesses to the Kennedy assassination including trained ones like police officers. They were ordered to keep their mouths shut about what they saw – and most did. Those who did not were warned, harassed, and if they were persistent and their testimony dangerous enough, they were eliminated.

This guy's story is very much at odds with the official account - plus he tells of many other witnesses who were murdered. Watch til the end.

And lastly, understanding the political situation and understanding that those in authority are not necessarily the moral people we might think they are, as implied in the media, is imperative. Blackmail, bribery and all manner of underhanded dealings can factor into the workings of State. 

Hoover, The Mob, LBJ and The Texas Connection

Obviously there are parallels to what occurred with the JFK assassination and 911.

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Israel Started The Conflict Not Hamas

Debunking the propaganda that Hamas started the fighting with rocket attacks. The Israelis also broke the truce in November 2008:

Remember, when you can't find the source of your troubles, or mis-identify it, finding a solution becomes very difficult.

Monday, November 19, 2012

What? No collapse?

Here's another towering inferno, a 34 story apartment building in Dubai, with pretty severe fires yet remained standing. These flames poured out of the building and were obviously more severe than what was observed with the 2 WTC towers and WTC 7.  Guess the "anomaly" of fire collapsing and pulverizing high rises only happened on 9/11...So it seems that "global collapse" isn't so "inevitable" as NIST claims.


Here's more: http://911research.wtc7.net/wtc/analysis/compare/fires.html

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Has Ventura's show been hijacked?

So far the third season of Jesse Ventura's show has been disappointing. In episode one they tried to discredit David Icke by insinuating he's just in it for the money, which - agree with Icke's beliefs or disagree with them - is a low blow and totally hypocritical.

This is Icke's residence. And this is Jesse's US residence. Icke devotes every hour of every day to his work, whereas Jesse frequently disappears for several months to go surfing! I don't believe in reptilians, but I'm siding with Icke on this one.

They also manipulatively edited Alex Jones' words to make it seem like he didn't like Icke, causing Icke's fans to accuse Jones of being two-faced - more divide and conquer - and in episode two, Ventura promoted Judy Wood's Directed Energy Weapons BS.

Ventura, an atheist, probably doesn't think much of creationism. Someone should point out to him that Judy Wood's reasoning - "Here's some photos of burnt car roofs that explosives/thermite can't explain, therefore beams from space did it!" - is the same kind of reasoning creationists employ.

Judging by the names and descriptions of the next five episodes, it doesn't look like season three is going to be very good. The only one that looks remotely interesting is the one about underground bunkers, which he already kind of did in season one. Apparently, season 3 was originally supposed to be eight episodes, with the finale exposing the TSA, but Time Warner pulled the plug on that episode. Guess that one was too provably true to be allowed to air.

Shame really, coz the first two seasons were really good. I can think of so many episode ideas that would be perfect for them to do: Fukushima/Radiation, Geo-engineering/chemtrails, Occultism/Bohemian Grove, Eugenics/Transhumanism, Drones/DARPA robots, Cancer/Suppression of alternative treatments, social engineering. And if you wanna do some paranormal ones, how about crop circles or near-death experiences? Those are more credible than time travel and Bigfoot!

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We agree with Colin Powell

We agree with retired General Colin Powell. There is no rational reason why we can’t deal with the deficit if we cut the Pentagon budget, saying “I don’t think the defense budget should be made sacrosanct,”

On CNN’s State of the Union Powell noted that when he was the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Dick Cheney was the Secretary of Defense, they presided over a 25% cut in the Pentagon budget.

Write your Senators and Representative today and tell them to cut the Pentagon budget to save the economy.

Then, please, send this message to your friends.

The Lame Duck session of Congress could decide the future of the economy. While some Congressional leaders fear the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’, Peace Action, and our allies in Congress, are demanding a fiscal showdown.

Will we get on the road to creating jobs while protecting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security? Or will the ‘austerity’ proponents protect the Pentagon and the 1% and force the rest of society to pay the cost for an economic meltdown caused by runaway military spending, two wars, Wall Street and the banks?
Write your Congressional Representative and tell them: Corporations and the super rich must pay their fair share, end the war and occupation of Afghanistan and the reckless, unnecessary military spending in order to fund jobs. Hands off Social Security, Medicare and other human services.

Colin Powell has affirmed what we’ve been saying all along. Now it’s time for Congress to act. But, in fact, only our staunchest allies are raising the call. That’s why it’s so important you act!

We need an economy that is not dependant on wars and useless weapons and, instead, supports prosperous communities. The future belongs to cutting edge technologies that meet our energy needs without exacerbating global warming. The demand for quality health care, housing and transportation as well as basic needs like adequate supplies of food and clean water is growing.

Every dime spent on research and development of new nuclear weapons or the next generation of fighter jets weakens America’s position in a global economy. The US spends as much on war and weapons as the rest of the world combined.

Tell your Senators and Representative we can no longer afford these twisted priorities.           

Humbly for Peace,
Judith LeBlanc
Field Director
Peace Action

P.S. - Read the fantastic op-ed that Mike Helbick of Peace Action Wisconsin wrote for the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal responding to the lay-offs of military production workers just days before the elections. Then write your Senators and Representative and tell them cut military spending, not Social Security and Medicare!

Ladies in Pink Slips: 10 Years of CODEPINK Creativity

Published on Nov 13, 2012 by

CODEPINK celebrates 10 years of peaceful troublemaking in November, 2012. Watch highlights from the growing movement for justice and join us to end war!


Support the Walmart Black Friday Strike

Support the Walmart Black Friday Strikers!
Fellow occupier, it's time to take a stand and support the workers who are standing up to live better through an unfair labor practice strike.

Walmart workers decided to strike on Black Friday after they were targeted for retaliation for speaking out about substandard work conditions and treatment last month in the first ever walk out in the history of the company.

We ask you to help us feed the workers who will walk out on the company next week on the biggest shopping day of the year.

The workers are demanding the following from Walmart:
  1. Improve Workers’ Lives
    Pay a minimum of $25,000/year and guarantee quality, affordable health coverage for all Walmart associates and workers in the company’s US distribution chain.
  2. Rebuild Communities
    Sign on to a national community benefits agreement that ensures as Walmart expands into new markets, it strengthens communities, protects the environment and is responsible for the well-being of its employees in its retail stores and US supply and distribution chain.
  3. Put Its Promises in Writing
    Agree to a global labor agreement guaranteeing the fundamental human right of freedom of association for all of its associates and instruct their suppliers to do the same, and recognize and negotiate with OUR Walmart.
  4. Elevate Global Living Standards
    Establish a legally binding global responsible contractor policy requiring contractors and subcontractors to provide living wages, worker safety protections, and respect basic human and labor rights, including freedom of association and freedom from racial and gender discrimination.
How can I support in other ways?
You can join solidarity actions throughout the United States. Find out which solidarity actions are being organized and the store employees that are participating by going to the Corporate Action Network event page.
“The only thing workers have to bargain with is their skill or their labor. Denied the right to withhold it as a last resort, they become powerless. The strike is therefore not a breakdown of collective bargaining-it is the indispensable cornerstone of that process." -- Paul Clark
Click here and support the Walmart Black Friday strikers today!


9/11 Truth Movement Trying to Co-opt the Occupy Movement?

Occupy Wall Street asks you to pledge to *Fight Back*

Excerpt from Jesse Ventura's New Book 'DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans'

Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Price FULL MOVIE

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Honor Vets, End War

Published on Nov 13, 2012 by breakingtheset

Abby Martin commemorates Veteran's Day by calling out the dire state of Veteran's in the US.

LIKE Breaking the Set @ http://fb.me/BreakingTheSet
FOLLOW Abby Martin @ http://twitter.com/AbbyMartin


Conspiracy Reality | Think Tank

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9/11 Free Fall-- Dennis McMahon-- NYC CAN and Building What? (11/8/12)

Published on Nov 10, 2012 by Free Fall

Dennis P. McMahon is a member of the New York and Massachusetts bars. In 2009, he served as attorney for the 9/11 family members in Burke vs McSweeney, as part of the NYC CAN petition effort to have NYC voters decide whether New York City should have its own investigation into what really happened on 9/11. Dennis was instrumental in introducing the "Building What?" campaign, later renamed "Remember Building 7." In 2011, he helped coordinate part of the "Investigate Building 7" conference held in West Hartford Connecticut. Dennis currently serves as a member of David Ray Griffin's Consensus 911 Project, and is a member of the Writing Team at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.


Building What? is up...

9/11 Free Fall-- Debunking Popular Mechanics - Interview with Debunking the Debunkers blog contributor Adam Taylor

AE911Truth Podcast Episode 1

9/11 Free Fall 6/22/12 (Wayne Coste Interview)

9/11 Free Fall-- Graeme MacQueen Interview (8/23/12)

9/11 Free Fall 8/10/12 Jonathan Cole Interview

9/11 Free Fall-- Dr. Crockett Grabbe, Controlled Demolition Evidence (10/11/12)

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'Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura' Season 3 Premiere Debunks Reptilian Alien Theories

Here is the full episiode and Mark Dice's commentary on it below.


TruTV's 'Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura' - 9/11

Jesse Ventura's Pentagon Episode & a response to Neighborhood Rationalist

President Obama Reelected: Charlie Sheen and Some Facts About 9/11 for President Obama to "Deal With"

A video I made back in 2009. Send this page to the White house! Maybe without the fear of losing reelection due to tackling controversial subjects, President Obama will be more inclined to reexamine things like the 9/11 truth movement, wake up, and do something. An important update on the first point raised is below the video.

Factual back-up, sources, and further research materials.

Regarding the first point:

From 2006: FBI says, "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11"

911myths.com states that Betsy Glick in the FBI Public Affairs office told them that, "The information provided at that time by the (now retired) Investigative Publicity Unit Chief, who was not an agent nor a counterterrorism expert, does not accurately explain the situation."

Contradictory statements aside, in 2001 then Secretary of State Colin Powell stated that the government would soon "put out a paper ... that will describe clearly the evidence that we have linking" bin Laden to 9/11. One day later the government reneged on this pledge and no such paper has ever been offered. So it seems that the first statement from the FBI was the honest one. Bin Laden has admitted to being involved in 9/11, but just like the FBI he has made contraduictory statements and denied his guilt on three reported occasions, including once on video, but this doesn't mean he wasn't involved. Afterall, there is circumstantial evidence against him in the form of a video showing him meeting with with some of the hijackers. And as 911myths.com points out, "Since 9/11, al-Qaeda have released footage of several of the hijackers. These include a number of video wills, where they talk about jihad and attacking America."

Mechanical engineer Tony Szamboti had this to say at 911 Blogger:
The much bigger issue than when he died is that Osama bin Laden was not wanted for the 911 attacks by the FBI. The video of him allegedly admitting to it was found like a needle in a haystack in a house in Jalalabad, Afghanistan in Dec. 2001, after the invasion. The FBI apparently had a problem with that video as it did not deem it as grounds to indict bin Laden for the 911 attacks.

Shortly after 911 Colin Powell said a white paper would be released which proved the guilt of bin Laden for the 911 attacks. Incredibly, no white paper was ever provided to the public...
The evidence indicates the problem the FBI has with the tape is that it proves, as 9/11 researcher Ed Hass wrote in 2007, that the tape was obtained in a CIA string operation and thus "the CIA had Osama bin Laden in its sights, camera and rifle, on or about September 26, 2001 and failed to capture or kill him in favor of gaining a videotape confession of sorts to support the Bush Administration’s invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. If Osama bin Laden had been captured or killed on or about September 26, 2001 – there would have been no international support for the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan." Click here for more info.

Bottom line, bin Laden and Al-Qaeda hijackers being involved in 9/11 in no way negates the slew of evidence indicating the attacks involved inside help.


President Obama: 9/11 Families Ask You to Watch “9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out”

Scootle's "Twenty Minutes With The President" Contest Entry

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One Thing Wrong and A Lot of Things Right

PhD Physicist Crockett Grabbe was recently published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Engineering Mechanics, disputing the the pile-driver or crush-down theory in which the tops of the Towers act as giant sledgehammers put forward by engineer Zdenek Bazant. One reason I bring this up, is to express my agreement with debunkers that his claim that the South Tower's "top segment... initially collapses at an acceleration rate more than four as large as that of gravity," is untenable. That said, Grabbe's stated goals in his paper includes three other solid points. Outlining his goals, Grabbe writes:
First is their assertion about implications of their collapse model for the South Tower. Second is the very inadequate amount of energy expended in their gravitational collapse model, including the claimed ease of breaking through and demolishing each floor that they assert in explaining the smooth collapse, in contrast to independent calculations of the total energy expended in the observed collapses. Third is an underlying 1-dimensional (1D) assumption in the equations used to model the collapse in this paper and in previous papers it references. Shortcomings of this 1D model seriously challenge its validity, and thus that of the "crush-down, crush-up" model of gravitational collapse for the calculations they present. Fourth is a challenge to their broad claim that all objections have been shown invalid.
Before getting into his other three points, I think it important to note that "debunkers" who bashed the Bentham journal for bad peer-review, should be doing the same here if they don't want to be hypocritical. In doing so, however, does that not put the peer-review of Bazant's papers in question as well? As Jim Hoffman at the website 911research.wtc7.net pointed out, "Bazant must be a super-genius to understand how two skyscrapers could crush themselves to rubble, a newly observed behaviour for steel structures, and write a paper about it in just two days." This paper was also published, and apparently reviewed, in the Journal of Engineering Mechanics during those 48 hours.  Juxtapose this with the fact that Bazant's theory has been challenged, not once, twice, but three times, and likely a fourth time, with a paper coming from mechanical engineer Tony Szamboti, in that same journal and you have a good a priori case that Bazant is wrong, but we won't rely on that, just saying.

While addressing his second stated goal in the paper, Grabbe writes:
...Independent calculations of the energy expended in the collapses of the Towers have produced estimates of that expenditure to be at least 25MgH or more.[Hoffman, 1983] This implies that the "crush-up, crush-down" model cannot begin to account for the energy expended in the WTC collapses -- indeed, from the maximum energy expenditure claimed in Le and Bazant's paper, over a factor of 100. Hoffman identified energy being expended for crushing the concrete. heating the concrete and the suspended gases, and vaporization of the water. Any rough validity to these energy expenditure calculations would imply that these collapses cannot be caused by fire-induced gravitational collapse as Le and Bazant presume in this paper.
Hoffman is arguably one of the most well respected 9/11 truth researchers due to his careful nature. He has produced a prodigious number of very well researched pages on his three web domains and his pages have always scored well on Google searches. And he has disassembled many debunking arguments, like those of Popular Mechanics and National Geographic. So there is indeed a reason to believe that there is at least a rough validity to his calculations, even though his work on this topic is incomplete. 911review.com notes that, "Hoffman admits that there is substantial uncertainty regarding several assumptions used to obtain the energy estimates -- in particular those regarding the contribution of turbulent mixing to the size of the dust cloud. The promised Version 4 of the paper will employ a more flexible approach for computing energy estimates."
Hoffman's page "Volume of Dust Clouds Proves Demolition" notes:
At least one academic paper has attempted to explain the rapidity of the collapses by promoting a questionably applicable mathematical model alleged to predict a nearly frictionless total collapse. Since that model has each tower neatly pulling itself down at near the speed of free-fall, there would be very little heat produced to drive the dust cloud expansion.
The academic paper cited is by Bazant and is reproduced in full at that link with refutations added in red colored text throughout.

It is claimed by some that the dust cloud was cold. However, New York Daily News photographer David Handschuh was quoted as saying, "I got down to the end of the block and turned the corner when a wave-- a hot, solid, black wave of heat threw me down the block. It literally picked me up off my feet and I wound up about a block away." Firefighter Timothy Julian also described the dust cloud as being hot.
Addressing his third stated goal in the paper, Grabbe writes:
1D equation cannot model the Towers collapses correctly, because the horizontal dimension is very important in the physics of those collapses. This includes the squibs repeatedly shooting out in this horizontal dimension, the South Tower's top segment making a sudden shift in the horizontal direction in its collapse, very large pieces hurled out from of both Towers having considerable momentum and kinetic energy in this horizontal dimension. There are large streams shooting out in the horizontal dimension with large debris coming out from the Towers -- not only with a downward component, but also an upward component in the case of the North Tower. These effects are all neglected in a 1D model, yet they are very important processes in the Towers collapses.
"Debunkers" do not think these processes are important. Here is a page that I and a few others authored at AE911Truth debunking several claims of "debunkers" relating to squibs. Included is the fact that calculations performed by Grabbe show that the horizontal ejection rate of the squibs is disproportional to the floor and debris descent speeds that are allegedly responsible for them. One point not in the article, is one made by blog contributor Adam Taylor. In his video, "9/11 Smoking Guns: The Squibs," he demonstrates that a squib in the South Tower that appears approximately 40 stories below the demolition wave, forms approximately three seconds into the collapse. If something was falling through the building to cause the squib, as "debunkers" have claimed, it would have to be falling faster than gravitational freefall, which is impossible.

As to the South Tower's shift, Jim Hoffman writes:
The sudden slowing of the rotation of the South Tower's upper 30-story block as it disappeared into the burgeoning explosion is the basis for a particularly obvious disproof of the collapse theory. The top began to topple at an accelerating rate, rotating about 20 degrees in two seconds so that its roof overhung its base by at least 80 feet at one point. Why, instead of toppling off of the base, did it telescope into the base?
He then goes on to refute "debunker" Ryan Mackey on this point:
In Mackey's tortured scenario, the columns on the east side of the Tower -- those directly under the center of mass of the rotating and falling top -- were somehow able to catch the top and impart the force necessary to reverse the rotation. That implies that the columns on the far side and the core -- which, being offset from the top's center of mass, would apply increasing torque to accelerate the top's rotation as it toppled -- had somehow ceased to interact with the top. If that were true, why didn't the west perimeter wall, unscathed by the top, remain standing -- why was it erased like the rest of the Tower's base in such a systematic top-down fashion?

Mackey's theory, though incredibly far fetched, may be the best that collapse theory supporters can offer. The behavior of the South Tower's top so clearly reveals that the top and bottom sections were disconnected -- i.e., there was no crush zone -- that even grade-school children quickly grasp this proof of demolition.
As to the "very large pieces hurled out from of both Towers having considerable momentum and kinetic energy" consider this beam:

As blog contributor Scootle Royale wrote:
...It was somewhere between 6.7 and 6.8 seconds. The north tower was 417 meters tall, and WTC7 was 186 meters tall, so the distance between the two roofs was about 230 meters. The amount of time it would take to freefall that distance in a vaccum is about 6.85 seconds. So even if this beam was dropped from the height of the roof of the north tower at the exact moment the tower started to collapse, it still wouldn't have reached the roof of WTC7 in under 6.8 seconds. Put simply, this steel beam had to have been falling significantly faster than freefall. Obviously this is impossible unless it was launched downwards by something, such as an explosion.
Addressing his fourth stated goal, which relates to the third, Grabbe writes:
Finally, I challenge Le and Bazant's statement at the beginning of their paper where they say "All the objections of the proponents of the controlled-demolition hypothesis have been shown invalid." In particular, that is not correct in their response to the recent comment by Bjorkman (Bjorkman, 2010; Bazant et al, 2010). Commentor Bjorkman challenges the validity of the 1D model based on observations, as well as on an earlier critique by MacQueen and Szamboti (2009). Bjorkman states that equations are not needed to see from observations that Le and Bazant's model is wrong. Le and Bazant disagree with that, responding that equations are vital. However, questions of the collapse of the Towers are at least 2D because of important features observed in the horizontal direction. Le and Bazant's 1D gravitational equations for that analysis are not adequate, and they cannot counter Bjorkman's objection unless they present a quantative model of the Tower that is at least 2D in their equations of motion.
As to observations being sufficient to disprove the Bazant model, blog contributor Steve Weathers, included the following picture in his partial repost of Bjorkman's page, "WTC 1 - The Obvious Case Against the Collapse/Crush Down Hypothesis - Debunking the Conspiracy Theories of Prof. Bazant and NIST." Steve notes that, "There is no upper block crushing the lower sections- it's been obliterated. Furthermore gravity alone will not cause the debris to be thrown out laterally as is seen. Where is that pile-driving mass ? It does not exist. The building here is being ripped apart by forces other than gravity."

Furthermore, Bjorkman provides the following:

Fig. 5 - from [2] - Upper part C roof line downward displacement versus time. The curve is very smooth. If Upper part C had really "crushed down" 9 or 13 intact storeys below into Part B - Rubble/debris, the curve should be staggered! The smooth curve suggests that Upper part C is simply removed in a computer animation.

Scootle affirmed the above point by making speed-time graphs of the motion of four different verinage demolitions, where the columns on the central floors are weakened to crush the bottom section. The first three were tracked at an angle, however,  he notes that "in all three cases there's an initial acceleration and then upon impact the acceleration abruptly ceases and a deceleration trend begins. This is exactly what we would expect using basic physics and common sense." The fourth was tracked from a great frontal view:
And here's an After Effects speed-time plot...

Can't get much clearer than that really!
In comparison Scootle mapped out the North Tower and provided the following:
Three points were tracked. This was a bit more difficult because of the smoke. The graph below is of all three tracks together.
I think that's pretty clear! Just like Chandlers' analysis and MacQueen & Szamboti's analysis, my tracks have produced a reasonably straight line. For at least two seconds the north tower accelerated constantly, further proof of the lack of jolt.
The three [four] Verinage demolitions are perhaps the closest real-world examples we have for comparison to the North Tower, and they clearly behave differently. The fact remains that what happened to the north tower was unprecedented, regardless of how much you wanna exaggerate the tilt!
Bazant et al. did author a Closure, which Bjorkman called "the most shameful Closure in structural damage analysis history" in his response. Is he right? Well, his response also included a challenge that puts his money where his mouth is, offering 10,000 Euro to anyone who can "come up with some other type of structure that really can collapse from top down," when the mass of part C is 1/9 the mass of part A.

If his opponents cannot find a way to collect the money offered, then it is certainly possible that they have written "the most shameful Closure in structural damage analysis history." Here is the only attempt I'm aware of thus far:

As Bjorkman noted, "A heavy disc on a pin that breaks the weak fastenings of other discs to same pin is not a collapse of anything. The only things broken are the weak fastenings while the discs and the pin remain intact, the discs having displaced a little.

This experiment with concrete blocks is much more representative:

Even this egg experiment is more representative than the first above:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Action Alert: Help Firefighters and Scientists for 9/11 Truth to Each Reach 100 Members

Firefighters for 9/11 Truth currently have 91 "Confirmed Firefighter Signatories" at their site and Scientists for 9/11 Truth currently have "76 Active Members." Let's help to give them an extra push to reach 100 members each. This can be done in a variety of ways. When I lived in Erie PA, I took a walk at night and placed, "Firehouse 911, the DVD by Firefighters for Firefighters!," on top of the mailbox by the door at the fire station. And lo and behold, the signature list at Firefighters for 9/11 Truth includes, "Tim Romanski Erie Fire Dept., Erie, PA 3-8 Years." Here is the trailer for and some clips from that DVD:

You can also send the email below (or something like it) out to firehouses via their websites. The first link is a PDF that can be printed out and distributed to your local fire stations.

NYC Firefigters are speaking out about 9/11. Will you join them?

For your consideraion:

From the list of "Confirmed Firefighter Signatories" at FireFightersFor911Truth.org:

An Appeal to Firefighters, Present and Past from a retired FDNY Lieutenant

Bryan Hunt, FDNY, retired 8-15 Years
"I retired from FDNY in 1998. I knew many of the guys who died in the WTC collapses. May they rest in peace. I've read tons of information re. the deaths of my brothers on 9/11. I've watched the videos, listened to the rantings on both sides. It wasn't until 2006 that I began questioning the "official story" and did my own research. There is bad info on both sides, but I've concluded that the "official story" doesn't add up. It sounds like a whitewash. The 9/11 Commission didn't investigate anything--they just took statements. We need a real, independent investigation, with supeona powers. If the "offical" version is correct, so be it. And if heads are going to roll at any level of the government or military, so be it. Let's do it, and let's not be afraid of the truth. The brothers deserve that much."

Jim Osorio, LFD Rescue 1 - Acting Rescue 5 FDNY N/A "I responded to this horrific incident with my fellow firefighters, and will always remember this and will never forget my brother and sister firefighters who responded and paid the ultimate sacrifice."

John Keenan FDNY retired N/A

xxxxxxxx FDNY ret. Lt. 15+ Years

Other FDNY that have spoke out not listed at FireFightersFor911Truth:

Jason Bermas talks with firefighter at St. Mark's Church in 2005.


HIGHLIGHTS : Interview with John Schroeder 911 FIREMAN


FDNY member on 9/11 Truth "I support you guys"



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Waiting for Seven: WTC 7 Collapse Warnings in the FDNY Oral Histories

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

How To Be Free and Conscious in a Society of Enslavement and Fear: Transcending the Prison Matrix of Robots, Bums and Criminals

By Winston Wu of DebunkingSkeptics.com
Chinese version: http://www.happierabroad.com/Awakening-Chinese.htm

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."
- Jiddu Krishnamurti

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell

Have you ever realized how enslaving and oppressive the world is, when you look at it from a higher perspective? It seems like a prison matrix full of sheep, zombies, robotic slaves, bums, criminals, and oppressors, rather than happy free conscious aware beings full of love and wisdom. That’s because the inherent nature of our societal system produces three types of people:

1. Robots/slaves/sheep/zombies/conformists – Most people are in this category. They are conformist sheep, living only to work and raise a family, harboring a materialistic mindset and judgmental attitude. They do not think for themselves, but only know what they are taught, and believe whatever everyone else believes. They live to work in order to make a living, never realizing that such is an oxymoron because if all you do is make a living, and you have nothing else to live for, then you have no life or real purpose to “make a living” for in the first place. These slaves live in mind numbing routines that tie them down, simply because that's the way they were taught to live. They are enslaved, and conditioned to want it, seeing no other choice. Many become workaholics to the extreme. The mainstream are like this, particularly in American and Asian cultures. They judge others by materialistic standards. As such, they look down upon nonconformists who dare to be different with disdain and contempt.

2. Bums/degenerates/drug users/drunks/low lifes – This type consists of people unable to conform to the system. So they rebel and end up as homeless bums, delinquents, drug users, drunks, low level petty criminals, pot smoking hippies, etc. Society views them negatively as degenerates and losers who are dangerous if not controlled. You find such types in the bad parts of a city. The educational and economic system basically raises you to see two choices in life - become a robot slave to work in order to make a living, or become a impoverished degenerate bum and be despised by society. (Gee what a bleak choice) In effect, society skews the “security vs. freedom” dichotomy into a negative choice, by attaching negative consequences to real freedom (becoming an impoverished degenerate bum) and insinuating that security through slavery/enslavement is the correct and socially acceptable choice.

3. Criminals/oppressors/tyrants/bullies/sociopaths – These are criminals, sociopaths, and oppressors who use evil methods to control and dominate others. They prey upon the weak and vulnerable in a “dog eat dog” Darwinistic world. In a competitive society where people are conditioned to view others as adversaries, they choose to be cruel heartless a-holes to get to the top. They thrive on power and will use any means necessary to accomplish their goals. To them, the ends justify the means. They relish being "a-holes" and enjoy bullying and intimidating others. Power by nature attracts evil people rather than good, and it is these types that it attracts, who often end up in leadership positions. They lack empathy and view people only as statistics. As tyrants, they are sociopaths without conscience – they can lie and start wars and bloodshed to promote their interests, yet sleep ok at night with no guilt. They range from thugs and mobsters, to white collar criminals, to corrupt politicians, tyrants and dictators above the law.

Most people fall into one of the three types above. Or they are a blend of them, passing through each type during different stages in their life. In fact, you can feel the vibes/energy of these types above everywhere you go amidst masses of people in public places, which is very sad, and alienating as well if you do not fall into one of the three types yourself.

Yet all these types simply suck. When you see them for what they are, you realize how insane they are. None of them live truly happy or free. They are all in effect, negative choices and speak volumes about the dysfunctional society that we live in. Obviously something must be very messed up to produce such types in the majority of people. We obviously live in a world of enslavement and control, a prison matrix so to speak.

That’s why it is difficult to find this fourth type which is the rarest:

4. Freethinkers/freespirits/nonconformists/intellectuals/truth-seekers/spiritually-inclined – These are the rarest. Being conscious, aware, spiritually-oriented and unslaved, they find a way to live a fruitful and meaningful life with freedom to discover one's own purpose. They are liberated from the fear of what others think of them, and live in a world of possibilities rather than limitations. They are less materialistic, less judgmental, more wise, and have learned to shed attachments to live more simply. This type is the closest to self-actualization. As such, they prefer to inspire, empower, and uplift others rather than bring them down. Yet it is the rarest type because society does not condition you to be this way. We are conditioned to be materialistic, conformist and live to work. We are taught what to think, not how to think, making us conform to groupthink and highly judgmental of others. Thus this fourth type is the least common. One has to think outside the box and go through a process of transformation in order to find it. But even if one finds it, their next challenge then becomes that of a “starving artist” or “Bohemian”, struggling to live the #4 way of life successfully without falling down into the #2 type.

And that’s the purpose of this article, to present this fourth option to you and show you how to make it work, so that you can live the freest and most liberated life possible. Let’s begin by looking at the way we are brought up in society, and how we are programmed, conditioned and deceived.

From birth, we are taught obedience and conformity in school. Then we are conditioned to believe that our purpose in life is to "work and make money" (become a slave in other words). All of this serves to condition people to "want" a life of enslavement. If you've noticed, when most Americans (and Asians) who “live to work” lose their jobs or become unemployed, they feel worthless and miserable, as though their lives had no meaning, purpose or function anymore. Without a form of "paid enslavement" and servitude, they have no idea what to do, as they are empty and void on the inside with no value except that given to them by the economic system. In effect, they are "depressed without their enslavement" which is crazy and bizarro if you think about it. This is the result of their conditioning. It's a really sad sordid state of affairs. But that is how people are conditioned.

Ironically, in spite of "wanting their enslavement", most people live oppressed lives where they watch the clock, live for Fridays and dread Mondays, with short-lived weekend breaks between them that whiz by like a gust of wind. What an awful way to live! This is the epitome of oppression. Even animals don't live that way. It's not natural. Humans were not meant to live that way. It's ridiculous and insane. There's something VERY wrong with it. But sadly, most feel powerless and just accept it in order to pay their bills as they continue living in "survival mode".

To distract us from our enslavement, the mainstream media feeds us mind numbing useless content such as professional sports, celebrity news, politics, tragedies, crime, economic news, gay rights issues, and other meaningless crap that is irrelevant to our lives. That is the reason for all the garbage content on mainstream media channels - they don't want you to think too much or realize the prison matrix you're in and the lies you've been brainwashed with. As the conspiracy crowd and alternative media put it: "The elites want to dumb you down and keep you in a state of fear and survival, so you don't think too much." They are certainly right about that. We are conditioned to live in fear for a reason. Fear keeps you in a lower state of consciousness where you are less aware and less able to think clearly, and more controllable. This is why most Americans (and East Asians) are in a state of irrational fear and paranoia, even when there is no rational reason to be, or actual danger present. It's not an accident. There is a nefarious reason for it.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."
- Thomas Jefferson

Politics is especially deceptive, because in reality, voting makes no difference and does NOT change government policy or the way things are run. The political candidates represent the same power oligarchy, so whoever wins, the same power structure and people remain in place. Elections really don't make a difference, and are just a charade to appease people and give them the illusion of choice.

“Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws."
- Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

In fact, technically there is no such a thing as a democracy which is easily proven by basic logic. A democracy is defined as a "rule by the majority", however, anyone knows that the majority or common people have no control over government policy. If it did, then there would be no senseless wars, no taxes, healthcare would be free or affordable, the atrocious banking bailout of 2008 (which the American people didn't want) would never have been passed, and the income tax amendment would never have been ratified (no majority would ever be in favor of income taxes of course). So, the notion of a democracy is debunked by basic logic. Yet amazingly, many people still believe that a democracy exists, simply because they are told so and others believe it too. My, how gullible people are!

"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the U.S. since the days of Andrew Jackson."
- U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a letter written Nov. 21, 1933 to Colonel E. Mandell House

Moreover, if you do the research, you find out that money itself doesn't even really exist, because it's not even backed by gold or silver anymore. Most central banks (e.g. Federal Reserve) nowadays print money "out of thin air". The monetary system itself was created to enslave people in debt. (See the films "Zeitgeist Addendum" and "The Money Masters" on YouTube or Google Video) So in essence, when you are a slave to money, you are a slave to something that doesn't even truly exist! Now what could be more insane than that?! Furthermore, humans are the ONLY species on Earth that has to PAY to live. No other life form on this planet has to "pay" to live here. If you meditate on that fact, you will realize that it speaks volumes about how enslaved, oppressed and artificial our lives are.

"Money is the possibility or the right to exploit the labours of others. Money is a new form of slavery, which differs form the old only in being impersonal, and in freeing people from all the human relations of the slave."
- Leo Tolstoy

You gotta wonder, what's the point of American "freedom and democracy" (which is a myth) if one has no freedom and lives such an oppressive existence? But of course, no system succeeds by telling its citizens that they are enslaved. So instead, they invent the myth of "freedom and democracy", which falls apart under casual scrutiny, and try to condition you to "want" your enslavement. As conspiracy researcher Mark Passio said, "Tyrants always come disguised as liberators."

Our oppressive conditioning starts in school, where we are trained and indoctrinated to become obedient conforming slaves. We are put in an oppressive prison-like environment, which gets progressively worse after elementary school. As children, we are taught to falsely identify their self-worth with their performance and grades, and forced into the tedious routine everyday of memorizing large volumes of useless data to regurgitate on tests and exams. All this serves to teach obedience, conformity, discipline, and left-brained thinking, through memorization and indoctrination.

You see, children are naturally born with imagination, curiosity and wonder. But when they are around 13 years of age, they are given the bad news - that they must "grow up" and begin to embrace the cold practical world of obedience, conformity, living to make money and attaining a career. This "growing up" is the process of trading the rich world of imagination, creativity and fantasy, for the cold materialistic world of slavery, productivity and monotonous routine in servitude to the economic system. The school's job is to aid in this transition - from human/spiritual being to robotic slave. After this transition, the only fantasies and dreams one is supposed to have are those related to making money and attaining a career. This is how the control system molds and grooms us to live in the prison matrix.

Hence, the true purpose of school is unveiled - to train and condition them to become disciplined obedient slaves and workers. In short, school is there to prepare them for a JOB. And if they go to college, they get to become a "well-paid" wage slave at that. Woo-hoo! In this system, the child-like wonder, curiosity and imagination that children were born with is squelched, as they are groomed to become economic resources whose worth is determined by their career, productivity and material value.

“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.”
- Rita Mae Brown

What's worse, social cliques in high school are composed of zombies/slaves (obedient nerds who only care about grades and studying), a-holes (teens who act depraved, hostile and put others down to prop themselves up without regard for other's feelings) and fake people (pretty much everyone). This means that if you are a teen who is sincere, authentic, nice, down to earth, sane, rational and logical, you simply have no place or clique to fit into. Who ever heard of an "authentic/sincere/genuine/down to earth" clique in high school? lol Thus high school becomes the most lonely, invalidating and alienating existence, if you are authentic and sane.

In truth, school does NOT make you smarter, more intelligent, wise, intellectual, enlightened, aware, spiritual, insightful or even shrewd. All it does is make you more obedient and disciplined. Now, if your objective it to become a slave, this may have some value to you, but if your aim is to not be a slave, then what value is it to you? Now there's some food for thought...

Other freethinking writers have also noted this "roboticization" of students in their articles critiquing the school system. Here is one great example:

"The Horrors of Public Education"

And there are courageous students who have made videos exposing the school system, such as:

"The Shocking Truth About Public Schools"

"Herd Mentality - The Schooling System"

As a result of this system, people are brought up to see only two choices in life:

1) Become a robotic slave who lives to work and works to death, with no free time to pursue other things, and no freedom to create a life purpose for oneself, all in order to earn money and make a living. 2) Become poor and destitute and live in poverty, or live out on the street as a bum and be despised by society as a nonproductive degenerate.

So, in short, you are given the choice to either become a robot slave or a bum! Isn't that so ridiculous and oppressive? What kind of choice is that?! Don't these two choices just SUCK? Furthermore, society skews this “security vs. freedom” dichotomy into a negative choice, by attaching negative consequences to real freedom (becoming an impoverished degenerate bum) and insinuating that security through slavery/enslavement is the correct and socially acceptable choice.

Most people strive for #1. They become enslaved and live to work, assuming they have no other choice. But when you think about it, #1 is absurd, because what's the point of earning a living, if you have no freedom to do what you want with your life or create/find your own purpose? In fact, one of the greatest and most enlightening questions you could ever ask yourself is: What is the point of making a living, if all you do everyday is make a living? What are you making a living for exactly? How are you any different from a slave or a zombie if all you do is make a living just so you can continue to exist to make a living? Aren’t you essentially dead? It's a self-defeating circular loop and internal contradiction. All you're doing is sustaining a life of enslavement, with no actual freedom or purpose. What’s the point of being a workaholic slave just so you can survive, make ends meet and pay your bills?

I urge you to seriously ponder these questions and meditate on them: What's the point of your life if you "live to work"? What are you working for? What are you "making a living" for? What are you "sustaining" exactly? Let me spell it out for you: What kind of "living" are you "making" if all you do during your "living" time is work to "make a living"? You see how ridiculous and insane that is?! Think about it. If you meditate on it, you will soon get an "aha" moment of enlightenment, albeit a disturbing one, as you wonder, "How could I have not realized something so obvious all this time?" (I know I did)

Another awakening question you can ask yourself is: Why is am I always told that I live in a “free country” yet in childhood I had to suffer the imprisonment of school everyday and do what I’m told, and in adulthood I have to submit to the stressful and demanding imprisonment of a job everyday in order to make ends meet? It doesn’t make any sense when you think about it, and is a huge contradiction between what you are told vs. reality.

“The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”
- Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

This "live to work" mentality is especially prominent in America and East Asian cultures (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) - which are obsessed with becoming workaholics and working to death as the sole aim of life - but not as much in more intellectual/passionate cultures such as Latin America, Europe or Russia.

Now if you are lucky enough to do what you really love for a living, then you will not feel like a slave as much. But most people are not that lucky. Most have to go to mind numbing stressful jobs just to "make a living" and pay their bills. Their work and family tie them down and enslave them with obligations and responsibilities. They watch the clock, live for Fridays and dread Mondays, with short lived weekends in between that whiz by before they know it. In such an oppressive enslaving state of existence, what does it matter what type of government they live under? They have no real freedom anyway (other than stuff like deciding what flavor of bagel to choose from).

"Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule."
- Friederich Nietzsche

Now I am not against doing something productive with your life. What I am against is raising humans in oppressive environments where they are treated like slaves, dumbed down, mind controlled, given no freedom, kept in a state of fear and survival mode, taught to judge their worth by their career and material assets, and brainwashed to believe that their sole purpose in life is to make money, to the point where they will feel empty and depressed without a job to enslave them. That's just plain wrong, cruel and oppressive. Humans ought to live freely and be allowed to create their own purpose, (as long as they don't harm others) discover themselves, find their bliss and true calling, and operate from a state of consciousness and awareness, rather than live in fear under oppression and enslavement.

But under the system we live under, one is not conditioned to seek adventure, passion, romance, freedom, love, intellectualism, spirituality, truth, wisdom, philosophy, etc. Instead, one is conditioned to be productive, desiring only to make money and acquire material goods - all of which brings only fleeing satisfaction, leaving one empty and flat, and not understanding why. This in turn leads to eventual disappointment and the need for further distraction and escapism into consumerism, creating a vicious cycle of short-lived stimulation and unfulfillment, all of which empties out one's soul and spirit.

Eastern philosophy and spirituality teach balance. A person needs to balance their inner life (spirituality) with their outer life, and they need to balance their right and left brain hemispheres. However, society conditions you to be empty inside while seeking gratification in materialism, and to only use left brained logic to understand things. Where's the balance in that?

I think most people subconsciously realize the insanity of all this, but they are afraid to face it or they feel powerless, so they resort to escapism - through consumerism, shopping, entertainment, junk food, overeating, alcohol, drugs, nightclubs, religion, etc. Or they put it aside in their minds as a "crazy rant", or they think they are the only ones. Many don't know how to put their feelings into words. We are not encouraged to think, question or introspect such things. Nor are we taught to examine our lives, as Socrates encouraged us to do. Instead, we are taught to obey, follow and conform. So most people remain slaves without freedom or awareness, devoid of soul and spirit, operating from a low consciousness level, and living to work and consume.

Have you ever realized any of this, or marveled at the insanity and absurdity of it all? Think about this: If the world were a healthy normal place, then why are so many people dissatisfied and looking for alternatives to the grim reality of their conditioned life in this world?

So overall, the world is filled with mostly sheep/zombies, robotic workaholic slaves, cold a-holes, bullies and bums/delinquents who abuse alcohol/drugs and are mentally messed up. WTF?! But what do you expect? Those are the types of people that our society, culture and media cultivate. When you condition people to be obedient, conformist, materialistic, and to view "making money" as the purpose of life, those are the types that you breed. This is especially true in America, where people nowadays seem like soulless beings devoid of heart, soul, spirit and camaraderie. Our society certainly does not cultivate highly aware, conscious, freethinking beings - such types have to take their own initiative to become that way. It's no wonder then that the greatest thinkers throughout history have said that the world is insane. See their quotes here: http://www.happierabroad.com/Quotes_Insanity.htm

Now, I don't claim to have any easy solutions or answers. There is no such thing as an easy answer to an oppressive global enslavement system. I just want you to be aware of the absurdity, insanity and senselessness of it all so you can stop living a lie, and instead start living consciously and wisely. Truth may not always lead to happiness, but it does lead to enlightenment. Solutions and alternatives take hard work, effort, will, resourcefulness, vision and courage. But they first begin with awareness. As Gandhi said, "You must become the change you wish to see in the world."

Solutions and Suggestions

The biggest SECRET that most people don't realize, is that they can CHOOSE to NOT accept their conditioning. They can choose NOT to believe that their purpose in life is to be enslaved and live only to work. They can choose to NOT identify their self-worth with career and material success. They can choose to NOT accept the belief that "You are what you do." They can choose to DEFINE their own life and sense of self. They can choose to CREATE a life purpose for themselves. They can choose to STOP living in fear of what others think of them. They can TAKE BACK their sovereignty and STOP giving away their power to others.

“The biggest prison that most people live in is the fear of what others think.”
- David Icke

They have the POWER to do all these things, and no one can take that away from them unless they let them. But most people don't realize their true power. So they let society and others define their purpose and identity for them. That's the sad reality, and why I am so passionate about helping people to wake people up to the truth about their condition and liberate them.

Likewise, when people get laid off, they can choose to NOT feel depressed or feel like a failure, by simply realizing that they are "not what they do" as they've been led to believe. (This is especially easy if you didn't even like your job) And in school, when they get a bad grade, they can choose to NOT feel bad about it, because in truth, a mark on a piece of paper means nothing unless you "think" it does. (Same with professional sports - it's not important unless you "think" it is) You can simply choose not to care, and to not give a sh**.

Remember this: You cannot change society or the world, but you do have POWER over your own mind and thoughts. So exercise it. No one can take that away from you unless you let them. That's the key. Remember that, if nothing else. You can start by stop taking everything so seriously. Unpaid bills and debt are not going to kill you or physically harm you. The most important things in life are your health and peace of mind. If something is compromising either of those, then you're better off without it. Start by ejecting unnecessary burdens from your life so you can simplify it. Make the necessary changes. Practicing daily meditation will also help you to control your mind and thoughts.

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
- Friederich Nietzsche

"Men have been taught that it is a virtue to agree with others. But the creator is the man who disagrees. Men have been taught that it is a virtue to swim with the current. But the creator is the man who goes against the current. Men have been taught that it is a virtue to stand together. But the creator is the man who stands alone."
- Ayn Rand

Also, while you can’t change others who do not wish to change, you can help and guide those who are seeking alternative answers and open to them. You can teach them to think for themselves and make better choices in life, so they can have more freedom, happiness, peace of mind, and less stress. Encourage others to be more spiritual and eliminate unnecessary junk from their lives. That's all we can really do. We can take control over our own lives and our own minds, which are the only things we truly have sovereignty over.

To find or create an alternative lifestyle from the "slave vs. bum" dichotomy requires the ability to think outside the box, a higher level of awareness, a desire to not conform, an inclination to be a contrarian, and the courage and fearlessness to take risks and venture into "unsafe" territory. A minority of people do find alternate paths that work for them, but most don't, because it takes a certain type of consciousness and intent that most people are not conditioned to have.

Just remember this: You don't have to accept it when you are told that you must give up your dreams and passions in order to live in a practical world - for without your dreams and passions, your life is rendered meaningless and you can't live true to yourself.

Some have found sustainable alternatives through self-employment, or portable passive income businesses (which is what I do). Others find work in high paying jobs that only last a few months a year and then have the rest of the year off. There are even those who travel the world for little or nothing on their bicycles or through hitchhiking, and claim to have the most enriching experiences. I even know a guy who bicycles around Cambodia and Thailand and stays in monasteries that provide him with food and shelter in exchange for English lessons or helping to educate poor village kids. He says it is the most rewarding experience. Yet he spends nothing everyday, so he is not enslaved to money in this kind of life. I guess the simple lesson here is: "If you help others, they will help you."

So you see, there are alternatives, a variety of them in fact, if you truly desire to find them and know where to look for them. It also depends on the type of people you surround yourself with of course. As Jesus said, "Seek and ye shall find." But everyone's path is different, so the alternative path that works for you may not necessarily work for others, and vice versa. Always remember though, "where there's a will, there's a way."

Of course, we are all slaves to money, just as we have always been ever since the barter system was replaced with money. However, consider this: No one is making you buy that expensive house or car. No one is making you take that stressful job to make ends meet. No one is making you accrue debt. Of course, our materialistic culture attempts to condition you to do those things. But you can always choose not to accept this conditioning by exercising your free will. Instead, you can make wise choices to live simply, and more spiritually, with less expenses and little or no debt. You can make smarter decisions that will lead to LESS financial burdens and thus become LESS enslaved to money. No one is forcing you not to.

Another sensible option is to live overseas in countries where the cost of living is a fraction of what it is in the Western world. Although this is a taboo option that may appear unpatriotic, in reality there are already millions of Americans living happily overseas with a lower cost of living and less financial burdens. Living outside of the Western world may sound extreme and unconventional, but it works for many. It's just that you never hear anything positive about it in the mainstream media, which isn't surprising anyway since the media feeds on negativity and are out to portray everything in the worst possible light. Therefore, they are the worst source available for info on life and the world.

For more ideas and suggestions, see my other article on alternative options to having to work a regular job that you don't like:

Finally, the most important thing I want you to remember is this: True freedom begins in the mind. In order to transform your outer world, you must first undergo an inner transformation, which involves a shift in consciousness. To begin, you must first conquer fear. When you recognize irrational fear for what it is - an illusion and control mechanism, its power over you will begin to dissipate. You see, fear is the one lever that the manipulators of society have over you. Without it, they are powerless over you. Their biggest nightmare would be for the masses of people to stop living in fear. (See the movie "V for Vendetta") As David Icke says, "The only way the few can control the many is by getting the many to acquiesce and give up their power over to the few."

Once you transcend the fear consciousness you've been conditioned with, you will become much freer and be on a different level of consciousness that will allow the “law of attraction” to manifest changes in your life in accord with your inner transformation. By conquering fear, you begin living in a world of possibilities rather than limitations, and you allow a huge expansion of possibilities to come into your life. Only then will you be in a state of consciousness which will allow you to create your own reality. And that's the biggest lesson I wish to impart to you.

Always remember this important lesson: Authority is NOT Truth. Truth is the Authority. My friend and mentor Walt Goodridge explains why authority cannot be synonymous with truth in his book Living True To Yourself: (page 43)
"The power of lies
It’s about control

One of the most profound thoughts I ever heard is this:
The only way to control people is to lie to them. People cannot be controlled by the truth.

Think about that idea in all its applications and permutations, and the depth of the concept will astound you. If someone is controlling you, it is because there is a lie in effect. Conversely, people who feel controlled have bought into, accepted, or are perpetuating a lie that has been sold to them.

Similarly, if you, as a person in power, wish to control the masses, you can only do so through deception. Truth, by its very nature, is freeing, liberating, and empowering. Truth frees those who offer it, and empowers those who receive it. It becomes more and more difficult to control someone the more empowered with truth they become. Leaders know this.

Similarly, a relationship built on lies is a relationship with control as its goal. A relationship where someone feels controlled is one based on lies.

If you feel trapped, powerless, helpless, or at the mercy of other individuals or outside forces, it is because you have bought into a deception—a distorted perception—of reality, of others and/or of your self. In order to live true to your self it is imperative that you recognize that deception."
"They must find it difficult...those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority."
- Gerald Massey

Remembering this will keep your mind free from brainwashing and mind control. So take back your sovereignty, and start living in love, passion and awareness as a sovereign being. A new world of possibilities and adventures await you.

“Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.”
- Ayn Rand

To close, I'd like to share an inspiring quote by Marianne Williamson:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

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For more information, or to begin your journey of awakening (or continue it), I recommend the books, websites and videos (which you can find on YouTube) by the following influential researchers: David Icke, Alex Jones, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, Mark Passio, Alan Watt, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Dan Millman

Here are some of my favorite awakening documentaries that I recommend, which you can find on YouTube by doing a search for their titles:

- David Icke: Oxford Union (2 hrs)
- David Icke: The Lion Sleeps No More (7 hrs)
- David Icke: Beyond the Cutting Edge (6 hrs)
- David Icke: Freedom or Facism (7 hrs)
- Zeitgeist: The Movie (2 hrs)
- Zeitgeist Addendum (2 hrs)
- Esoteric Agenda (2 hrs)
- Kymatica (1 hr 30 min)
- Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take? (2 hrs)

Websites I recommend:

http://www.happierabroad.com (and mine too of course)

Books I recommend: (available on Amazon.com and in bookstores)

- Turn Your Passion Into Profit - by Walt Goodridge
- Living True to Yourself - by Walt Goodridge
- The Power of Now - by Eckhart Tolle
- The Way of the Peaceful Warrior - by Dan Millman
- Remember Who You Are - by David Icke
- Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More - by David Icke
- And The Truth Shall Set You Free - David Icke

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