Friday, May 20, 2011

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Tony Szamboti, M.E. - Mechanical Engineer

Factual back-up for Tony Szamboti's claims:

-1:47 South wall of WTC1 buckling/columns bowing inward

-4:00 Manipulated sagging models

-4:22 NIST stopped at “collapse initiation”

-4:37 Problems with Dr. Bazant’s analysis

-5:58 NIST’s distorted tilt

-6:33 Bazant’s deceleration flaws

-8:46 Verinage demolitions refute arguments

-9:33 Upper section destroyed, therefore can’t crush lower section

-10:07 NIST “unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse”

-11:02 Exaggerated sagging

-12:43 No explanation for high temperatures

-14:00 NIST misrepresents design loads of the Towers

-15:34 Small amount of steel saved for analysis

-16:36 No explanation for the molten flow from WTC2

-17:50 NIST acknowledges WTC7 free fall

-18:36 NIST’s WTC7 model doesn’t match the videos

-19:40 NIST’s model resembles natural collapse, but not WTC7 collapse

-20:00 NIST’s illogical reasons for dismissing controlled demolition

-21:06 Secret retrofit of the Citibank Tower refutes NIST’s arguments

-22:20 NIST misrepresents WTC7 construction

-23:11 NIST refuses to release data

-24:10 WTC7 sulfidized steel

-25:30 No other steel from WTC7 saved for analysis

-25:55 NIST never looked at any WTC7 steel in their investigation

-26:12 NIST misrepresents fire severity

-26:40 South Tower fire severity

-26:55 John Gross denies molten metal at Ground Zero

-27:57 NIST admits they never tested for explosives

-28:10 Over 100 first responders reported experiencing explosions

-28:52 NIST fails to follow NFPA 921 guidelines

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