Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Distorted Tilt Confirmed

To explain the constant acceleration of the upper block of WTC 1, Ryan Mackey insists that the initial tilt of the Tower misaligned the columns to a point where the impacts were not square enough to produce sufficient deceleration. He demonstrated this in a Hardfire debate with Tony Szamboti, using this graphic.

However, Scootle Royale demonstrated that Mackey was incorrect in his analysis, pointing out that the upper block did not rotate about a fixed point as Mackey's slide states. Here, I will expand on Scootle's rebutal to Mackey by using another debunker's analysis. Shortly after the Hardfire debate aired, debunker AlienEntity posted the following video in support of Mackey's theory.

The video basically confirms that the tilt was instant in the collapse. But after I watched it a few times, I realized that it may also confirm exactly what Scootle pointed out. To test this, I first took Mackey's original graphic and straightened it out to illustrate the Tower prior to tilting. Then, I set it next to Mackey's graphic of the tilted Tower with markers added.

I've numbered the floors for both graphics so that debunkers will not accuse me of incorrectly adjusting Mackey's original graphic.

What this comparison shows is that, if the upper block truly "rotated before falling" as Mackey's slide states, then the north side of the Tower would have remained fixed relative to the original height of the building. Here, I've taken AlienEntity's original video and added my own marker to the roofline of the building. And it clearly shows that the north side does not remain fixed. It falls at the same time the tilt begins.

Mackey's analysis is clearly incorrect, and does not adequately explain the lack of a jolt in the North Tower's collapse. Until proven otherwise, the acceleration of WTC 1 clearly violates the laws of physics.

Side note: I would like to take this opportunity to thank AlienEntity, as his work has been very useful to me recently.