Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't be a Slacktivist! [Updated]

Pat Curley of the Screw Loose Change blog writes today:

133... That's how many people sent in letters/faxes to the NYC District Attorney requesting an investigation of WTC-7, per the request from NYC-CAN. One hundred and thirty-three. I mean, let's put that in perspective. NYC-CAN claimed to have gathered 30,000 or so signatures for their ballot initiative, right? Not really quite enough to qualify for the ballot, but close.

This is 1/226th of that. And it gets worse, much worse, because that's an unfair comparison; nothing in the NYC-CAN current push says you have to live in the Big Apple.

Following on the heels of last week's idiotic attempt to get the DA to look at some videos of WTC-7's collapse, this week the Troofers are highlighting the supposed "countdowns" and "foreknowledge" as lines of investigation, featuring, no kidding, Kevin McPadden and Indira Singh.
First off Pat, it was not 30,000 signatures they gathered, it was 80,000, so no, you are not right.

So, NYC CAN was much more successful than Pat states and by his own admission should have had their initiative on the ballot. They've had weekly campaigns focused on raising awareness of WTC 7 since back in March, so it would not be surprising if the numbers have lessened, but there is no doubt that the total letters sent number in the thousands.

Here is a fax that I sent back in March to a few of the NYC Council members which destroys "debunker" talking points about Building 7. Here is an easy site from which to send free faxes. And here is a recent blog I did debunking Pat on the issue of WTC 7 foreknowledge.

The fact of the matter is, poll numbers indicate that 100 million Americans question the official 9/11 story, sometimes it's just a matter of getting people motivated. So, are we gonna let the "debunkers" get away with this!? Don't engage in slacktivism!


Update 6/15/10:

Fellow Advocates,

Thank you and congratulations! Together we finished Week 2 with 217 letters sent to the District Attorney's office.

In Week 3 let's make it our minimum goal to reach 500 letters, and in Week 4, 1000 letters! How do we do it?

If you haven't sent a letter yet, now is the time to join. You've never had an easier opportunity to take action and be heard. If you have been participating - in addition to sending your letter for Week 3 - make it your personal to goal to get just one friend to send a letter by forwarding this action alert and urging them to take action. There must be one person you can get to send a letter with you. If you can get that one person to send a letter, we will reach 500 letters this week and 1000 next week!

To help you get more people in your networks involved, the instructions have been refined, the action alert and letter are now posted on NYC CAN's Channel Your Voice page (the link is, and a Word file has been posted there for download/print.

Let's do our best to reach 500 letters this week and 1000 letters next week. The DA's office is listening!


Ted Walter

Update 6/23/10:

Fellow Advocates!

Together we finished Week 3 with 221 letters sent to the District Attorney's office! It may not be 1000, but it's downright amazing when you think about the message 221 letters must send to the folks in the Special Prosecutions Bureau. 221 letters this week, on top of 217 letters last week, on top of 133 letters the week before. Wow!

The letter for Week 4 is our most important and most powerful one yet. Read it, and you'll agree. If there's one route the DA will most likely take to revealing the truth about September 11, 2001, it's the destruction of physical evidence at the WTC site.

Now is the time to take action if you haven't yet! Don't have a fax machine, an envelope or a stamp? NO PROBLEM! Go to and send a fax for free by uploading your letter. The letter is only three pages so you can fax it for free!

And, in case it was unclear before, no matter where you live you can send a letter!

Thank you for never giving up hope.


Ted Walter

Update 8/11/2010:

Fellow Advocates,

Thank you for all your hard work, and congratulations on a job well done! We finished Week 4 of "Wake up the DA" with 408 letters sent, bringing our grand total above 1,000 letters. Now that so many seeds have been planted with the City Council and DA - and NYC CAN continues to water them - it's time to shift our collective focus to creating the kind of political climate where those seeds can grow. Let's start with a major public awareness campaign, which we are proud to be joining several other leaders and organizations in supporting. Here it is.

Very Truly Yours,

Ted Walter

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