Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another 'Lone-Nut' Gives the UK Government a Reason to Disarm the People Even More!

Gun laws in the UK are among the toughest in the world. Largely due to two major massacres.

In 1987, a man named Michael Robert Ryan killed sixteen people in Hungerford, and then shot himself. The massacre led to the banning of semi-automatic rifles.

In 1996, a man named Thomas Watt Hamilton (interesting how they like to reveal all three names) walked into Dunblane Primary School and opened fire on a class of five and six year old children, killing or wounding all but one of them, including the teacher. Hamilton also killed himself. The massacre led to the banning of handguns.

Currently, despite the tough regulations, more than half a million British people legally own a shotgun, but that might not be the case for long!

Today a taxi driver named Derrick Bird killed at least 12 people in Cumbria with a shotgun. Derrick himself has been found dead and some news reports are saying he killed himself. How convenient!

Apparently he just drove around shooting people at random for three hours with his shotgun pointed out of his taxi window. An impressive achievement in the 95,000 square mile, CCTV rich prison camp that is the United Kingdom. Where was the police?!

What's the bet this will be used to disarm the British people even further? Several news channels have already referenced the previous two massacres and their impact on gun laws.

Many suspect that with regards to the previous two massacres, there's more to the stories than what we have been told, especially Dunblane ...

Could Derrick Bird have been some kind of brainwashed patsy like so many of these 'lone-nuts'? We'll probably never know since he's dead. But I'm sure this event will provide the new puppet regime an excuse to reverse its policies on relaxing the police state and impose further gun control on an already defenseless British public.

The logic of gun control has confused me since I was like ten years old. If you want a gun badly enough and you have connections, you can get one, regardless of how illegal they are. Banning guns only prevents innocent people from protecting themselves. In Switzerland, guns are a big part of the culture and the violent crime statistics are so low they aren't even kept. In every case, disarming a population leads to more violent crime. But of course gun control is not about keeping people safe, just ask Adolf Hitler! It's about limiting people's ability to defend themselves against what is coming...

America, you have been warned.