Thursday, June 24, 2010

More exploded bone fragments found...

More 9/11 Human Remains Found At Ground Zero
ABC News

Just two or so dump trucks filled with never-before sifted debris from Ground Zero have yielded 72 new fragments of human remains in an almost three-month operation that could bring closure to more families of victims of the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center terror attack.

Because of the size and condition of some of the remains the NYC Medical Examiner's office told ABC News there was a good chance of obtaining DNA samples that could lead to new IDs once DNA testing is completed. The remains of about 1,000 victims of the almost 3,000 killed at Ground Zero have still not been identified.

A memorandum summarizing the findings of the operation, in which 844 cubic yards of debris was forensically sifted, was released by New York City officials Tuesday. It stated that including the 72 new fragments, a total of 1845 potential human remains have now been located since 2006 and are at the Medical Examiner's Office and when possible will be subjected to DNA testing.

The full report summarizing the now completed sifting operation is expected--nearly 9 years after al Qaeda crashed planes into the Twin Towers --to yield clues to the identities of some of the victims whose remains were either never found or are not as yet identifiable.

The sifting operation took place at Fresh Kill Landfills in Staten Island, where the new debris was brought and run through a series of conveyor belts that sort debris by size. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, the debris from the site yielded driver's licenses, rings, watches, wallets, shoes -- boxes and boxes of poignant reminders of the cost in human lives. This time, the sorting yielded bone fragments.

As of January 2010, the Medical Examiner's office had identified 1626 Ground Zero victims, or 59 percent of a reported 2,752 total. As of that date 21,744 remains had been recovered and 12,768, or 59 percent, had been identified.

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1000 Missing Bodies

So Falling Buildings Vaporize People?

The massive operation to clean up Ground Zero was described as a rescue operation for weeks, as if anyone could have survived an event that turned all the buildings' concrete to dust. The event didn't spare the corpses either, as they were vaporized, according to the coroner.

"Three months after the Sept. 11 attacks, World Trade Center victims' families are being forced to face the ghastly possibility that many of the dead were 'vaporized,' as the medical examiner put it, and may never be identified."

The fires were limited to small parts of the buildings. How did the collapse of the buildings vaporize thousands of bodies? It takes exposure of a body to 1400-1800 degrees F for at least two hours to cremate a body. 1

An entire year after the attack, the medical examiner had identified only half of the victims, despite a well-funded forensic effort using the most advanced DNA identification techniques. 19,906 remains were recovered from Ground Zero. 4,735 of those have been identified. Up to 200 remains have been linked to a single person. Of the 1,401 people identified, 673 of the IDs were based on DNA alone. Only 293 intact bodies were found. 2


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