Friday, June 15, 2012

BBC Planning Huge New 7/7 Conspiracy Hit Piece

The BBC is set to air a new 'Conspiracy Road Trip' hit piece on the 7/7 London bombings. As we saw with last summer's 9/11 version, the program tries to get "truthers" to recant and swallow the official story - in the process ideologically burning them at the stake for the consumption of the viewing sheeple.

I talk to Jon Scobie of We Are Change Birmingham who took part in the filming as one of the central participants. He astoundingly reveals that producers admitted to him from the start that the show would not be unbiased, and that no less than five executive-level directors make the decisions on editing before the programme even airs

Great interview. Worth checking!

*And check out the related info that explains the ACTUAL train arrival and departure times on 7/7 juxtaposed to the official story. It seems that it was impossible for the bombers, arriving at Luton station at 7:21:54, in the rush hour, to have caught all the necessary departing trains, except for one, so that the full bombing scenario could play out.

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