Friday, June 29, 2012

Christina Consolo: Fukushima Facts the Mainstream Media Isn't Talking About

Essential News UPDATE on the Fukushima situation:

This is a really informative radio interview on the subject. Put it on in the background and listen.

The Debunkers should recognise the consequences of a system fixated with covering up highly damaging (to the status quo) information. Sometimes it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to come clean with the truth. At present, when various actions could be taken to lessen the impact of this disaster, we find nothing substantive is happening. Efforts to entomb the reactor site, even now, must be made.

The stakes are pretty straightforward too. Do nothing, and face higher and higher levels of contamination, and eventual early death for yourself and family, or act and take measures to prevent long term damage to our species. Debunkers, experts at assessing information and creating disinformation, are smart enough to know what the deal is.

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