Sunday, June 30, 2013

9/11 World Trade Center Red /Gray chips ignition test -Mark Basile.

Published on Jun 25, 2013

Mark Basile conducts an ignition test on known WTC primer paint and known WTC Red/Gray chips,and some paint chips actually taken from his house.For more details visit Mark`s website (link below).

Footage shot by Mark Basile starts at 0.33 SEE BELOW.

Audio is an excerpt from an interview on 9/11Freefall with John-Michael Talboo (link below). John-Michael Talboo has been a 9/11 activist since 2004, was a member of the steering committee at, creator of the Debunking the Debunkers blog, and a contributing writer for AE911 Truth and where he will be taking over hosting their podcast in the near future.

9/11 Free Fall 6/20/13: John-Michael Talboo on Basile's red/gray chips vs. primer paint experiment.

The paper referred to at the start of the audio is linked below. Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

Red Ice Radio interview with Dr Niels Harrit.."Thermitic materials in the WTC dust"

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