Tuesday, June 11, 2013

British MPs need to look up the word conspiracy in a dictionary!

The subject of Bilderberg was discussed in the British House of Commons yesterday, where two members dismissed concerns about it while just about everyone else was laughing non stop.

So basically... The Bilderberg conference isn't a "conspiracy" ... It's just a place where public officials meet and engage in "informative" discussions about world affairs privately, off the record and "as individuals" with criminal bankers and globalists to have their ideologies and therefore policies shaped - "a background to my activities" as Clarke put it - thus rendering Parliament a sideshow. Which by the way is exactly what we've been saying it is. But apparently that's not something the public should be concerned about. No-one mentioned the fact that the security was taxpayer funded or that numerous attendees are breaking laws and codes of conduct just by being there.

When he says they never come to any agreement there, what he means is that they never come to any agreement on the specific details. In general though they are all very much in agreement. The minutes to the 1955 conference for example mentioned how participants were divided at the time on the issue of a single European currency. However when it came to the general idea of European unity, they were obviously in agreement.

Contrary Clarke's assertion that there are no conclusions, in 2010, the former NATO secretary general Willy Claes said that conclusions are indeed formed and that Bilderberg attendees are "supposed to use those conclusions in the environment where he has his influence".

But anyway, regardless of what goes on at the meetings themselves, I expect the real shady stuff that goes on there is what the elite attendees talk about over dinner or a game of golf or something.