Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Nano-Thermite Study Fund Raiser at

The purpose of Mark Basile's new study is to conduct a formal blind study that can be seen as true independent confirmation of the thermitic materials (explosive and steel melting) he and other scientists have documented in the World Trade Centre dust.

Basile's own work, that confirmed the presence of the thermitic material (uncovered by other scientists in peer reviewed research) was informal, hence this new study. The following link outlines the new proposal - an Independent Study of the WTC Dust:

Donations can be made at: Any amount will help. Try a donation of $10, or more, if you can afford it, and you can use Paypal. You will be contributing to the scientific process - in this case, reproducible results.

Please understand that the study, although being run independently, will be observed by Basile himself, to ensure no skulduggery occurs which is always a risk when it comes to 911 research.

Readers should note Basile's video testimony (featured above) indicates there were a high number of iron spheres, glass spheres and other spherical material, all throughout the dust along with the red grey chips - the latter item being the target of the new independent investigation.

Considering there is so much spherical debris, melted due to intense heat, anyone claiming an absence of high temperature explosive forces impacting upon the buildings is in firm denial. 

We should all look forward to this new study that will provide a formal confirmation of the forensic proof revealing explosive thermitic compounds in the dust. This second opinion will be valuable when evidence of the treasonous 911 murders are brought up in a court of Law.