Saturday, August 30, 2014

The JREF is getting rid of its own forum: the "debunkers" go down in flames

Roughly three weeks ago, I asked the question, "is JREF getting rid of the forum?"

And now I have the official answer from a JREF representative: Yes!
"Here's the official word: After considering all the comments and proposals from forum members, JREF has decided to transfer operation of the forums to TribeTech AB, a Swedish company founded by forum member icerat which specialises in hosting and developing internet communities. Icerat, together with the current forum admins (Darat, Locknar, Lash_L, and Lisa_Simpson) have developed a transition plan which JREF believes protects the privacy and interests of all forum members, as well as the ongoing existence of the forum community. All of the current admins are supportive of the transition plan and will continue their roles at the forum’s new home."
The forum has been a major embarrassment to the JREF for quite some time (a high-level JREF insider has admitted this in private to a well known truther), and the 9/11 sub-forum, in particular, has been a known eyesore since Dr. Frank Greening publicly lambasted and abandoned the forum in 2007. Dr. Greening co-authored a 2007 paper (updated in 2008) in support the official NISTian explanation for the collapses of the Twin Towers. He should have been a big fan of the JREF forum since it is known for its staunch defenders of the official 9/11 story, but Dr. Greening basically likened the JREFers to fanatical Bible-bashing Christians, stating that:
 "...the JREFers appear to be fixated only on smothering scientific debate under a blanket of NIST, FEMA, Kean, Fox and CNN “Truths”!...I have worked as a research scientist in industry and academia for MANY years but I do not recall ever witnessing such an endless appeal to authority, by one side in a debate, as I see with the JREFers! Indeed, I find the JREFers more often than not coming across as dogmatic followers of a creed. Thus, ironically they have become a modern band of Inquisitors doling out their autos-da-fe to heretic CTists for simply having the temerity to question NISTIAN authority."
This is probably the most scathing review that a forum of self-proclaimed "skeptics" can possibly get, but the JREFers found a way to humiliate themselves even more: They ended up replacing Dr. Greening with an actual Christian minister! Reverend Chris Mohr has led the 9/11 sub-forum in recent years, "literally speaking gibberish." These people may not "get it" why they are such an embarrassment, but apparently the JREF has finally had enough.

Dedicated JREF forum members have decided to attempt to continue the operation of the forum on their own, although a new name has not been chosen yet. Will they come up with something really sad like "the forum formerly known as the JREF forum"? The "ministry of truth" perhaps?

Meanwhile, although he has not yet signed the AE911Truth petition, Dr. Greening is now openly skeptical about the official 9/11 narrative in general, and he acknowledges that the official collapse report for WTC 7 is rubbish.