Wednesday, August 6, 2014

JREF getting rid of the forum?

The JREF forum has been plagued by technical difficulties due to neglect, and it is down and out now. It may be in the process of some hardware upgrades to keep it going, but things may not be that simple. I am getting some fairly dependable reports indicating that the JREF has finally made the decision to cut the ties to the forum, after several years of dragging its feet. I do know that this was discussed on the forum before it was shut down, and that the following rumor was going around: Some forum members and administrators may be trying to make a deal to run the forum on their own, eventually under a new forum name. JREF may help to upgrade and run the forum during the transition period, which may last a few months. If this is true, 2014 may be the last year for an official JREF forum.

JREF forum member "NoahFence" stated on August 5, 2014 ( 
Looks like JREF is disowning the forum.
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