Monday, November 17, 2014

Faked Image Claims to Show Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shooting Down MH17

A television news channel in Russia has released an image of what it claims shows a Ukrainian fighter jet shooting a missile towards Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Skeptics are questioning the legitimacy of the image.


The criticisms levelled against this image show that it is a FAKE. It looks like the Russian TV station that aired this image has been fooled.

The most damning fact is that the clouds reveal the original background image was taken from Google Earth on 9/17/2011.

Nevertheless, there are still witnesses to fighter jets in the immediate area following the crash (see video below) and there is Russian radar data indicating the same.

This newly released image may be an attempt at disinformation to discourage people taking seriously the idea that a Ukrainian jet was responsible for what happened.

This is the BBC Russia report that features witnesses to military jets in the area at the time of the incident:

The official story, that a BUK missile was responsible for the shoot down, has major problems. The most glaring issue is the absence of smoke trails that would have been seen by US spy satellites that overflew the area at the time of the attack. The Russians requested the US release their images but so far none have been forthcoming.

US spy satellite pictures would have easily pin pointed the specific BUK launcher allegedly responsible for the incident. The following video shows how obvious the smoke trails would have been to anyone in the area of the launch:

Rather than an accidental shoot down by rebel forces in the east of Ukraine (there is no motive for a deliberate attack), there is the strong likelihood that the government in Kiev, with its backers in Washington, staged a false flag attack in order to vilify their opposition that had shot down a number of attack aircraft and transports.