Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Loud Debunker-Not

Calling Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth "The Quiet Juggernaut," James B. of the Screw Loose Change blog states:

AE911Truth held their series of 47 press conferences yesterday, but apparently the press failed to show up. From searching Google news it appears they actually managed to make it into 1 actual newspaper...
They also got some TV coverage James.

And having an article published about their group in The Washington Times is a big deal!

SpookyPunkos comment - March 4, 2010:

James B's position is obviously a poor attempt to belittle this important story. I would remind the debunkers that although the Washington Times printed this 911 story first, heaps of other papers have taken up the issue when they covered the Washington Times article.

The other papers didn't have to write their own substantial copy, they just repeated what was already there, largely without ridiculing it !

If the 911 story was so bad why did other papers take it up ? Plus why did they not wholesale deride the copy when they presented it ?

I just googled the story and there was a lot of good coverage:
On February 25, the Swiss paper The Daily Bell also published an original article inspired by the Washinton Times piece.

They state:
The Washington Times, a mainstream, beltway newspaper, is seemingly opening up the issue again. There was no need to cover yet another 'trufers' story and yet the Times has done so - to the astonishment of the alternative blogosphere. We think, not to make a pun, that this is in fact a sign of the times. The pressure to understand what really happened on 9/11 simply won't go away. It is all over the 'Net and is in fact gaining momentum in our opinion.

Yesterday, the Washington Times covered an important 9/11 story once again. It was supposed to be dead by now. As dead as Jack Kennedy. Yet articles and research regarding 9/11 are posted to the Internet every day. They are like drops of water that erode the hard shell of the established government narrative.
Those Debunkers will say anything to water down or whitewash any significant 911 truth developments. It's very transparent disinfo tactics considering their position juxtaposed to reality ...

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