Thursday, February 18, 2010

Post-Avatar Depression

So I watched the movie Avatar yesterday, and I can't decide whether the movie is on our side, or whether its an anti-human, eugenics propaganda film. Since it was a quarter of a billion dollar investment by Murdoch's Twentieth Century Fox, I'm guessing probably the latter. Anyway I'm now suffering from a slight case of Post-Avatar Depression. No seriously, it's a real condition! Thousands of people are coming out of that movie feeling depressed (some even suicidal) that the planet Pandora and the eight foot tall warrior smurfs aren't real! How pathetic is that?! I sometimes wonder if there's an alien race looking down on us, and what they must think of us, looking at our culture. Probably something along the lines of this... .

Anyway to cheer myself up I thought I'd read through the hundred plus YouTube comments I've received the last few days. Here are some of my favourites...

Positive Feedback

LordHewing [Re:Evidence]
As irony has it I am both impressed and appalled, happy and yet angry.
Impressed by such a well made presentation of the facts, and appalled at the evidence of these despicable deeds, false hoods and atrocities. Happy that we have another good tool that may be used to turn the tables on these tyrannical lowlife and angry that once again I see the same old smug faces of the perpetrators that are STILL getting away with it. WTF are we going to do about these subhuman scum?????.

Uinvestigate911 writes [Re:Evidence]:
One of the best videos I have seen. The proof of Thermite used in the towers is proof it was an Inside Job

We got them now. Down with their New World Order Agenda


n00bslayer0014 writes [Re:Evidence]:
I'm downloading this one (hope you don't mind, I will not re-post it on you or claim it).

I have seen my share of videos touting "Evidence" but lack in substance, production value and reliable documentation... and THIS is how it should be done!

Finally! A useful batch of information and a phenomenally well produced video not plagued with personal conjecture.

5 Stars man, You deserve it. Keep fighting the good fight.

o0oKilluminatio0o writes [Channel comment]:
dude that evidence video hit the nail on the head,really opened my eyes again,you know how it is ? you start to forget the truh for should have like a million subs !

You Put In Work !!!

keep it,Peace !

Thanks guys :). And yeah if anyone wants to download it off YouTube go ahead. It's high enough resolution to look good on a DVD if you know how to burn it.

Hate Fail

dlockcarr writes [Re:Evidence]:
this is a load of crapp

That's what we call cognitive dissonance!

littloered writes [Channel comment]:
go fucking kill your self and do the world a favor of one less drug abuser

Thank you for sharing that with me!

littloered writes [Re:Yet Another "9/11 was an Inside Job" Song]:
you do realize the people making these stories are the same ones you call slave owners or you would have never even figured out any of the few things you call proof
you know i didn't sit here and make a song or another movie trying prove something that will never be determined as true i didnt sit here and claim like i knew these things or watched them all day like i was gonna die from some crazed government plot to rid the usa of freedom which hence show me a place that has more freedom than
the united states of America pls ill wait
... still waiting
you say i don't care about this i live in America
and you say he DOES CARE? ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED? American slobs? stating it like he knows the American people and its government those glasses must be hiding your brain because its not in your skull saying people dont care about what i think lol the only reason your even getting attention from this poor excuse at fame is because your insulting a nation

Yeah OK, your country is free, go back to sleep! The line "Wake Up American Slobs" was referring to the stereotype. I'm not saying all Americans are slobs. In fact, there are many people here in Britain who fit the American slob stereotype. There seems to be this thing in the mainstream media where they accuse anyone who believes 9/11 was a false flag of believing 9/11 was done by America. I guess its to enforce the phony patriotism - as if to say "Our government did it!" is akin to saying "We did it!". Well no, I don't hate America, I hate your government ... and my government ... and my Royal family!

kkirT writes [Re:Evidence]:
This video is hilarious when you consider that people actually think this is "evidence".

Sorry, I'll stick to science over some guy blogging his feelings about global warming or whatever.

Yeah okay, you do that. Believe the lying scientists. This is another thing I notice with global warmists, debunkers, skeptics and evolutionists. They seem to think scientific authority = scientific method. So if you question the scientific authority, you are going against the scientific method. No, no. I trust the scientific method, what I don't trust is scientists. All the quote "credible sources" most of you people cite have been caught using the reverse scientific method.


shrunkensimon writes [Re:Evidence]:
Nuclear Demolition..

Thermite is complete misdirection

shrunkensimon writes [Re:Evidence]:
Yes lets all stick within the confines of an obviously corrupted "truth movement", which probably was controlled from the very beginning if not planned for in tandem with the actual attacks themselves..

I don't trust S. Jones, nor do i trust the general view held by "truthers". It's clear to me everyone is being played, given that the planes were clearly fabrications and "truthers" still refuse to accept the obviousness of that and outright ridicule it (because AJ and others say to do so)

chunkyboy100 writes [Re:Evidence]:
good point simon.

there seems to be a lot of distrust in the truth movement.

i believe the fabrcated planes are avoided because its just so hard to convince people of it.

though to be honest ive got a lot more people intrested in doing reserch by showing them september clues than i have papers on nano thermite..... if u know what i mean!

You know you've made a good truth video when trolls come and post disinfo comments on it. I don't rule out the possibility that other explosives were used as well as thermite, either conventional explosives or something else we don't even know about. In fact, I think it's quite likely since I find it hard to believe thermite alone can account for the observed destruction. However since there's no forensic proof of anything else, I'm not going to speculate. We should stick to what we can prove, speculation gets us nowhere. As for the "fabricated planes", I'm not even gonna dignify that with a response.

Demolition Theories - Theories of the Twin Towers' Destruction Rejecting Gravity-Driven Collapse


joey3469 writes [Re:Evidence]:
Interesting video but was ashamed to hear Nick Griffin at 2:38
This racist doesn't deserve a place in the video...
I take you are anarchists?

For those in the US who may not know who Nick Griffin is, he's the head of the British National Party (BNP) in the UK. He's anti-globalist and speaks out against the global warming fraud, but he's also a racist nazi holocaust denier. I don't like him, although I was impressed by a speech he gave to the EU about climate change and used some snippets in my video just because they sum things up quite well. Since my videos are crash courses composed of audio clips from all over the place, I tend not to care who says something. What's being said is what's important. If it's clear and concise and I agree with it, I'll put it in, regardless of who says it.

NWOtruthNOW writes [Re:Evidence]:
Damn man this video is exactly like the video im making right now. Im going to have to change it all now lol

Haha! :)

Glenmead writes [Re:Evidence]:
GREAT VIDEO...Megan Fox is so hot

... Errr ... Yeh! I'm probably the only person who includes clips of things like Megan Fox in a bathtub and even pornography in my truth videos haha. I keep doing it in the hope that one day YouTube will select one of those video frames as the thumbnail image for the video, then I would imagine it would get much more views!