Monday, February 1, 2010

Previously Unreleased Colorado Public Television Footage: 9/11 Press for Truth on KBDI Channel 12

Here is a ton of unreleased footage from KBDI's historic airing of the film 9/11 Press for Truth that I edited together for the Visibility911 YouTube channel. When this airing was first announced in May of last year our "debunker" friend Pat Curley over at the Screw Loose Change blog called KBDI "the kookiest PBS station in America." Yet somehow the airing of the film drew such huge support from Colorado Public Television viewers that several encore showings ensued. How could this be!? The film was just based on "crappy questions" from a few 9/11 family members according to Pat. And how come those questions didn't seem so crappy to the 80,000 who signed the New York City Coalition for Accountability Now petition? Well the way I see it is, there are either a whole heck of a lot of kooks out there, or Pat is the kooky one. You can take a wild guess which side of the fence I landed on. But if you are just super torn on this one, consider the other major source of information for the film and the "debunker" lies told about it.

"Debunking" Some "Debunker" Lies

Jon Gold

In the comments of this article, a lying "debunker" states, "don't trust the Terror Timeline; it's a wiki-style effort that can be edited by anyone and is thus contaminated with 'Trutherism'."

According to Kevin Fenton, a contributor of the Terror Timeline, "anybody can certainly register and attempt to edit it, but the edits aren't displayed to the public until they are approved by the editors, which is a significant difference with Wikipedia."

The "Complete 9/11 Timeline" is the LARGEST and MOST COMPREHENSIVE collection of information pertaining to the 9/11 attacks. BAR NONE.

And as 911blogger user "SnowCrash" pointed out:

"It must be a shock to find a comprehensive news compilation 'contaminated' with truth."

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