Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Insight Into Scootle's Vids

So I noticed earlier it's been one year exactly since I uploaded my first first 9/11 video... my skyscraper fires video. It's been a year already?! I still remember making that. I remember how I had the whole thing made by Febrary 9th, and just as I was about to upload it to YouTube, the Beijing fire happened! (I guess sometimes coincidences do happen!) So I decided to go back and extend it, which was alot harder than it sounds. It took me about 20 times to recite the new lines in a way that didn't sound completely different from the other lines.

My next video is going to simply be called "Evidence". I'm tired of my friends saying things like "Lol you and your theories!" and "You're obsessed with conspiracy theories". Theories this, theories that ... one word that never seems to come up is evidence. So I thought I'd make a video loaded with documented evidence. It will be about a number of different subjects, including 9/11, climate change and the Bilderberg Group. It's about 80% done, all that's left for me to do is about a minute and a half on the demolition of the World Trade Center. Which shouldn't take long.

The problem is, since that's my area of expertise, and since there's literally so much evidence, I can't decide what to put in! I want to include one of NIST's blatant frauds in there but can't decide whether to include their denial of molten metal or their admission of freefall. I'm definately going to include a bit about the unreacted nanothermite but can't decide how much detail I should go into. I can't decide whether or not to include a mention of the coroded piece of steel from WTC7 and how NIST ignored it. I swear you could probably make a feature length film out of just the forensics of 9/11 and NIST's frauds.

I have so many compilation video ideas. I want to do a video on depleted uranium, poverty and other ways our world leaders and "child services" are killing and abusing children, I'll probably call it "Think of the Children!". I want to do a general video on how society is being engineered through TV, social sites, video games, and other technology that's sold to us as ways of bringing people together, while really just physically seperating us and brainwashing us, and how younger and younger children are being turned into whores through the hellspawns of Disney and Billy Ray Cyrus. I want to do a video on how all the major parties in the UK are controlled, I want to do a video on crop circles, geometry in nature and the flaws in the theory of evolution. I want to do a satirical video of "what I have learned from skeptics", and I want to do comedic music videos set to We Want Your Soul by Adam Freeland and F*ck You by Lily Allen (the latter of which I will probably dedicate to the debunkers). Sadly I don't think I'm going to be able to make all of them, sometimes I wish I had a whole team of people.

New Video: Evidence