Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simon Cowell, Gordon Brown and 27 Brainwashed Corporate Whores Present...

So Simon Cowell's latest crime against music is out: A cover of "Everybody Hurts" performed by Leona Lewis, Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Cheryl Cole, Mika, Michael Buble, Joe McElderry, Miley Cyrus, James Blunt, Take That, Jon Bon Jovi, James Morrison, Alexandra Burke, Susan Boyle, JLS, Westlife, Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams. All proceeds from this fellatio-fest go to the DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal, so go buy it and support the militarization of Haiti!

The song was Gordon Brown's idea apparently. Since when did that unelected, mass-murdering tyrant, whose glass eye has more warmth and feeling behind it than the real one, give a crap about innocent life?

I think the celebrities mean well, many of them were just ordinary people a few years ago, then again so was Lady Gaga. But what's screwed up is the fact that, instead of giving up any significant amount of their own excess money (Miley alone is almost a billionaire), they decided to leave it up to us ordinary people during times of economic recession. Why can't celebrities ever donate to a middle-class relief fund?! Then again if Bush, Clinton, Obama and Brown were in charge of that I wouldn't want them to!

The more I learn about this Haiti situation the sicker I get. Funny how no one cared last year when they were eating cookies made of dirt...

Rant over.