Thursday, June 1, 2023

Why are the Vaxed still Circulating Covid? (Vejon Health)

Why are the Vaxed still Circulating Covid? (Vejon Health)

Why is this still occurring, as almost all of the infected were vaccinated!

The jabs never seemed to do much when it came to mucosal immunity - of your airways. So it was bound to spread. However the global picture showing other, largely unjabbed, countries in the world outside of the West not reporting many Covid cases would indicate that the jabs were having a detrimental effect. See these comments from You Tube:

Audrey Smallcombe
A guy i worked with had every single injection and 'booster" available - god knows how many - he's now on his SEVENTH bout of covid (flu) and each bout has been much worse than the last. Im a district nurse, worked in the community all through the "pandemic", never had the injection and never had the flu.

Global Adventurer
I still protect myself and always will. I don't trust any government to do the right thing. I can say for the past almost 4 years I haven't had the sniffles. I caught covid but had a headache and not cold symptoms and I never took the vaccine. Everybody I know who has been vaccinated have been sick and keep getting sick with the flu, colds and three times covid. It's crazy.

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