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Blink Comparator Views of the Plane at the Pentagon - Countering 'No Plane' Disinformation

In March, 2002 five frames from one video camera were released (leaked?) as small bmp images that purportedly showed the Pentagon plane. It had an erroneous time stamp (added later it turns out; not in the original), lack of context, small image size, and it did more to sow confusion than shed light on what hit the Pentagon. Here is the first frame of that set just before impact, together with a zoomed detail view. [See link for image]

Longer videos from two cameras, one with and one without the foreground obstruction, were released in 2006 in response to a FOIA request for surveillance camera videos at or near the Pentagon on 9/11. One of the videos contained the original five frames. These images are archived by the 911datasets.com project through the 911encyclopedia.com website, which also documents the source FOIA.
Many people viewing these as still frames over the years (ourselves included) failed to see the plane. The lack of a clear visual image of the plane led to speculation that there was instead a small plane or a missile, and it opened the door to speculation that there was no plane at all. By the time the two longer videos were released in 2006, "no-plane at the Pentagon" speculation was well established to the point that this belief was virtually synonymous with the 9/11 Truth movement, in many people's minds.
The images shown below "blink" the frames that contain the plane with the frames just prior to them. These png images, blinked with a custom Javascript routine, use the images provided in the 2006 FOIA release. Animated GIF images were tried earlier, but the GIF compression reduces the color resolution. We have done no image enhancement: only magnification of the zoomed image pairs.

This is a zoomed-in detail of the view from what we shall call Camera 1.

The view from Camera 2 shows the plane a fraction of a second earlier. The wide angle lenses introduce barrel distortion, so the earlier image of the plane, which is closer to the edge of the frame, appears shortened.

Go to the linked article to see the blinked images and a full explanation.

Here is a video explaining the above:

The attacks of 911 were a false flag event. Aircraft were used to strike both the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in order to kick off the global 'war on terror'. Explosives were used at the Twin Towers and most likely at the Pentagon to 'finish the job' in terms of destroying their intended targets. World Trade Centre Building 7 was also brought down by explosives, and may have been timed to go down with the Twin Towers (in the dust clouds), except that it failed and didn't come down until 5:20pm. We know explosives had been set off inside WTC7 at an early stage due to the testimony of Barry Jennings.

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