Saturday, June 10, 2023

Prolonging the inevitabile. Why listen to those right so many times before, when you are so smart and know so much more...


Russia Details Ukr Losses, Kakhovka Dam Destroyed to Enable Ukr Redeployment; Medvedev RU Offensive (Alexander Mercouris)

Best comment on You Tube:

Jim Craig
1) The Ukrainians by their own admission conducted experiments with HIMARS to determine the feasibility of destroying the dam and confirmed it was possible and could be conducted at any time to stop the Russian advances in Kherson and maroon its forces
2) The Ukrainians were reported to be considering attacking the dam with underwater drones giving having the same effect as the dambusters WW2 mission
3) Russian forces built up layered defences on the east bank of the Dnieper River on withdrawing from Kherson destroying all the bridges including the one across the dam. Ukraine has been a) unable to cross the river and b) penetrate the defences and c) is being shelled from these positions.
4) Ukraine has approx 10,000 men bottled up in Kherson unable to utilised while its counter offensive is failing so badly
5) By blowing the dam it effectively shortens the line of contact by some 100KM and allows the forces to be redeployed elsewhere and destroys Russian defences built there

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