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Project Blue Beam Explained---Lizards Among Us---Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik the Best Debunker/Truther hybrid ever?

Project Blue Beam Explained---Lizards Among Us---Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik the Best Debunker/Truther hybrid ever?

Scroll down and watch the videos first, laugh your ass off, then come back and see my take. Also, my take on the two main topics he is addressing can be found in the related links at the bottom of this page. I don't have very concrete opinions on many conspiracy topics, but love thoroughly exploring them just in case these taboo subjects contain important hidden truth. 

So, I want to believe that Erik is like me and debunks debunkers and truthers and that he knows conspiracy theories are often true, but the fringe of the fringe is sketchy, but still deserves investigation. That said, he might just be making fun of people like me. If so, he is still definitely going to inadvertently expose corruption/conspiracies with his videos. He certainly scores some points with some of the jokes about conspiracy culture, but the focus on the fringe of the fringe is a strawman when it comes to this topic. I'm not afraid to talk about any subject, but that isn't necessarily an endorsement. Perhaps anything short of not horribly ridiculing a conspiracy topic is now viewed that way? In fact, I often debunk the same extreme fringe that he does.

Does he score a hilarious jab that even hit people like me in the gut? Yes! HAHA The parts about  ranting on a blog wildly about conspiracy theories made me laugh and have a mini existential crisis, but unlike his characterization I am not unwilling to budge on topics I have beliefs about if good contradicting evidence presents itself. Do I blog too late at night sometimes and get a little too silly with my "tongue in cheek, but a source material research book in hand and stacked on my desk" style of commentary? Depends on who you ask, but I'm sure I come off as nuts to a few or more folks out there.

That's OK though, I'm not nuts. I'm eccentric like a lot of creative people are, but I truly love myself and focus on happiness in my life. I enjoy creating my silly rants, believe I'm doing the right thing in exploring/exposing possible nefarious goings on, and honestly don't care if anybody else agrees or even reads. Hence, me loving possibly intentionally insulting comedic videos aimed at demeaning my ilk. I have fun even when ranting about horrifying topics. I fight off becoming fearful (demons are real and feed on fear the crazies say) about anything by using humor. Serious crap aside, I employ the tactics detailed in the "demons are real" link above. I also pray, meditate, watch comedy, and listen to positive music like the song Don't Worry Be Happy. I crack myself up and enjoy getting shit off my chest. BTW, you can't let this stuff overtake too much of your life, same goes for politics, or let it upset you or make you an unbearable fanatic to your family and friends. Some agreement here with my critics I will admit and I did so on the Mick West podcast too

"I will admit something you said is right/concede that point." --- Said no debunker ever


"Did this MFer just gloss over demons being real!?" YES! Dig in deeper HERE if you dare, but fair warning the rabbit hole is filled with quick sand.

Interestingly, Eric mentions family members not believing a person and thinking they are a crazy tin foil hat wearing nut job. This is exactly the argument used against RFK Jr., (who I am voting for in the primaries and perhaps in the main event BTW) in a recent abusive ABC news interview. So, isn't this just an argumentum ad populum logical fallacy, an appeal to consensus/authority/group think, wrapped up in the emotion (feelings aren't facts) of loving relationships of family members and friends being disrupted. I think so.

On that particular attack on, RFK, Jr., I had this to say...

Video: ABC News Admits It Censored RFK Jr. Interview For “False Claims About Covid-19 Vaccines”
He said something about vaccines that ABC News didn't like, but we are not allowed to hear what it is

Interestingly, ABC has censored this widely condemned hit piece interview. So, even though they berated him, he apparently still got out too much information that goes against the lies that their puppet masters force feed them and hate it being exposed. The interview already made it clear that: ABC, some of his family, and many Government institutions disagree with him on vaccines. So, why couldn't they just also slap a "fact check" on it online and GOD FORBID... LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES!

I'll tell ya why again. He did too good of a job articulating his points. Many groups are using tyrannical tactics to try and beat their political adversaries, as opposed to a civil debate. Nobody does this abhorrent, unamerican shit when they have superior arguments, as I've documented since 2008. They are either in bed with those groups and individuals under fire by the likes of RFK, Jr., or they are dupes, or just dumb. The last one cannot be fixed, absent a massive head injury that rewires them to be smart. The other possibilities are standing on a foundation of sand. Persistence and time will assist their structure to collapse under its own weight. 

ABC is just following the propagandist play book. The tactics employed by the establishment to obscure the facts on any particular issue include: censorship, fear of retaliation including, but not limited to getting "canceled," and human nature is exploited and used against the populace. Sick, sad, and certainly not on the funny side of this discussion for sure.

Check out these resources for more info...

Solomon Asch experimented with investigating the extent to which social pressure from a majority group could affect a person to conform.

The experiments revealed the degree to which a person's own opinions are influenced by those of a group. Asch found that people were willing to ignore reality and give an incorrect answer in order to conform to the rest of the group.

How the news changes the way we think and behave---The latest research suggests that the news can shape us in surprising ways – from our perception of risk to the content of our dreams, to our chances of having a heart attack.

Having this knowledge and juxtaposing it with 100% provable fake TV News lies, paints an extremely disturbing picture. Now it's time for a palate cleansing fun picture...

Erik's Alex Jones impersonation is great, before saying anything further about the real man, look at this material if you have never seen it...

Alex Jones in the News Again for Sandy Hook Lawsuits - What Exactly Did He Say FOR REAL NO SPIN - Jones Has Been Targeted for What He Gets Right Not Something He May Have Got Wrong:

Joe Rogan is right about Alex Jones being right about a lot and more than he knows...

Does he talk about having documents that are just Yahoo and Infowars articles. HAHA Yes, he does, but to be fair he also often speaks to major insiders and points to things like the white papers of the depopulation loving globalists that otherwise would be mainly circulated in their circles. Furthermore, Alex is self aware and is thus in on the joke and loves all the memes making fun of him

The meme is funny and has some truth to it, however, it is implied that Russia Today is purely propaganda. This makes me wonder what American news outlets the creator thinks are not government mouth pieces and/or purveyors of fake news? 

Furthermore, foreign news outlets including RT are much more likely and have often brought light upon corruption being exposed by Americans, but ran cover for in US fake TV news media. RT is just like any other major news source, they have a bias, but also do good reporting at times, Secondly, Infowars articles from other authors are backed up with their own sources and not all of those are other Infowars articles. Even those ones have other outside sources and often additional independent research that most likely proves that article's point. This is an argument I've heard before. "Your articles are just a sea of links to other links of yours and sources YouTube videos." What they are really saying, is that they don't have the time, or are too lazy, to look into the other linked sources fully, or to actually watch the videos and then research the claims made that are often documented in the video with further research materials potentially offered up in the description. I promise that is just a facsimile of a word salad, but isn't the real thing. ;) 

As civil engineer Jonathan Cole wrote to me in an email. (Read Cole's review of Among the Truthers here.)
I called into Jonathan Kay about two weeks ago on the radio. Naturally he cut me off. But I captured it on audio. One of his big problems about us “conspiracy theorists” (i.e. people who study the details and ask legitimate questions, using the laws of physics…you know, crazy guys like Isaac Newton), is that we are difficult to debate because we know these little things called “facts”. And the “Academics” are scared to debate, because the conspiracy theorist will bring up those scary points that the academics will not know how to answer.
Moron this particular nuance of researching conspiracies...

Debunking Jonathan Kay, his book Among the Truthers, and Other 'Debunkers'


Almost one month after Kay's initial hitpiece he admitted that he knew nothing about the issue before writing it, stating, "I have never bothered schooling myself in the minutiae of 911-ology — the microscopic examination of photos and videos, the comparison of melting points and mechanical properties of this or that construction material, the second-by-second timetable of U.S. Air Force activity on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001."

However, he promised to change his ways noting that he was "going to slog through the 9/11 Commission Report — and maybe even some other texts besides."

Screw Loose Change Blog on Psychological Study of Truthers and Debunkers Online - Me on Minutia

Oh and, dead links are a common thing not just an RT thing.

Now, if you haven't already done so, enjoy the funniest material I've see in awhile. Also, a couple of my postings concerning Blue Beam schemes and Reptilian conquest fever dreams are below the vids. 

Absolute Very Best Evidence (NOT 100% Proof) for the Existence of Reptilian Humanoids and Shapeshifters