Wednesday, April 12, 2023

America In Decline

America In Decline

Whole Foods in San Francisco Closing One Year After Opening Due to Safety Concerns

Whole Foods Market announced that a store in downtown San Francisco, will be closed after Monday, just over a year after the store first opened, because of crime in the city, according to a report.

Reality Bites

Walmart Closing 4 Chicago Stores, Blaming Millions in Annual Losses

Walmart has announced Tuesday that it is closing four of its Chicago stores because they are part of a group of locations that "lose tens of millions of dollars a year."
Fox Business

It Has Come To This...

Homeless Woman Gives Birth on Sidewalk in Broad Daylight in San Francisco

A graphic video has emerged of a homeless woman giving birth on a San Francisco sidewalk in broad daylight as passersby try to help her.
Daily Mail