Saturday, September 13, 2008

Interview With Political Activist/Commentator the Tin Foil Hat Lady

"I love my tin foil hat, my wonderful tin foil hat! Everyday I find new things it can pick up on!... Once you start thinking you can't go back... Once you start thinking you can't go back... This tin foil hat, it gives me protection, reception, projection, I'm hoping contraception is in there somewhere... I really am... Because, you know, the only thing our offspring do is become better at making weapons of war! So I worry, OK, I worry about odd facts people." - The Subversive Lecture Of Tin Foil Hat Lady - #2 of 5

Where to start with you! As you have expressed to me, you are so much more than just YouTube's, and maybe world famous TinFoilHatLady... You are also a speaker, a director, a writer, and a mother and wife... and even a human of Earth!

However, to start with, I am most interested in that, as Wikipedia puts it, that "popular stereotype and term of derision" upon your head. May I be so bold as to postulate that this is a preemptive strike on those who would call you a moonbat, conspiracy theorist, or dare I say a 9/11 twoofer! Or any other such term for your beliefs, political or otherwise? And if so, could you give the readers a quick rundown of what brought you to this decision, or tell me I'm an idiot and put me in my place.

Tinfoil Hat Lady-A:

The Tinfoil Hat Lady is a character from a short play I wrote and performed a year ago. Her name is Hilariooous Schnorklefarken. She wears a tinfoil hat to protect her authentic thinking process and stay shielded from media bias.

The performance and character, was my anger and neurosis turned inside out as I learned more about the NWO (New World Order) and all that stuff :) I needed to create art with this information and because people do not always respond to the fear based message of some truth crusaders, I thought satire was a better tool. I had a great script editor named Henry Woolf. Search Rutland Weekend Theatre & Eric Idle to see his old work :) Thanks Henry. Amazingly people really enjoy it too.

MY REAL name is Beata Van Berkom :) I filmed the one performance and put it on youtube with no idea what youtube was because I am 45 :) So then my channel evolved and the rest is history. I have been interviewed by Vysgoth of the Grassy Knoll, and Zaphod for President blog :)

Now YOU. And yes you are right it's the satire or paradox angle I like :) I am truly on the path to shedding light on dark crap.

Remember when you open a door to a dark room, light always spreads into darkness. Darkness never spills out to cover the light. BTW I love the term '9/11 twoofer' :)


So Beata, what is your take on the twoof of 9/11? And what say you to those that try to debwunk people like ourselves that think a compromised and underfunded commission is not sufficient for an event that has created a post 9/11 world in its wake? Please also speak to those people that say we should get over 9/11, or that it is a distraction from more important issues.

Tinfoil Hat Lady-A:

I ask them to study history, to realize war is profit, to read the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) doc that laid all this out so plainly. Or I imagine they change on their own eventually, ask them nicely not to get chipped and move on.

Government sponsored terror and tyranny have been going on since ancient times and those blood lines are most likely still screwing us over today. Freemasonic imagery shows us the holy trinity as The Scribe (media) The King (government) and The Pope (religion), these control our opinions (mind control) and so our collective beliefs and ideas of our reality and powerlessness.
The Occult World of Commerce by Jason Whitney on google video is a great place to research money creation and the real slavery it has created. The Maritime law vs Common Law issue and your given identity as a 'person' or corporation (corpse-dead) under this Maritime law. Banks have got our government allowing them to create funds at debt to us. Private bankers bankrupted the countries with incitement of loans for wars and consolidated power; first attempt League of Nations, then the UN.

Anything other than 9/11 is a distraction IMO. It is the root and 'New Pear Harbour 'we all use as a foundation for the NWO tiptoe of totalitarianism we hurtle toward as I type. Trauma based mind control was used to great effect that day. Once Building 7 fell we were so traumatized we accepted it. Like most accepted the whole fake simple story in record time complete with pictures of the culprits who turned up alive and well elsewhere :( But people wanted an answer and they got it.


Speaking of WTC Building 7... What do you think of the newly released report by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. I mean, don't you think they have proved that it was "the first known instance of fire causing the total collapse of a tall building"?... I was so impressed with their work that I started my own demolition company with just a lighter and copies of the 9/11 (C)ommission Report.


FUNNY and so true. The Dutch demolition expert thought it was a great job :) WE must accept they lie. Then we will not bother reading crap like this and being astonished time and again by the insanity. Obviously someone benefits from this mentality. I wonder who?


You must be talking about the Dutch demolition expert Danny "I looked at the drawings, the construction and it couldn't be done by fire" Jowenko! That guy is killing my business! :)

Now being that you are a Canadian citizen, could you tell the readers if you think this event has affected your nation?

Tinfoil Hat Lady-A:

OF course it affects Canada. They are creating a NAU. (North American Union) The process is sped up considerably now since 911. The NWO has the warped agenda of one world government through the UN. Many people get sold on this idea because it promotes oneness and harmony and equality. When really it would be a control grid nightmare, with a world standing army, a micro-chipped public. The trade agreements made with out elected officials are now being used to create huge free trade areas. The EU (European Union) was first. They have rammed it through though many do not want it. The Euro is another example of the new money, the Amero we will soon have for the NAU once the economy collapses. They always create a problem for us to react to so we demand the solution they want implemented.
Canada has not been as emotional regarding 9/11 because we are very laid back and apathetic as well. Our current PM Harper is a Bush-ite though and we will follow what the US does of course. The Straussian philosophy both these men and most neoconservatives follow is a special form of elitist fascism.

We Canadians are getting chips in our new credit cards and I am certain we are following the neo-con agenda. There is more hope for ANY other country to wake up to 9/11 because the rabid patriotism USA breeds into it's own is blinding. I know as I was born and raised in the US till age 7.


Yes, the increasing drive for more and more, of that liberty stealing thing known as security, is definitely a product of the post 9/11 world, and a selling point for a North American Union. It's also a great illustration of the far reaching affects of 9/11. Too often people comment that this is just a US issue.

You mentioned the concept of problem, reaction, solution, or the Hegelian Dialectic. I love the video you have on the subject concerning the banking systems, and the "problem" of identity theft. You show how this philosophy is not just used in large events like 9/11, but also in our daily lives.

I'm curious to get you thoughts as to how we can best fight back against these agendas and expose 9/11.

And what do you say to the average man or woman that feels helpless and voiceless out there?

Tinfoil Hat Lady-A:

What you focus on increases. We can hold a frequency, like a tuning fork, if there is a chance others will resonate, if not they won't, simple. Or simply put, hold to our convictions and keep spreading it to those who listen. We cannot fight only be.

Anti-war creates war, anti-drug creates drug use, anti-abortion etc....Hold the vision in our imagination that the work is done. The thoughts we think and the words we say hold sway in the holographic reality we inhabit. NWO types do not want you to know that. We have collectively lost our ability to create what we want. This 3rd dimension is like a cafe and we order up what we think. They want us to think fear based thoughts so we allow the control measures the NWO wants 'for our own good' of course :)

Don't believe the limitations culture has set upon you. Stop playing the victim. WAKE up to your creative ability. Use your talents to educate. I can write and act so that's what form my work took. We all have skills and combined we can accomplish anything :) Act, take any action. You never know what you will create. Speak your mind. Share ideas. No tyranny can survive an idea whose time has come. STOP WATCHING MSM...blow up yer TV and throw away your magazines and papers. Create your own experiences. Have your own thoughts instead of repeating the popular opinions of media lies.


However, If we do keep our TVs we can try to become the news! In one of your videos you are involved in a street action where you were interviewed by the media, and were able to speak at length about 9/11 and globalism. Did they edit your comments down quite a bit once it was all said and done? And how were you able to get their attention; are there any tips you have for getting media attention?

Tinfoil Hat Lady-A:

Always send a press release to all your local media. Make a thoughtful attempt to disseminate info. Use DVDs in solid coloured paper covers and put your paper fliers into the DVDs. NO loose paper. Do not block streets or put anything on the ground. Check you local bylaws for public spaces. War memorials are a great place.
Press release should be simple (like the media) less than a page and no more. An invitation for them to come cover your action, time place date, contact info and that's about it :)

Have music in a parked car, or balloons :) Be calm and pleasant, yet lovingly serious. Assure any security guards you are on public property when they tell you it is private. Tell them you are not selling anything. Tell them you are handing out free information. Offer it to them too. Assure them of your planned time line and send them on their way. 4 hour max.

They decided to visit me because I am know here as an actor locally and they wanted to a story on 'conspiracy theory'. They used me I used them I guess that's how it works :) IF you do get the chance to speak to media be concise, courteous, and be factful. Also know they will edit the crap out of you. Of the raw interview I gave (that I have posted on youtube and yet again in a longer version on google video where my cameraman continues to film me being filmed while chatting a bit more with the reporter), they aired the lines 'If people did research into government sponsored terrorism they would learn how totalitarianism takes root' and the infamous line 'The Reichstag fire? Hitler did that, Bush did 9/11, that's the way it is.' Then they cut to some professor at the university saying there is always a bit of truth in conspiracy theories :) SO GO BACK TO SLEEP. SO you can see they used me and missed my point about the NAU issues and Canadian Action Party information.

Use media at your own risk :) BTW use your own intuition in all actions, be honest about your reasons and do it from love not fear..... not for your ego or social coolness status. BE REAL.


Great tips, some similar info can be found in this blog...

Between the two, anyone reading that is thinking of hitting the streets should be good to go.

I have only done street actions with a group a few times myself, and when I did I just approached people and asked them if they wanted some free information. If they acted interested, I simply said that it concerned the fact that 70% of the 9/11 victims' family members questions remain unanswered, handed them the info, and that was it. But, I have done many similar types of actions on my own, which I think is an important point. Whether it is dropping off fliers at a local record store, or talking to people we encounter in our daily lives, it is all activism.

Yes, ego is something we all struggle with in life, trying to remain humble is the best way to be, and I think most people in the truth movement are in it for the right reasons.

As of late, the possibility of a global investigation into 9/11 has been brought up by various former and current government officials from around the world. Even former CIA analyst Bill Christison in his praise for David Ray Griffin's book "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" mentioned that book alone "should provide the basis for the United Nations, International Court of Justice, or some specially constituted global body (independent of the US) to investigate".

Do you think that there is hope for such an investigation? It would seem a much better alternative to even a new independent US investigation, but I would also like your thoughts on that possibility as well. And knowing that you have read "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" do you agree with Christison about the power of the information in the book? Other than that, please point out any other important resources that you would like people to look at, and thanks for doing the interview!

Tinfoil Hat Lady-A:

People can read David Icke's book 'Infinite Love is the Only reality Everything Else is Illusion' for some great ways to keep your energy body healthy and learn how powerful you are. Also for an over arching intro into all this wonderful hidden information and how it interrelates David Icke's older book 'And the Truth Shall Set You Free'.

I hope other countries get involved in investigating 9/11, but the control grid is solid. It will take the force of will and the power of truth and (using quantum astrological information, planetary cycles of conjunctions and oppositions) I bet we will not see any light on this 9/11 mystery until around 2020. David Ray Griffin's book is of course a huge reference and resource. I hope it becomes one of the foundations upon which we build the case for justice to be served internationally.


'Thank you' is the only prayer we need :) I am so excited to see your work too...thanks again, from all humans of earth.