Monday, September 1, 2008

Action Alert From NY 911 Truth

Monday, September 1, 2008

We now are approaching 28,000 signatures, which has been a great accomplishment! Thanks to all who have participated and made a contribution to the cause. The immediate task is to reach the milestone of 30,000 by Sat. Sept. 6th. This will then give us time to review, count and organize the petitions. We will then hold a press conference on 9/11 of this year to report on our achievement. This will be a major milestone! Also, we'll be doing a special educational outreach that day and be collecting signatures as well. More to come...

Now here's what YOU can do. Go to to read the Instructions. If you haven't signed yet, download the single petition form, fill it out and submit it. Then download the Multiple Form which has space for 3 signatures. Make copies and at the very least, get 3 signature this week and submit them as instructed or meet us in Union Sq. Park on Saturday the 6th from noon - 3pm. We'll be on by the subway entrance at 14th St. accross from Whole Foods. Please remember, time is of the essence! You can help make history by being part of this heroic effort!

For those who live outside outside of NYC, you can direct anyone you know who lives here to to learn about the campaign, download the petition, and volunteer. We also ask for your donation to help pay for printing, new banners, paid petitioners, and related expenses. This week we need to order more petition forms which will cost $400.00. We need more banners which cost $75 each.

As an FYI, someone posted a very negative comment on 911blogger a few weeks ago. This is one in a chain of defamatory, divisive moves made in an effort to discredit, divide and undermine. A full reply is being prepared. One of the false accusations was that money donated from the Initiative web site goes directly into my personal account. We have bank statements showing money going directly into the Initiative business account. Those who are closely involved in doing the work here see the results. You can see just a small glimpse of the results at Regardless of challenges, we have accomplished some incredible feats with more to come.

McCain & Obama have raised hundreds of millions and will never make an effort to arrive at an authentic investigation of 9/11. We now ask for hundreds of you to help with a minimum of $25, the cost of an average meal for two. With your help we can build momentum in the coming months that will create an undeniable demand for truth, justice and accountability for 9/11. We hope you'll seize the opportunity today.

Truth will prevail,
NY 911 Truth

In the clips below Former NSA analyst, Navy intelligence officer, and notorious 9/11 investigator Wayne Madsen speaks about importance of the New York City 9/11 Ballot Initiative; how many who know what really happend will step forward. Support the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative! Wayne Madsen - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Rally - Part One, Part Two, Part Three