Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My View of a Solution by Peter Holmes

In addition to informing others about the true causes of our problems, it is essential that we also provide some view of a solution for those problems. A plan for success can give people hope and bring larger meaning to the many small actions we take. Without a vision of where the Truth Movement is going, it's easy to feel a sense of futility and hopelessness for the future. But the future is too important to give up on, and perhaps I'm too young to know better, but I believe we still have a chance for creating the peaceful and prosperous world we've all dreamed of. What I've written here is my first draft of a potential roadmap for dismantling the corrupted power apparatus currently directing the course of our civilization. It is important to note, however, that I do not offer this plan as a "quick fix". In my opinion, to expect that the dam of deception will somehow suddenly break wide open exposing the truth is to misunderstand the nature of the power structure we are challenging. We are up against a system that has evolved over a considerable period of time, and has been woven deeply into our everyday lives. Changing that system is of the utmost urgency, but it's going to be a long-term process requiring many intermediate goals and a clear understanding of the challenges we'll face along the way. What follows are the four fundamental steps I believe we must take in order to realize our goals for restoring power to the people. I will briefly elaborate on each further below.

Step 1: Define the problem we face and identify its basic characteristics.

Step 2: Establish an independent means for information and organization.

Step 3: Use our independent media and organizational power to grow larger and larger numbers of people aware of what's really going on.

Step 4: Use those larger numbers to confront the points of power in society, and begin dismantling the empire piece by piece.

Before fleshing out these steps in greater detail, I would be remiss not to acknowledge a few key points:

First, as has been the case so far, each of these steps will be met with formidable resistance along the way, perhaps escalating as we progress. But again, I don't believe that means we're doomed. By recognizing the tactics that will be used against us (Step 1) and preparing strategies for responding correctly (Step 2), I believe our movement can survive almost anything, and maybe even grow stronger as more attention is given to our issue. Step 2 is critical because until we have the ability to voice our side of an issue to a meaningful number of people, we'll have very little power to use as leverage, which is basically the case right now.

The second key is that as we move through the steps, our most powerful allies are nonviolence and truth. One of the more predictable and effective strategies of disruption in use is to portray our movement as some combination of crazy and/or dangerous to the public well being, and to the extent we allow either our behavior or our image to support that view, we are vulnerable. Therefore, although I did not include it in the steps, it is imperative that we establish a firm identity based on non-violence and support for only the most credible research. Ultimately peace and truth are our source of power in this struggle, and if we don't live by those ideals, we will not succeed. Now let's take a closer look at each of the steps.

Step 1: Define the problem we face and identify its basic characteristics.

For me this step began with the recognition that 9/11 was a false flag terror event. The farcical official story of 9/11 is one of our best opportunities to peel back the curtains of power and reveal just how fraudulent our political institutions have become. But at the same time, 9/11 was just one event amidst a constant stream of intellectual sewage being fed to the people. Therefore, in addition to continuing to improve our presentation of 9/11 Truth, in time we must also go a step further and more explicitly define how this problem has also infected our social institutions (media, education) and economic institutions (Federal Reserve). That means learning names, understanding relationships, and generally presenting a much more explicit picture of the ways all our power structures have been compromised together. If any power structure is addressed in isolation, the others will be used to batter us. For example, simply to say 9/11 was an inside job without explaining the complicity of the corporate media leaves people confused about why the "free" press is silent on this issue, not to mention allowing that same media to define our identity as a movement (for that person). Furthermore, as we saw with the Ron Paul campaign, the Federal Reserve issue can be a powerful galvanizing force, and it would be helpful to take advantage of that as we move through steps 2, 3 and 4.

Another important aspect to step 1 is to understand how our current leaders will leverage their power against us. I mentioned before the tactic of mischaracterizing us as crazy or violent, but there are a number of other strategies in play as well, such as further constricting our civil rights, and even the use of physical force. How we respond to those tactics is essential, because to the extent we're able to turn those forms of aggression into our own moral high ground, we'll gain power in the court of public perception. The key to responding correctly lies in knowing what we will face, and taking steps to make sure everyone involved is prepared to deflect those tactics in recognition of the non-physical nature of our struggle. One important part of this means bringing our own video cameras everywhere we go, and another important part is Step 2.

Step 2: Establish an independent means for information and organization.

People often complain that Americans are stupid, but to my mind Americans really aren't smarter or dumber than anyone else, they're just products of their own information. Imagine if we were to suddenly have a network as large as CNN broadcasting the truth about 9/11. Wouldn't that substantially affect public perception? Well that's exactly what we need to do. Until we're able to offer legitimately competitive information, we'll never be able to convince enough people to make a difference. Thankfully, we suddenly have the most powerful informational tool in the history of man. And even though it's still just a baby, the Internet is already showing flashes of what it's capable of as a democratizing force. Just look at how many people have seen 9/11 truth documentaries online, and how easily we're able to communicate and organize across long distances. The power is there.

Nevertheless, we're still quite far from achieving step 2, and this step will likely take some time because there are several problems inherent within our overall dilemma that make it difficult (but not impossible) to establish credible sources of information. For one thing, there's little money in it right now thanks to the nature of our current system, and marshalling the level of professionalism and consistency I'm envisioning requires a significant amount of resources. But that may solve itself in time, especially given the increasing number of people like you and me that are seeking out credible alternative news. Our increasing numbers represent increasing profitability, which in turn represents opportunities for a more comprehensive alternative media. Remember, the Internet is still brand new, and these institutions need time to grow.

Another problem we face in achieving step 2 is the threat of either infiltration or imitation. Our opponents most certainly understand the threat that an alternative media poses to their power, and it would be naive to think that they would not try and place individuals or information into that media that would serve to undermine its credibility. It is also likely that many copycat forms of alternative media will be spawned (many more I should say) in order to convolute our information and debilitate our organization. Given the essentially limitless resources available to our opposition, it doesn't strike me as unlikely that at some point there will exist more organizations posturing as independent media than actual independent media. Again, however, I believe the solution to this problem may be in the analytical power of the Internet itself, where over time it will be easier and easier to monitor, identify, and remove/disregard anything or anyone lacking credibility. Take, for example, what recently took place with Webster Tarpley, who was caught disseminating false documents and responded by divisively slandering other prominent 9/11 Truth figures. And with that I will move on to step 3, although obviously much more can and should be discussed on this issue.

Step 3: Use our independent media and organizational power to grow larger and larger numbers of people who are aware of what's really going on.

Like the wind whispering to Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, if we build it, they will come. As I said before, people are only products of their information, and if we suddenly have consistently competitive information (not to mention, the facts) we'll begin to grow like never before. Already 9/11 Truth groups are sprouting up worldwide and step 2 hasn't nearly been realized. Again, however, this will take considerable time and effort, and on a grassroots level. Where now there are thousands of meetup groups with smallish numbers, I envision an advanced stage where there are hundreds of thousands of groups with thousands of people in them, not to mention cooperation and coordination with all like-minded peace and freedom loving organizations everywhere. As someone who studied psychology in school, I look at the polls showing huge numbers of American's distrusting the official 9/11 story and I am confident that those people will come around when given the proper psychological ingredients of accurate information and a real opportunity for change. Much of what stands between us and them is fear, and if we continue to grow and present ourselves properly, that fear will erode, or maybe even give way a much healthier fear: that in relation to the actual threat.

I'd also like to quickly mention here the concept of viewing the city of San Diego as a microcosm of the country as a whole. Lately our operation has gained significant attention from the 9/11 Truth movement nationally, and it goes to show how many people look to others for examples of what they can and can't do. Sometimes it feels like each of us has to lift the entire world, but when this movement is viewed in its proper perspective, and by that I mean locally and historically, I see a lot of momentum in what we've been able to achieve in a short period of time. Just imagine if we had a thousand people in the meet-up group and fifty thousand on an email list. Because that's not too far off.

Step 4: Use those larger numbers to confront the centers of power in society, and begin dismantling the empire piece by piece.

As I was just saying, here in San Diego we may be a tiny bit further along than others with regard to building a base and then confronting power directly, and that is also evidenced by the congressional candidacy of Mike Copass. Nevertheless, his campaign faces a steep uphill climb in light of the beginner stages of our movement through steps 1, 2, and 3. It remains to be seen if we will be able to coalesce sufficient political support to offset his well-funded opponent Susan Davis, who has seemingly courted every defense contractor in town. Regardless, challenging the arbiters of power in society by entering our own candidates into the political arena is exactly the sort of strategy required by step 4, even if it may be too soon to win. Just by entering a candidate we have pushed this issue further along the path to peace and justice. Just by entering a candidate we have shown people a different path, and given them a choice between two futures. Much of the apathy we see around us now is the result of people feeling like there's nothing they can do, so the more we can provide a meaningful opportunity for change, the more people will activate.

Once our movement matures to the point where we are challenging power directly, and competing in the electoral process, the issue of fair elections will become of critical importance. Put simply, if we cannot ensure an accurate vote count, all the popular support in the world will not help us win. But there are ways around this problem. Take, for example, the idea of organizing our own system for counting and verifying the number of people who voted for our candidate. Hypothetically, if we were able to present our own election results, verifiable through absentee voter records/receipts, and demonstrate that the election was fraudulent, we could cast the entire process in doubt and earn another victory in the all important court of public opinion. This is just one idea, but bear in mind that there are no limits to the potential of our innovation as a group. Our newfound power for large-scale coordination will allow for the implementation of strategies that would have previously been impossible.

Finally, once the required numbers of people are on board and meaningfully coordinated, the last few stages of this movement may even be quite simple. Given that we are currently dealing with a small number of people wielding disproportionate amounts of power, almost as soon as the process of returning power to the people begins it will become evident to all that we have superior strength. The real obstacle in our struggle, therefore, is the stranglehold on information held by the current power structure. Once that is removed, I believe the constitution and a proper balance of power can be reinstated in short order. That is also the point at which we'll be able to use our political power to regain control of our money, as well as pursue justice for the many criminal activities that have taken place.