Friday, June 30, 2017

Zbigniew Brzezinski gets a tough question from 911 truther - Zbigniew Brzezinski meets Afghan Jihadist and says God is on their side

Joe Scarborough: a VERY ugly story from his political closet - Hannity Airs Montage of Joe Scarborough Having Trump Induced Meltdowns - ALL OUT WAR: MORNING JOE TEAM CALLS TRUMP ‘RACIST, SEXIST, PHYSICALLY DISGUSTING VULGAR PIG’:

Hannity 6/29/17: NBC AND THE REST OF THE MEDIA ARE NOT INNOCENT VICTIMS - Mark Levin: Good to know where liberals finally draw a line:

Legacy Media Confused that Trump Would Defend Himself - Trump Makes fun of Brzezinski Plastic Surgery Narrative Manipulation - Trump Attacks Mika and Scarborough on Twitter for Constant Propaganda:

Why Did Trump Call Scarborough Psycho Joe? - Sara Huckabee Sanders Responds to Trump's Twitter Attack on Morning Joe - Hannity rips 'liberal joe' says Joe Scarborough Is ‘Kissing Jeff Zucker’s Ass’ - CNN's Jeff Zucker Runs From O'Keefe–Afraid of the Truth?: