Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sam Harris Deconstructs 9/11 Truther Conspiracies using Logic only???

jim mcewan 4 months ago (edited)
Love how Sam just dismisses building 7 and does not attempt to offer any kind of explanation given the title of this video! It renders all the experts on the 911 truth petition as fools! Just have a look http://www.ae911truth.org/signatures/ae.html ! His claim is that every truther is saying that Bush did it! I say no that,s not what they are saying! They are listening to the people like the caretaker that said there where bombs going off in the basement before the planes hit the building and the numerous others that say there where explosions . The fact that building 7 fell the way it did looking like the perfect demolition ,backed up by the petition at a&efor truth by thousands of experts! Noam Chomsky said he would have to take years off to study to come to a conclusion which also makes no sense as he dismisses that there could be any kind of collaboration by anyone other than the 19 hijackers and Bin Laden. Sam Harris tries to equate the fact that people think there may be questions to answer as things don,t look as straight forward as is being presented an some things seem to deny the laws of physics according to experts ,as the same thing as believing in god lol! Naaaah I,m not having that! They then go on to talk about plausibility and I,m thinking" hold on there bald eagle!" So we have a rich Saudi psycho and 19 hijackers in a cave in Afghanistan and our man bin laden says I have a plan we don,t need guns but we can hijack four planes and fly them into the twin towers the pentagon that ,don,t forget trained pilots have said the maneuvers of the said hijackers where impossible to perform and all with just a few box cutter knives!So the nineteen hijackers discuss and conclude yeah man that,s plausible .Its only like the worlds most protected air space , what could go wrong? There is lots of stuff that seems out of place but to just dismiss it the way Sam Harris and Chomsky does and Hitchens did I find kind of strange! Just remember what they are saying! That bin laden and his ninteen men conspired to do this ,yes CONSPIRED and done it with box cutters but the Government or any one else could have never done it in a million years because it would have been logistically impossible! Just think about that for a second!

dkm0164 months ago
Yah, I was kinda disappointed to hear him be that dismissive as well. Spent too many years researching this event, coupled with my material science background, only to be labeled by both friends and family as a "Truth-er".. Now the guy that I look up to the most for clear processing just put me in my place.. Sad.

Crazy prayingmantis3 months ago
Seems I'm of the same opinion as most others commenting, I usually agree with Sam but I'm not here. Surely Sam can see that there's enough evidence that points away from the original official story the world was sold. I tend to agree that he has an agenda against Islam and that's a huge part of the reason why any other suggestion other than Islamic terrorists did it he'll dismiss. Pretty disappointing, coming from someone I respect.

Troy Bree3 months ago
Only three high buildings have ever collapsed due to fire in the history of high rise buildings. Does Sam with his excellent use of logic think that this is an extemley odd thing to occur three times in one day. Just this one point would make most people question the tripe we are being feed. Come on Sam. Bit of honest discourse please.

Jim Evans4 months ago
The problem with using "Logic only" is that it doesn't address the physical evidence. Sam needs to study the collapse of the buildings and listen to physicist and engineers who have also studied them. The three buildings collapsed at near free fall speed. This means that the structures of those buildings effectively offered no resistance. That means the structures were removed during the collapses, which can only mean controlled demolition. There are several impossibilities in the official version, but you can eliminate any doubt simply by studying the collapse of Building 7 in depth. When the official version of events actually defies the laws of physics, the only explanation you are left with is internal conspiracy by the highest powers, because there is simply nowhere else to go.

Richard Gage AIA & Tony Szamboti WTC 7 9-11-16 by debunkerbuster