Thursday, June 8, 2017

James Comey Admits: Trump Admin Didn’t Obstruct Investigation, Trump Never Under Investigation, He Leaked Info to Media About Trump, Clinton and Loretta Lynch Obstructed Justice & New York Times Story Was Fake

Sierra Pearl6 hours ago

So basically this event proves a few things;

1. Trump has not committed a crime.

2. There is still no evidences of Russia collusion. There is only leaks, innuendos, speculations, assumptions, and hersay.
3. Trump did not ask Comey to stop the investigation.

4. Trump never pressured anyone to stop the investigation and anything else.
5. Comey is a liar who can't see that he just contradicted himself with that memo claim.
6. Clinton and Lynch committed Obstruction of Justice. 
7. Trump did not commit Obstruction of Justice.