Friday, June 16, 2017

#HuntRepublicans: Dem Strategist Calls For Civil War - Why Was Scalise Shot? - Was Steve Scalise targeted?

Editor's Note: A shooting of Trump's friend on his birthday/flag day might be a calculated message to POTUS me thinks.

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Why Was Scalise Shot, 1671
Synopsis: Good morning I’m still reporting on the coup. Why was representative Steve Scalise shot on Wednesday morning, just two days ago? When the gunman took aim at a baseball field full of Republicans where was he shooting from? Just behind the third base dugout. The third basemen would have been a mere 50 feet away, the shortstop no more than 75 feet away. The pitcher maybe 80 feet away.

Senator Jeff Flake was at bat. He and the catcher were about 90 feet away. Representative Steve Scalise was playing second base, at least 130 feet away. Besides that, the gunman had to shoot around the shortstop and the third basement to even get to the second baseman.

So why was Scalise picked? Well what is the darkest secret that the Deep State has. It’s not what they are doing. It’s not even how they are doing what they are doing. It is how they keep their people in line - how to keep them from defecting and telling it all - how they keep their secrets secret.

I learned from a friend who was a former field agent with the CIA that the most common method of compromising a person for life is by filming them in sexually compromising situations.

And the most compromising situation is to caught having sex with underage children. Why? Because there is general public agreement that this is one of the most reprehensible acts because it destroys young lives. To be labeled a pedophile is something that no politician can survive. Public disclosure would quickly result in resignation and a lifetime of humiliation.

The Trump administration has authorized police to bust up pedophile rings in this nation like never before, and guess who’s been on the leading edge of the effort to create new legislation against the human trafficking rings that supply young children to the sexual predators?


Everything points to Congressman Steve Scalise being “Seth Riched” - Scalise Shooting Tied to Seth Rich, PedoGate? Disturbing New Info