Monday, June 19, 2017

Qatar Exposes The Heart Of ISIS Terror Funding

Qatar, a tiny and young country that gained its independence in 1971. Yet boasts the highest per capita income in the world amongst its 2.6 million residents due to Qatar having the third largest natural gas and oil reserves in the world. And hosts the largest American military base in the Middle East.

Qatar has also been dubbed “Club Med for terrorists” and the most “Two faced country in the world”. Stemming from Qatar’s official support for Hamas,Hezbolla, the Taliban, the muslim brotherhood, it’s propaganda media arm Al-Jazeera and their openness to allow the financing of terror organizations to operate with impunity. Qatar has also become a proxy dispute between Iran and Saudi Arabia as Qatar strengthens its independence from Saudi Arabia.

One of John Podesta’s leaked emails singled out Saudi Arabia and Qatar for providing clandestine, financial, and logistic aid to the Islamic State and other radical Sunni groups. The Emir of Qatar Al-Thani refuted these claims. Subsequently creating a list of terrorist suspects, that has never contained any names.