Saturday, November 10, 2018

Oumuamua: Comet or Alien Solar Probe? - 'Computing Forever' Debunked Regarding UFOs

Oumuamua: Comet or Alien Solar Probe?

Dictionary Definition of UFO PROOF - Physical Trace Cases Full Definition of PROOF 1 a : the cogency of evidence that compels acceptance by the mind of a truth or a fact Source: Physical - also referred to as real evidence, consists of tangible articles such as hairs, fibers, latent fingerprints and biological material. Source: PHYSICAL traces. Compressed and dehydrated vegetation, broken tree branches, and imprints in the ground have all been reported. Sometimes a soil sample taken from an area where a UFO had been close to the ground will be determined by laboratory analysis to have undergone heating or other changes not present in the control sample. CUFOS has a computer file of over 5600 such cases. More:

Ben Carter
Did you say it came from Lyra? What a coincidence, that is where the really deep UFO "conspiracists" believe the human genus originated,where our DNA has come from.
Coincidence at least..
Dave, your evidence is the 6500 global sightings of craft by commercial and military pilots that have radar verification. This is globally since 1945 so take your pick of aliens or future/past selves as the rational explanation. I don't consider deep state experimental craft a rational explanation given the details of many of these sightings. This is on public record. Those that say there is no evidence have not bothered to gauge the governmental information declassified and on public record. It requires us to believe a huge number of military personnel to be fantasists and liars. Plus civilian pilots and traffic controllers who have been allowed to speak publicly since 2003. Before then they were governed by National security secrecy rules. We even have the testimony of ballistic missile engineers describing the shutdown of test missiles by UFOs and the activation and deactivation of live nuclear missiles in Silos in the US. The same thing happened to the Soviet Union and for several years each side suspected the other. Only in the Seventies they worked out it was a third party.. If you do nothing else examine the facts of the "Phobos Incident" in 1989... The Soviet Union declared to the world their Phobos 2 probe was destroyed by a 10 mile long cylinder craft. It was photographing Phobos around Mars and photographed the approaching craft in its final moments. The fuckwit global media ridiculed the Gorbachev government and everyone forgot about it like the twats that they are. . They are very interested in our nuclear technology.

WTF? he bashes conspiracy channels then produces his own theory and uses different words to make his seem different? Scientists used to laugh at us tin foilers for telling people about chemtrails. Now they are openly accepted because it's now undenialable so the government stopped attacking us. Did we get an apology from the skeptics? Nope. Show some respect you noob. I trust you even less than a new age cult started by oprah winfrey. Despite agreeing with your videos on censorship. No hard feelings but for me to take you as an authority on something I want you to write a book that can publicly be scrutinised by other authors and fact checked and analysed by brighter minds before I see you on the same level as other people searching for truth. A simple youtube channel is not going to have the same respect as people who spent their lifetime researching cover ups and investigating government lies and providing the sources and references in the book for others to look up and also check for accuracy. If you do it, please do it professionally like others have had to do. You want to at least be on the level of Richard Hoagland or John Lear or Steve Quayle before I consider your content worth mentioning to other people.

He talks about logical fallacies from conspiracy theorists but forgets ufo researchers already GAVE evidence but its always thrown out as fake. Just like when people have shown moon landing to be fake footage but then when they gave thier proof nobody could debunk us. I remember when John Lear proved of cover up of buildings on the moon but this never appeared on mainstream channels like yours. The alt right and alt left channels are trying to take over the narrative from proper conspiracy channels now. What do they fear from them I wonder? You guys angry that neocons and libtards are not as powerful anymore because we exposed 911 for what it really was and pro ed you were both full of crap? You provide NO evidence for your claims (:NASA sid this, NASA said that"... that's called "an appeal to an authority" logical fallacy smartass. While we have dozens of books, video footage, eyewitness testimonies, and science to back the stuff up. Dońt you dare speak down to us carrot top. Get off tour high horse you little brainwashed turds. lol We aren't going anywhere and we will criticise whoever we want. You are obviously a NASA nut hugger. "trust us. We are from the government" heheh

Dante Banducci
Please stop using the term “conspiracy theory” incorrectly. There’s no conspiracy here, just a theory.

Furthermore, there is nothing inherently reprehensible about a conspiracy theory per se, regardless of what decades of propaganda about that term may seek to impart.

Debunker Buster @Changeling9au
Furthermore, the CIA invented and weaponized the term "conspiracy theory":

Joel Najar
I’ve seen UFOs so it’s not a Conspiracy.

Russell Smith
Why is a UFO theory a conspiracy theory? This is your way of instantly putting a negative spin on the story and shows that your mind is made up from the outset

Nathan Smith
Do you deny the Phoenix Lights occurred, still not proof of "aliens" but certainly undeniable proof due to so many eyewitnesses that it was a "UFO", literally an unidentified flying object. How about the countless US airforce sightings? There is definitely something going on, now whether it's black budget projects or ET, I would suspect plebs like us will never know for sure.