Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wake Up! The TRUTH About Why Republicans Lost the House - Learn The Secret Of Why The Republicans Lost The House And How To Take It Back - Full Historic Show - Trump Fires Sessions / Globalists Panic As Worldwide Populist Wave Swells – 11/07/2018

Editor's Note: I'm more hopeful than the first video maker here. I think we will see numbers change in different communities over time. A couple recent indicators...

"President Trump’s approval rating among blacks stood at 40% in a Rasmussen poll two days before Halloween."

"Poll: Cruz wins 3 percent of black vote, but 45 percent from Hispanics"

That being said, we need to stop favoring the 3rd world, or any place for that matter, as it pertains to immigration. I understand the laws changed in the 1960s which favored European countries, but that was a long time ago and the precedent is set. It's in our fabric now. And I very-well understand the misconceptions about slavery and battles with natives that exist. But Europeans cannot lay sole claim to this country. European countries are another story. But there is a middle ground. One idea that comes to mind, is giving every country the same amount of legal, merit-based, immigration every year.

Everything else is a battle of ideas and you may find yourself on the losing end even when you're right. Welcome to life. Maybe once you're long dead and gone people will understand where they were wrong. Or maybe, just maybe, it won't take that long.


Hillary Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, Obama, and Other Democrats All Agree with Trump’s Immigration Plan!

Editor's Note: Of course all of this apparent hypocrisy is really just evidence that the Dems were simply paying the issue lip service, with no real intentions of doing anything, which they didn't. Case in point, Hillary says in the video clips that she does "think you do have to control your borders" and was in favor of a "build the physical barrier" (AKA build the wall) policy. However, Wikileaks revealed that in private Clinton stated, "My Dream Is a Hemispheric Common Market with Open Trade and Open Borders."

As was revealed in a candid moment a few years ago by another anti-trumper, Chris Matthews: 'Let's face it,' Democrats want illegal immigrants for the votes. With the population as it currently stands, the Democrats have lost the argument in this country as it pertains to the fundamental tenets of secular, globalist, liberalism. Since the 60's, any strides progressivism has made in the US has been due to backlash at bad governance by conservatives, but the past 30 years has demonstrated that the American people prefer center-right ideas over the ideology of the Democratic Party.

The most glaring evidence of this, is the Demonrats insistence on giving illegals preference over American citizens. The reason they do this is clear. The demographics prove that bringing in large amounts of Hispanics as well as third-world immigrants, who by and large vote for failed big government policies, as epitomized by the collapse of socialist Venezuela, is a huge gain for the Democrats. Trump is right that illegal immigrants voting is a real issue, just as anchor babies voting is another, and DACA recipients being legalized and getting voting rights is yet another. Well, these are not real issues of concern if you are a Democrat, because if the native population has seen through your bullshit, then just replace them with others who have not gotten the memo yet!

Democrats All Agree with Trump’s Immigration Plan! 😆