Monday, November 12, 2018

The Legacy Media Refuses to Admit to the Obvious Election Fraud In Broward County

Editor's Note: Have to disagree with Styx on Arizona. So the Project Veritas undercover video recorded proof that Sinema pretends to be a moderate and is lying to voters didn't affect her enough to lose in her red state? OK. You thought it did before. Those half a million votes are obviously taking an inordinate amount of time to count when compared to the rest of the country. Furthermore, if everything is situation normal as some have argued then local headlines should not ask, "Why is it taking so long for Maricopa County ballots to be counted?" Most importantly though, it's not just people thinking things seems fishy based on common sense. The local Republican Party has alleged fraud due to voting irregularities...

On Friday morning, the Arizona Republican Party accused Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes of "premeditated destruction of evidence" after "voting irregularities" in the election. 

Local Republicans have brought a legal case against Fontes and other county recorders over the verification of signatures on some early ballots.

Fontes has argued that verifying the signatures ensures all legitimate votes are counted. Republicans say the practice is inconsistent because other county recorders don't try to verify ballots with mismatched signatures beyond Election Day.

And Trump, I'm assuming based on information from these local authorities, stated that signatures are not matching up and that election corruption is taking place. 

The Legacy Media Refuses to Admit to the Obvious Election Fraud In Broward County

Some Fâgg0t
Same thing is happening in Georgia, Texas and Arizona

Florida, Texas, Arizona, all blood red states that just happen to have the most amount of voter fraud conducted by democrats.
Gotta punish those wrongthinkers by imposing the establishment’s will onto them against their will.


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