Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Year in Duh-Bunking: March

Pat Curley of the Screw Loose Change blog has published the March installment of his "Year In Troof" series. Faith summed up the major point he is raising quite well on this blog back on March 6th, stating:

Out of the thousands of people who believe that we were fed a load of bull from the government in the official conspiracy theory of 9/11...There are three or four out of those thousands that have bi-polar disorders or anger issues from being screwed by the government. (What are the odds)

For "them" to insinuate that we "Truthers" in whole, as a movement, are a danger to anyone, makes as much sense as me saying that since both of those who recently went over the edge in a violent manner were software techs, then all software techs are unstable and prone to violence.

It is clear that there are many sane software techs and a couple of over the edge software techs do not represent the majority of software techs. So if we follow this thought procession logically,... then a couple of people reacting in a over the edge manner (who believe that we have been lied to by our government in regards to 9/11 Truth,) do not represent the majority of Truthers.
Faith should have said millions of people!

Scootle had this to say on March 5th:

...The idea of demonizing an entire movement just because one apple goes rotten is completely illogical. Charles Manson was a Beatles fan, does that mean all Beatles fans are mass murderers? And Michael Jackson was a suspected paedophile, does that mean he was a bad musician? Does that mean all popstars are paedophiles? You see what I'm saying here? 9/11 truth is generally a peaceful movement and they know it. But of course, that's not going to stop the pathetic debunkers and media whores from having a field day over this.
Pat also employs this type of argument by pointing out Holocaust deniers in the movement.

After Pat called the Pentagon shooter a "nutbar", Scootle came up with this artist rendering of the assailant on March 6th, with a reminder of what I told Pat he should do with such a sweet nutty treat:

"Pat Curley needs to put a nutbar in his pie hole!"

Pat also states in his new blog post that, "The Washington Post slammed Japanese Troofer Fujita. Fujita tried to weasel out of it."

Fujita is a member of the Democratic Party of Japan. At the time I pointed out that the Washington Post was right about a few things. That being said, Fujita didn't weasel out of anything. His strongest opinion voiced during his speech to the Japanese Parliament concerned the damage to the Pentagon, which he later stated was an issue the Bush administration could put to rest "simply by showing videos that show the plane that hit the Pentagon." On the other matters he was more agnostic, citing the doubts and information of "very influential people" about 9/11 and stating that the information has "not been properly investigated." So while Fujita was angry at the Washington Post for their characterization of his 9/11 views and for publishing comments made during an informal chat about 9/11 as opposed to the hour long interview he gave them on immigration, he did not withdrawal his request for a new 9/11 investigation.

As was also demonstrated in Pat's February "Year in Troof" post, 9/11 truth remained "a mainstream political reality" in 2010.

Pat notes that, "The Troofers managed to get propositions on the ballot in six tiny New Hampshire towns, and went 1-5."

On March 13th Pat stated that, "And you won't hear about it anywhere else other than here and at JREF." However, on March 12th 911blogger.com posted the an article entitled "Richmond, New Hampshire Passes Resolution For New 9/11 Investigation," which stated:

To our disappointment seven other towns voted down the resolutions, though the overall percentage of votes in favor (in towns where exact results were recorded) was 23%. In referendums on social issues that depend more on values than awareness of the facts, 77% to 23% might be a landslide. However, because of the painful implications of 9/11 not being what we were told, and the media blackout on critical examination of the official 9/11 account, about 1 in 4 voters calling for a new 9/11 investigation is an accomplishment we can be proud of – it shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that questioning 9/11 is anything but fringe.
I think these are all great points, but Pat probably disagrees because the bottom line is that the numbers prove most people don't agree with us and therefore we are wrong. But as FOX News has pointed out, "A majority of the public believes the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was part of a larger conspiracy." Does Pat agree? Will Pat change his mind if and when the numbers shift to our favor? Not a chance, because he's a goalpost moving duh-bunker.

Here is an important year in review item from March that Pat missed.

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