Friday, December 24, 2010

The Year in Duh-Bunking: February

Pat Curley of the Screw Loose Change blog writes:

The Year in Troof: February Follies

Gage's Gaggle held their 1000th signer press conference and celebration. Steven Jones chose this opportunity to speculate that perhaps the New World Order had caused the Haiti earthquake.

Sibel Edmonds became a 9-11 Truther.

Debra Medina, a Republican candidate for Texas Governor who was registering real support in the polls, crashed and burned when she claimed that there were lots of legitimate questions about controlled demolition at the WTC on the Glenn Beck show.

Don Meserlian, the swimming pool engineer, got slapped down in local court for threatening to beat up the local cops because they weren't interested in his rants about misprision of treason.

His first point led to a debate between he and Scootle where Pat demonstrated his complete misunderstanding of the nano-thermite paper.

As to his second point, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds didn't become a truther then, but Pat did just learn about it from me. Pat used anonymous FBI officials instead of the preponderance of evidence concerning her credibility and a mistranslation of her words to make it seem as if she had inadvertently exposed herself as a liar.

When it comes to Debra Medina, Pat is only giving half the story. Yes, a local Texas ABC affiliate did report that Tuesday February 23rd poll numbers showed Debra Medina jumping from nine percent of Texas Republicans having an unfavorable opinion of her to 30 percent. However, after Medina's initial statements Texans still seemed to be backing her and Glenn Beck lost 500,000 viewers. However, after she flip-flopped on the 9/11 issue on February 18th she lost many of her largest supporters. As one commenter stated upon hearing audio where Medina agrees that "the belief that America would do this to its own people" is "despicable":
I wanted to vomit when I heard her say this.

Apparently, to want the truth has become "despicable". All the 911 victims family members that want the truth and have questions, are now "despicable".

The legendary Texas film maker/radio show host/activist Alex Jones, has just pulled his support for Medina based on her "despicable" interview with the neo filth operative. This was a death blow for her. His "infowarriors" were the core of her base support. Now, we're gone.
And people close to Medina's campaign were concerned about it, writing in emails that:
No where does Debra say "truthers are despicable people"... We are THIS close to beating the establishment. We have to keep up the pressure, dig in, work hard and we can win this election... Are we going to let this stop us? I have placed my faith in the ability of Debra Medina to lead us in this fight, and I will stand by her and fight for our rights with her. I will not cave because the opposition is trying to divide and conquer.
Regardless of which of Medina's 9/11 comments had more of an effect on her campaign, the fact remains that 9/11 truth remained "a mainstream political reality" in 2010.

As to Meserlian, I don't agree with the seismic and basement bombs evidence he presents. And I don't condone his actions towards the police. But as was pointed out in the link Pat provided, "Meserlian admitted he can be annoying, but that’s only because he’s trying to get the truth out." Pat has pointed out, "Meserlian was forced to surrender his engineering license by the State of New Jersey because he wasn't using a licensed surveyor in his work." However, Meserlian did write up a defense of his New Jersey professional engineer's license, which he held "for more than 30 years." To achieve a P.E. licence Imagineering E-zine notes that one must pass several exams:
The first exam, Fundamentals of Engineering, covers mathematics, chemistry, physics, and engineering sciences. The second exam, Principles and Practice of Engineering, requires the applicant to solve engineering problems in his discipline plus problems in four other disciplines. The difficulty of these tests have been equated to passing ten final exams on the same day. The data covered on the tests requires the applicant to draw upon knowledge that has been accumulated over an entire college and professional career.
So when Pat calls Meserlian simply a "swimming pool engineer" he is misrepresenting his credentials, just as he does when he calls Kevin Ryan, who has a B.S. in chemistry from Indiana University, a waterboy because he worked as a chemistry lab manager at a premier water-testing laboratory.

So what we have here is, misunderstanding, mistranslation, and misrepresentation, otherwise known as duh-bunking!

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